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Prison Playbook (슬기로운 감빵생활) (2017)

Prison Playbook (슬기로운 감빵생활) or Wise Prison Life or Smart Prison Living (whichever you call it) was a drama that I picked up because of two reasons. Firstly, I read it is going to be directed by Reply or Answer Me (again, whichever you call it) series' director, Shin Won Ho. I love Answer Me 1997 so much though I have yet to watch the other Answer Me series. Secondly, I decided to watch it because I read Shin Jae Ha (신재하) and Jung Hae In (정해인) are part of the cast. I'm such an easy girl, eh?

Snippet of the drama (From AsianWiki)

As usual, this is not the best synopsis of the drama but I'm just plain lazy to write my own.

Drama series depicts the story of prisoners and staff at a prison.

Je Hyeok (Park Hae Soo) is the best relief pitcher in Korea. He will go to the U.S. and sign a contract with a major league team. One night, he hears his sister screaming and sees a man running out of her apartment. Je Hyeok and the man get into a physical struggle with Je Hyeok striking the man with a rock. Later, Je Hyeok receives a 1 year prison sentence for using excessive force. Devastated, Je Hyeok must adapt to life in prison.

Meanwhile, Joon Ho (Jung Kyung Ho) is a friend of Je Hyeok and works in the prison as an officer. He waits for Je Hyeok's arrival.

Prison Playbook (슬기로운 감빵생활) (2017)
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My thoughts
Oh hello there, precious gem! Thank you for being the awesome you!

Prison Playbook is officially the second best Korean drama in my life! The only reason that made it the second best Korean drama in my life, after Misaeng: Incomplete Life (미생 - 아직 살아 있지 못한 자) (2014), instead of beating Misaeng is because the drama took place in a prison. And, maybe because this drama made me question my morals and values. Other than these 2 reasons, it pretty much won my heart the way Misaeng did!

Unlike Misaeng, I don't mind rewatching Prison Playbook all over again because it was so good, entertaining and full of life lessons! Misaeng was good, in fact, excellent but I don't see myself rewatching it in the near future because it was a hard watch simply because it hit a lil bit too close to home.

Prison Playbook was promoted as a black comedy drama. I am not used to this kind of genre so I was a lil bit confused with myself and my feelings for the first few episodes. I found myself thinking, "Nak ketawa ke tak ni? Macam kelakar tapi macam tak patut gelak?" or "Rasa macam nak nangis tapi macam tak patut nangis?" or "What a creative way to bring up sensitive issues!"  for few times. Once I get a hang of it, I truly enjoyed the drama to my heart content. What I meant by this is I laughed like crazy and I cried like there's no tomorrow. lol!

One of the main reasons why I love Prison Playbook (aside of the fact that I get to see Jung Hae In and my love for the bromance between the characters) is it highlighted few prevalent issues in various creative ways. You'll be reminded how sick and unjust the world and society are at times, but you'll also be reminded that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Additionally, you'll be constantly reminded that life is a series of choices and consequences that follow after. You'll also get to see how big the impacts of love and care in someone's life.

However, like I mentioned above, I found myself questioning my morals and values when watching the drama. Basically, it summed up to this, "I don't like druggie tapi kenapa aku kesian sangat dengan Hanyang ni?" or  "X did a lot of bad stuff tapi kenapa aku kesian dekat dia ni?" or "I know same-sex relationship is forbidden in Islam tapi kalau Jiwon terus-terang dengan Hanyang, Hanyang will not end up like that T___T" Maybe I should start relearning and reminded myself to hate the sins but not the sinners?

Personally, this drama did hit too close to home once for me. It was when Kim Je Hyeok talked to Kim Min Seung (Shin Jae Ha) about opportunity. "You may do your best, you may work the hardest but what can you do if you don't have an opportunity?" It reminded me to my former supervisor's advice; an advice that I still hold dearly until today, "You're good as the opportunity that you got!"

All in all, I highly recommend Prison Playbook to everyone! You should watch this drama once because it was such a good drama. You'll be in a good treat and you may pick up few useful life lessons that may make you reflect about your life. I know I did.

Thank you, Prison Playbook for the good ride! Till next time :)

Saturday, 27 January 2018

My Songs Of January 2018

I think this January is all about hope and a trip down memory lane. I was constantly reminded to my old self and past memories and that made me smile. I felt like I had come a long way since my rebellious teenage years. Thank you everyone who made me to take off to this trip down memory lane. To myself, these songs were your anthems for this January :)

Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) - Happy New Year (해피뉴이어)

Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) - I Love You (사랑해)

Sad Angry Babies - Sabarlah

Thursday, 11 January 2018

On Being Single By Choice & Posting Countless Contradictory Statements

When I was 18, I decided to abstain myself from being in a romantic relationship until I'm 30. It was a conscious choice that I made when I was a teenager but it is something that I still hold dearly until today. Some of my friends who were aware about this decision of mine asked me why did I decide to do so the age of 18 and I truly wish I had a better answer to give to them than "I don't know. I just feel like it." but honestly, I don't.

Some of them were quite skeptical and said that maybe I got my heart broken by someone before and that led me to my decision. But, no, I have never got my heart broken (...yet, and hopefully it's gonna stay that way) over this so-called romantic relationship as I have never been into one. Yes, you read it right. This girl right here is single since birth. #teammotaesolo #모태솔로

I just felt that way at that time and still feel that way until today, though I think I have better reasons why I want to be single now. Right now, I have a lot to work on myself. When I said a lot, it really means A. LOT. I'm also in the middle of making important decisions that will greatly affect my future so I simply don't have time for this. My non-existent social life also helps me to keep being single. So I'm all set to be single.

I'm good, happy, and very much content with this decision of mine.

However, I also have this habit of making fun of myself by posting and saying countless contradictory statements online or in real life to this specific decision of mine after getting triggered by something sweet and heart fluttering. Guys, I'm very much romantic at heart though I look like singa lapar all the time, okay? I find this habit really funny but I think some of my friends  and my family members find it sad and pathetic. As per my friends said, "La, kau kata kau happy jadi single. Tapi, kenapa nak tweet "I wish I had a boyfriend/husband" (or something along the lines) bagai. Pergilah cari seorang. Apa susah?" Or my mum's scary response, "Kata tak nak fikir pasal kahwin. Ni apasal tiba-tiba ni? Tapi, Mama lagi suka kalau kau nak kahwin. Dah ada boyfriend ke belum? Nak Mama carikan seorang?" -_____-

I like to think that they were not fully aware about the context though I explicitly explained or mentioned things that triggered me to tweet or say something like that beforehand. Most of the times, I tweet something like, "Ni yang buat rasa macam nak ada boyfriend/husband ni!" or something along those lines after watching heart fluttering drama scenes, or after reading translation of songs that I usually listen to, or after reading something sweet. The keywords that usually trigger this habit are always heart fluttering and sweet. However, in rare cases, the surrounding that I was in also can trigger this behavior. Oh hello Seoul! I'm talking about you!

The thing is I don't really mean all of them. I said and tweeted about all those stuff just for the sake of making fun of myself. This girl needs to have fun sometimes, no? It's not going to be fun anymore if everyone keep questioning everything. So, please help me to have fun by letting me making fun of myself in this way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is you might see my rambling and ranting about me wanting a boyfriend or husband (lol!) sometimes on my Twitter or in this blog or even in my real life but trust me I don't really mean them. They are all jokes for myself. I still want to stay single for the next few years and I'm perfectly happy being single at this age! You don't have to worry about me and you don't need to feel pressed about what I tweeted and said. Just let me have fun by making fun of myself okay? :)
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