My Experience Attending the Interview for Foundation in TESL UiTM

I have never shared my experience attending any interviews post-SPM (i.e. JPA, IPG and this Foundation in TESL UiTM) mainly because I was busy being a hermit back then. I cut my online presence 100% until I was about to further my study on that June. Additionally, I was traumatized after I was involved in an accident. So, there's that.

Anyway, I'm finally here and ready to share my experience attending the interview for Foundation in TESL UiTM after few of my acquaintances requested me to do so. Again, I like to remind you that this may not be relevant anymore as this was almost a decade ago. Having said that, I have done some research and it seems like UiTM barely does any changes as a lot of people had similar experience like me.

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Tip: Come early, dress for the day (do not overdress or underdress!) and make sure you have your documents ready! First impression matters, okay? :)

I went for my Foundation in TESL UiTM interview at UiTM Sekysen 17. Once I reached there, I went to check my group straight. Didn't remember exactly what my group was but I had my writing test first, followed by an interview. Yes, you read it right. There is a writing test and an actual interview before you are selected to enrol in the program.

Tip: Make sure you keep your brain active and read a lot of English materials during your post-SPM break so that you can be fully prepared for the interview.

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The writing test took about an hour. The test was divided into two sections. First section was the reading comprehension and the second section was the essay. If I remembered it correctly, there were 15 comprehension questions. The questions were not that hard but the material was very dry and boring. Additionally, they used some bombastic words that I have never seen before. Those words probably can be found in Reader's Digest. lol. So, there's that. As for the essay, you'll be given a topic that you need to write about. Mine was about the effects of Faebook or something along the lines, I think.

I had about an hour break before my interview session. Just nice to have something light. Anyway, I was the sixth person in my group to go for the interview. I was feeling okay until my turn. My hand were shaking so much that I laughed when my name was called. lol!

Tip: Make small talk with other candidates to lessen your nervousness while waiting for your turn. Or, if you rather to have another round of practice, do it! Whatever that rows your boat, okay? :)

The interview was a panel interview. In my case, I had 2 interviewers asking me the questions. The questions were quite general though some of them were personalized as well. I guess, they just wanted to gauge my interest about the program and to see if I'm the right fit for the program.

Tip: Make sure your voice can be heard as the distance between you and your interviewers can be quite far. Do not shout but then do not whisper too. lol.


Here are some of the questions that were asked to me. Again, I like to remind you that some of the questions that were asked were based on my previous responses.

1. Please introduce yourself.

2. What is/are your hobby/hobbies?

3. What have you been doing after the SPM until now?

4. Why are you applying for the Foundation in TESL?

5. Is this program your first choice?

6. Why won't you apply for other foundation programs? <--- They meant science programs because I was a science student.

7. Don't you think you're wasting your talent and your SPM result by applying to this program?

8. What are other programs/scholarships that you have been applying besides this one?

9. Why are you applying for totally different programs for JPA and IPG?

10. Which one would you choose if you got the offers from JPA, IPG, Matriculation, and UiTM and why?

11. Do you like teaching?

12. Do you think you have what it takes to be a good teacher?

13. Do you have any questions for us?

Panel interview

My panel interview took about 30-45 minutes if I remembered it correctly. The interviewers were very nice to me. They tried to make me comfortable by starting the interview with, "You don't have to be nervous, okay? We are here just to know you. Don't feel the need to be too formal, okay?"

I personally think I did okay considering that I was not fully prepared for the interview. I obviously stumbled and made mistakes here and there during the interview because I haven't talked in English for months before the interview but it is what it is right.


Alhamdulillah, I actually got accepted into the program (it was one of my lifelong dreams!) but I decided to turn it down as I already said yes to the offer from JPA (it was another dream of mine too).

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  1. i always wonder why you dont go for TESL program coz you have a great proficiency of it. Rupanya dapat just tak proceed. waaa baru tahu !!! hebat lah Farah.

    1. Mana ada great proficiency, biasa biasa je tapi itulah. Some of people actually wondered the same thing too. "Kenapa tak ambil TESL?" considering that I love English so much and I only put TESL program for my UPU choices. lol.

      My mindset back then was a little bit naive that's why I didn't proceed with TESL and accepted JPA offer. Hahaha.

  2. jadi ini semacam scholarship kak?

  3. One of the scariest question I got was: "Based on your background just now, I think you're more suited for English literature. Why do you want TESL instead?" Hahahh The interviewer was genuinely curious, she didn't mean anything bad by asking that. But I was like "Betul jugak ye". HAHAHA But I just told her I'm interested to join because I was hoping to be an educator one day.

    1. That's kinda similar to me. The interviewers were genuinely curious on my choice of applying for TESL. As far as they concern, I could always apply to science-based programs, namely medicine or dentistry because my result was good enough.

      But then, I have always loved English and I have no interest in science-based programs. So, there's that.

  4. One of the courses that I was interested in back then was TESL but I end up choosing other course instead.

    1. What course did you chose? I chose a totally different course too ^^

  5. nampak menarik! haa adik2 yg plan nk buat / amik course ni... ni ahkak farah kite dah share pengalaman dia... sesila la hadam ya hehe

    1. Kita share sikit je. Ada ramai lagi yang share lagi detailed :)


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