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Snowboarding at Blue Mountain Resort

This post was first published on March 13, 2015 on one of my older blogs. Decided to repost it here at Her Little Guilty Pleasures due to reasons that I mentioned in this post . ************************* Update in 2019: Wow! I sounded so baku, childish and skema in this post! But, I actually love the fact that I wrote this post mainly in Malay. Lepas ni nak tulis banyak posts in Malay :) Group picture kena photobombed pun boleh :) Pada February 15, 2015, kami telah selamat menjejakkan kaki ke Blue Mountain Resort untuk skiing/snowboarding trip anjuran MSA. Sejujurnya saya tak berapa pasti Blue Mountain Resort ni dekat mana sebab langsung tak nampak jalan sepanjang perjalanan. Tingkap bas berais yang macam kalau fridge sejuk sangat tu. Tak nampak apa pun dekat luar. Pertama kali snowboarding, saya memang takut dan risau sangat. Takut kalau tak dapat tangkap cara yang betul untuk snowboarding. Takut tak dapat snowboarding dengan betul sebab saya memang tak be

Banff SnowDays & Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival 2019

I went around the town and Lake Louise to see the SnowDays and Ice Magic Festival few days ago. I missed these events last winter because I was too lazy to go out. Now that I only have 4 months left, of course I pushed myself to go out and enjoy these events :) I had a glimpse of all snow sculptures in town during the day when I went for my grocery shopping. Then, I went to the town after I got back from Lake Louise see them again at night. I personally found them to look way better and more alive at night!  Tip: The best days to see the snow and ice sculptures are the first weekend of the events or the Monday or Tuesday after, as they are freshly carved, though it may get crowded. I obviously didn't get to see all of them at their prettiest as I went three days before the events ended. Almost all of them have started to melt at that time, thanks to the high temperature earlier that week. We actually had positive temperature for few days in January. Can y

My Songs of January 2019

January 2019 was all about the crushed dreams and a lingering feeling of sad. How do I pick up myself after learning that there's nothing that I can do at this point to reach my lifelong dreams? Did I not wish for them hard enough all these years that they will never come true? Or, was it not the time for me to have those dreams fulfilled? Or, was it the time for me to let go all those dreams? & As much as I love these three songs, I don't think I'll listen to them anytime soon because they will remind me of this crushing January and those dreams that I have to let go T^T Soran (소란) - Opportunity Cost Medley (Me After You by Paul Kim; Miss Miss Miss by K.will; Love, ing by BEN; and What The Spring by 10cm) Soran (소란) - Traffic Light (신호등) Jung Seung Hwan (정승환) - Across The Universe (우주를 건너)  (Original song by Baek Ye Rin)

Namsan Seoul Tower (남산서울타워)

Namsan Seoul Tower (남산서울타워) was one of the last places that I visited when I was in South Korea. Naturally, I didn't have much energy left especially after I hurt my leg in Busan. By the way, this is not the end of my endless posts about my trip to South Korea. I still have few more. lol. I just need to get rid of anything Seoul first :p My rough itinerary looked like this; Seoul → Busan → Incheon → Jeju → Seoul. And just so you know, orang yang tak buat proper research and planning je route dia macam ni. I wasted so much money and time being an idiot and lazy me T^T The weather was at its best when I went to the Namsan Seoul Tower. It was so bright and the skies were so blue, though it get quite hot at the same time. #iamaputerililin I personally think that I got some of the best pictures of my South Korea trip on this day! I took a bus to get to Namsan Seoul Tower but little did I know that I had to hike for a bit once I get off at the nearest bus stop. Haha.

All You Can Eat Sushi @ Japanese Restaurant Miki, Banff

I'll start this post with something irrelevant. I used to live 2 minutes away from the Japanese Restaurant Miki for almost a year but it was my first time here! Haha. Talk about lame eh. Anyway, I just recently discovered that Japanese Restaurant Miki offers all you can eat sushi in winter! Can you believe that? I only learned about this fact after a year and half?! Guys, I have been whining about non-existence all you can eat sushi restaurant in Banff all this time but turned out, I was super close to what I have been dreaming of. What a cruel fate eh especially after I have spent more than two thousand dollars on sushi for the past a year and half T^T #justkidding Tip: Japanese Restaurant Miki offers all you can eat sushi on top of their regular menu in winter. The starting date and ending date are not fixed so you have to be alert with their announcements on their Facebook page. Decided to try their all you can eat sushi because I'm a sushi freak.

Takoyaki @ Ramen Arashi, Banff

I was craving takoyaki the other day that I decided to drag my lazy ass off to one of the newest restaurants in town named Ramen Arashi. Found this restaurant after googling about takoyaki in Banff. I usually go to this one sushi restaurant whenever I feel like eating takoyaki but on this particular day, I decided to give Ramen Arashi a try! Ramen Arashi, Banff Ramen Arashi is such a small restaurant that I think it can only fit up to 14 people, maximum. As per its name, one can easily guess that ramen is their main. Am not sure which ramen is the most popular one because I couldn't be bothered. After all, it's not that I can eat their ramen. lol! Tip: If you have strict dietary requirements, please ask the servers to see their ingredients sheet! They have the most detailed ingredients sheets that I have ever seen. Made my life so much easier (probably will make yours as well)! Takoyaki CAD 5.95 plus taxes Was so surprised to see this goodness

BeaverTails, Banff

I'm not sure about other people but for me, winter is a season where I crave for anything sweet almost every day. It's maddening because I need to control my glucose level but the temptation is out of the world. Tried my best to fight the urge to eat anything sweet but I guess I lost this time around. BeaverTails, Banff Went to the BeaverTails, Banff to get my fix of BeaverTails few days ago. It was my first BeaverTails this year! It was my first BeaverTails after 7 months as well! Am so elated when I learned this fact. Good job Farah for holding back your craving :) If you've been with me since years ago, you should know that BeaverTails is my favourite #0calories dessert. I have also mentioned about this before, personally, I think BeaverTails is one of the must-eat desserts in Canada. It's so good and so sweet, perfect to my liking. However, I do not recommend diabetic people to try BeaverTails because I think it's going to be too sweet for them.

My First McFlurry in Canada!

Oreo McFlurry January 16, 2019 11:50 AM Ice cream tastes so good when it's -22 ℃ outside! #yesieaticecreaminwinter Had my first McFlurry in Canada after living here for almost 6 years! I know, crazy eh? I guess there's always a first time :) & Did you know that McFlurry was first sold in Canada? I just learned about it today while googling about McFlurry flavors in Canada. Random things you learned from Internet eh? :)

Wild Flour Bakery, Banff

I went to the Wild Flour Bakery, Banff for the first time last Friday, thanks to my Aussie girl's invitation. Understandably, she laughed at me when I said it was my first time because I have lived in Banff for over a year but I have never been there before. In my defense, I'm not a big fan of Western baked goods. So, there's that. Haha :) Wild Flour Bakery, Banff We decided to have a light lunch at the Wild Flour Bakery because my girl was not in the mood of something heavy. I actually googled their menu first for I wanted to see if they offer something for someone who has quite strict dietary requirement like me. Alhamdulillah, thankfully, they offer various choices including vegetarian and vegan options. Needless to say, I was happy. Wild Flour Bakery, Banff Meat Focaccia @ Wild Flour Bakery, Banff Initially, I planned to buy their vegetarian focaccia but decided not to because I was more attracted to their pecan butter tart. It was all be

How Do I Use My Credit Card?

I've been receiving few questions on the way I use my credit card. Honestly, I've been pounding with this same question including from my family members since few years ago. It seemed like most of them cannot process that I can be perfectly fine using a credit card, especially my parents for they are afraid that I'll get into a debt spiral. So, here's few pointers that I've been practicing ever since I had my credit card 7 years ago. 1. Expenses < Income This is a cardinal rule that you need to ingrain in every cells of your body. Do not spend more than you could afford. If you couldn't abide this one rule, please say good bye to your credit card. For me, alhamdulillah, my expenses are usually lower than my income, though I did live with negative balance for few months T^T 2. Know your credit card spending limit Aside of knowing the first point, you have to know your credit card spending limit. I'm not talking about the ones decided by ba

How to Improve Your English? (Versi Orang Kampung)

I know it's very contradictory to write a post on "How to Improve Your English?" by mixing Malay and English but this has always been my way and I'm comfortable with it. So, bear with me? :) Disclaimer: I'm referring to myself when I use the Orang Kampung in the title. I'm the orang kampung! I live in a place that I considered as kampung and spent years studying in suburban schools. I'm a kampung girl through and through! :) Rasa macam tak layak nak share benda-benda macam ni sebab Bahasa Inggeris saya pun tak perfect, grammar pun masih tunggang-langgang lagi, pronunciation pun ke laut, tapi rasa terpanggil bila tengok orang-orang sekeliling saya yang masih struggle lagi dalam menguasai Bahasa Inggeris. Jadi, saya nak share cara saya improve English saya. Again, please remember my English is far from perfect and I'm still learning but I really want to help other people to start enjoying English. Also, do note, whatever that work for me may n

My 2018 Best Nine

I don't have a reflection post about 2018 ready because I have yet to reflect about what happened in my life in 2018. Also, because I have been terribly sick for the past few days that all I wanted to do was to sleep more and do nothing. Anyway, let's look at my 2018 best happy memories as per my Instagram accounts, shall we? *ayat copy paste dari post tahun lepas je :p* My public Instagram: @happilyfarah As you all know, I use my public Instagram for blogging and/or contest purposes. Looking back at my Instagram posts and blog posts in 2018, I'm pretty sure I updated ton of posts about South Korea. However, none of them made it to my 2018 best nine! Instead, all the nine posts are about Canada! Canada, you're such a beauty and I know I'm going to miss you terribly when the time comes! <3 My private Instagram Wow, looking back at my private Instagram's 2018 best nine, it really looked like I had a chunk of good times in 2018. In