Her Little Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Manis Kitchen, Itaewon

I have been continuously exposed to the existence of Manis Kitchen, Itaewon prior to my 2019 trip, thanks to the Instagram. I naturally made a mental note to pay a visit to the Manis Kitchen if I ever get another chance to go to South Korea. So, off I went to the Manis Kitchen, Itaewon during one of days in 2019 when I was in South Korea.

It is hard to miss the Manis Kitchen as you'll pass by the shop if you're heading to the Seoul Central Mosque (서울 중앙성원). After all, the shop is painted with Selangor's colours. #justkidding 

Manis Kitchen, Itaewon
Manis Kitchen (마니스 분식), Itaewon (이태원)

As far as I know, Manis Kitchen is the only halal snack bar in South Korea or in Seoul, at least. They serve halal street food. So, this is the place that you want to go if want to eat halal everything. I believe the menu are seasonal so they probably will serve different type of snacks depending on the seasons.

I went to the Manis Kitchen in summer so I missed out some things that I really want to try as they were not available. Additionally, I went there after I had my late lunch so I can barely squeeze in any more food into my stomach. lol. As such, I didn't get to try a lot of things.

Cheese & Chicken Corn Dog @ Manis Kitchen, Itaewon
Cheese & Chicken Corn Dog
KRW 2,000

Had my first Korean-style corn dog here at the Manis Kitchen after continuously watching Eric-dog in 4-Wheeled Restaurant. Haha! The corn dog totally made my day! It was so delicious and came out as a good surprise. I didn't expect the corn dog will taste that good but thankfully it did! I mean, I can't never imagine eating a hot dog with sugar? And the cheese was really stretchy! Yeay 😋

I was contemplating to order another one but I didn't because I was just too full. Anyway, I sent a video of me eating the corn dog to my sister and successfully made her jealous! 😆 #siskejam

Fried fish cake sticks @ Manis Kitchen, Itaewon
Fried fish cake sticks
KRW 700/stick

I ordered this fried fish cake sticks by mistake. I guess my brain did not function properly at that time. I was expecting an eomuk/odeng. So, can you imagine my disappointment when they came out instead of eomuk/odeng? 😭 Having said that, they tasted similar to the croquettes that I had in Busan back in 2016, which I actually loved. #justsoyouknow

Apparently, Manis Kitchen does not serve eomuk/odeng in summer ㅠㅠ My heart broke into pieces when I learned about this fact because I'm a huge fan of eomuk/odeng! Hopefully, they will consider to put eomuk/odeng in their regular menu in the future. Pretty please 🙏

Insya Allah, if I ever get another chance, I surely want to go to Manis Kitchen again as I want to try other things in their menu :)

Friday, March 27, 2020

My Songs of March 2020

As always, March has always been a special month to me. So, I've always wanted March to be the month where positivity and happiness continuously to surround me. Pretty sure I have failed miserably because I remember that I was being so negative in the first quarter of March and I was so demotivated and devastated in the second quarter of March.

There's also another thing that has been bugging me. I don't like toxic people in my life but somehow, sometime in this March, I was the toxic person in someone's life. For that, I feel guilty and I am eternally sorry to everyone who was affected by my toxicity.

G-DRAGON - Untitled, 2014 (무제)

G-DRAGON & BIGBANG are definitely not my cup of tea. Ever. However, I do listen to them once in a while especially if the song has the same vibe like Untitled, 2014.

MoonMoon (문문)- Paint (물감) 

Man, I don't even like this MoonMoon guy because of his criminal record but I kinda love this song. Listened to this song quite a lot before I searched for the translation and I lol'd again. Can you guess that this song is about his tattoos and their significance?

 I definitely can't.

D.O. (디오) - That's Okay (괜찮아도 괜찮아)