Friday, May 17, 2019

My Experience Transferring Money (CAD - MYR) with TransferWise

In this post, I mentioned that I was busy figuring out the best way to transfer my money from my Canadian bank account to Malaysian bank account. Few options that I have been considering are sending the money through the bank service; bringing them back to Malaysia all in cash, or using the TransferWise.

I was all set to bring them back all in cash until few of my favourite Instagram shops decided to have a Ramadan sale! Allahu. I wanted to buy all those things that were on sale but I did not have money. I only had MYR 20 in my Malaysian bank account and obviously I can't buy those thing with MYR 20. That's when I decided to give TransferWise a try!

TransferWise Address Verification Document

Initially, I wanted to transfer CAD 1000 but TransferWise requires senders from Canada to provide their bank statement and a document that verifies the home address if you're sending CAD 1000 and above. I have my bank statement but I don't have a document that verifies my address here because all my bills and documents are still addressed to my old address. The only document that may have my current address is my NOA but CRA website was down on that weekend for maintenance purpose, so I couldn't download my NOA.

So, I settled with CAD 999. The process itself was seamless. You just have to enter your banking details and the recipient's banking details. Then, you just have to wait for the money to be deducted from your account and for the money to be deposited to the recipient's account. The whole process should take two business days.

In case you're not the most patient person in this world like me, please make the transaction during the banking hours on weekdays. I initiated the process on Friday and got my money on Monday which is technically what they promised - two business days, but in reality I had to wait for four days (including the weekend). So, there's that.

TransferWise Payment Options

As for the payment method, you'll get few options. I chose direct debit because it was the cheapest options offered. I believe there are other five options including direct debit but the options will be narrowed down to two if you're sending a much higher amount. All options have different prices and will change according to the amount that you're sending.

Additionally, the total fee also will change according to the amount that you're sending. The bigger the amount that you're sending, the higher the fee. I found the fee to transfer CAD 999 to MYR to be affordable and quite cheap? I paid CAD 14.76 to transfer CAD 999.

Google CAD - MYR Exchange Rate vs Transferwise CAD - MYR Exchange Rate

Likewise, I found the exchange rate they used competitive. The rate that they quoted for my transaction was almost similar to the rate that I found on Google. So, I was happy. And, honestly this was the main reason why I decided to try transferring my money using TransferWise; the competitive exchange rate. Though, to be honest, I was quite bummed after that because a day after I initiated the transaction, the exchange rate reached my desired threshold but that was not TransferWise's fault.

Conclusively, I was happy with my experience with TransferWise. The whole process was hassle free and I got my money in timely manner. In fact, I have finished spending and saving the money that I sent through TransferWise. Currently, I only have MYR 13.34 in my bank account. That's is less than what I previously had. lol. Probably will be using TransferWise at least one more time before I close my Canadian bank account. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Charging Bull & Wall Street

I didn't plan to go to Wall Street or seeing the Charging Bull back when I went to the New York City. However, I was only 500 m away from the Charging Bull after getting off from a ferry. So I thought, "Okaylah, jom pergi tengok dah alang-alang dekat."

Charging Bull, New York City, New York, United States of America

The Charging Bull is located right in between roads, so you have to be extra vigilant not to cause any disturbance to the traffic. It is hard to miss the Charging Bull though it is not that big (in my opinion) as you'll see a flock of tourists. You need to be really patient if you don't want to be photobombed when taking picture here.

Farah at Charging Bull, New York City, New York, United States of America

As for me, I was not patient enough to wait until the crowd died down. After all, patience is not my virtue. So, a selfie showing the reality of my visit to Charging Bull will do :p

Also, let me tell you something. The tourists that I met here were crazy! They kept shouting at each other. They also kept pushing other people to make their way to the Charging Bull. I felt so overwhelmed! ㅠㅠ

New York City, New York, United States of America

After spending about 5-10 minutes at the Charging Bull, I headed up to the Wall Street. I didn't walk the whole 8 blocks. Errr, I just learned that Wall Street is actually 8 blocks long. I think I only walked along 1 block?

New York State Exchange, Wall Street, New York City, New York, United States of America

Some of the landmark buildings that I saw when I was in the Wall Street were the ever famous New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Federal Hall National Memorial, and the Trump Building. However, I don't have decent pictures of them or any other buildings at the Wall Street because I just can't get the angle right. On a totally irrelevant note, I had so much fun peeking at the Tiffany & Co store right opposite of the Trump Building. 

Wall Street, New York CIty, New York, United States of America

Didn't remember how long I spent at the Wall Street but pretty sure it wasn't that long because I left before dark. Decided to leave early as I was afraid that I will get lost. NYC at night really scared me so I tend to avoid unfamiliar and secluded places at night.

In all honesty, the Wall Street or at least the part of the Wall Street that I've been to had this dreadful feeling. So, I didn't really enjoy my time walking here. Also, this part of the Wall Street that I went to was quite dark though the sun was still out because it was surrounded by bunch of skyscrapers. 

Wall Street was probably the only place in New York City that I wished I didn't go to. Mainly because I didn't like the vibe there. Should have gone to other places ㅠㅠ
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