Monday, March 18, 2019

My 3 Holy Grail Harsh Winter Personal Care, Skincare and Lip Care Products

Hello everyone! 

I just wanted to share 3 products that help me to go through the harsh winter that we have here in Banff. The winter that I experience here in Banff is way different from the winter that I experienced back in Guelph. As such, I had to change some of my personal care, skincare, and lip care products because the ones that I used to use back in Guelph did not work for me anymore.

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion, LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask
I don't have my flat lay props with me, so this poor picture will do for now γ… γ… 

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion

This lotion is a heaven-sent! I grabbed this lotion from the aisle of Shopper's Drug Mart for the first time two years ago and have been using the same lotion ever since. I was attracted to try this lotion because it says, "Transforms skin from very dry to healed in 5 days" on it's packaging. I was instantly sold because I was struggling with dry and cracked skin at that time. It was my first winter where the average temperature of about -20℃ ish and my skin was not ready and suffering.

Alhamdulillah, after trying the lotion for about a week, my skin was no longer dry and almost back to normal. I also did not feel the itchiness that's been bugging me on the previous week. Alhamdulillah. Another plus point is, this lotion is not greasy which makes me super happy because other Vaseline lotions that I have tried usually are quite greasy.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

Bought this sleeping mask at the Sephora after contemplating to buy it for a year. lol! I love the mask as a sleeping mask so much because my skin feel so supple and hydrated every time I wake up from my sleep after putting it on my face overnight. It really helps to save my skin especially when my housemates set the heater way too high. I usually woke up to super dry and peeled off skin before this.

I decided to try and use it as my day moisturizer after my usual day moisturizer failed to do its job when the temperature was lower than -20℃. Surprisingly, it works excellently as a day moisturizer as well. Alhamdulillah. My skin stays moisturized even when I'm outside for few hours and the temperature is around -30℃.

Wow, yakin gila letak awkward selfie! πŸ˜†
*Excuse my kejung smile for all my face muscles were kejung at that time*
I just want to show you (if you can actually see it) that my skin was not peeled off or cracked and my lips were not bleeding and cracked despite my face was constantly being slapped by cold and dry wind when I went tubing for 4 hours πŸ˜‚

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

Like the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, I bought the lip mask after contemplating to buy it after a year. lol! I love that feeling when I wake up to the moisturized and plump lips. Rasa macam Angelina Jolie sekejap. Hahaha :p Again, this lip sleeping mask save my lips especially when my housemates set the heater way too high. I usually woke up to the cracked and bleeding lips before due to dry air.

I decided to try and use it as my daily lip balm because I thought it would excellently work as a daily lip balm as well. Alhamdulillah, thankfully, I was right. I only need to apply it once before I go outside and my lips will stay moisturized for the whole time, insya Allah. Tried and tested, I was outside for about 6 hours when the temperature was around -13℃ and my lips was still moisturized with only one application.

So yeah, alhamdulillah, these 3 products have helped me to go through the harsh winter here in Banff.  These products may help you as well whenever you go travelling in winter. Anyway, I probably will need to change the products again when the seasons change but that's another story :)

Friday, March 15, 2019

On Filing My Tax Return

It's currently a tax season in Canada which unfortunately, one of the most stressful seasons in my life. It's all because I want to file my tax return perfectly so that CRA will not chase me in the future but I usually have too many questions to be answered. Also, because the number of spam/scam calls that I receive around this time of the year is insane! #excusemeiwanttosleep

Thankfully, I managed to attend a tax information session organized by the Town of Banff last Tuesday and got my all questions answered. A big shout out to Nicole from CRA for entertaining my endless questions! :)

So, for the 2019 tax return (I have been thinking about this one the most as I want to properly conclude my life in Canada), here are the things that I should do;
  • Update my information on the website (address, phone number, banking information, etc) as soon as I leave Canada.
  • File the tax return earlier than usual. Should aim for the end of February.
  • I have to file a paper tax return instead of electronic due to status change.
  • Find someone who's flying to Canada in March 2020 to post the tax return in order to save the postage fee. Otherwise, I should be ready to spend enormous amount of money to post the tax return.
  • Fully utilize the collect call if I have anymore questions.
  • Keep myself updated with any changes as things may change between this year and next year due to the election.
Service Options by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

As for the 2018 tax return, I just filed it recently. Like previous years, I'm entitled for a refund, alhamdulillah. If I filed my 2018 tax return correctly, the refund will be about 2.75 times more than the usual amount that I got in previous years. If this stays true, I guess I don't have to spend my savings to go travelling in Canada as I plan to go to few places starting from the end of May, insya Allah :)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Doa. Doa. Doa.

This post was first published on August 1, 2015 on one of my older blogs. Decided to repost it here at Her Little Guilty Pleasures due to reasons that I mentioned in this post.


If you happened to follow me on Twitter, you must know that I have been feeling so negative for the past week. So, to change my mood a little bit, I decided to write this post. I have to remind myself that despite all the bad things that are happening in my life right now, Allah still loves me. He answered to my desperate prayers, and He still answers to my prayers. Sesungguhnya Allah itu maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang.

Doa #1

I have been praying for this specific things since I was in Form 3. Boleh dikatakan tiap-tiap hari berdoa untuk this thing sampailah awal tahun ni. Then, I stopped. Why? Simply because Allah has finally answered my prayer. It took me almost 7 years to get the answer. It was not the answer that I wanted yet I was happy. Simply because I know Allah knows best! :)

I'm so thankful that He answered my prayer after 7 years. I'm so thankful He didn't answer my prayer as soon as I prayed for it. Allah tak kabulkan doa saya semasa saya masih lagi muda remaja. He answered my prayer when I am a little bit mature. I'm at the age where I know how to handle frustration a little bit wisely.

This is what I always say to my housemate regarding my prayer for this specific thing.
"Sedih juga sebab kita tunggu 7 tahun baru dapat jawapan. Dah tu, bukan jawapan yang kita nak. Tapi, alhamdulillah, nasib baik Allah jawab doa tu sekarang. At least, kita dah kuat sikit. At least, kita dah matang sikit. Takdelah nak frust menonggeng sangat ke apa ke. Kita pun busy sekarang. Takde masa nak bersedih sangat. Kalaulah Allah jawab doa kita awal sangat, mungkin takdelah kita yang sekarang ni kot. Tak sampai Canada agaknya kita kalau Allah jawab doa kita awal sikit."
Update in 2019: Masya Allah, I can't believe it's almost 4 years since this happened. Am still so grateful that He answered my prayers 4 years ago :)


Doa #2

I have been praying to be given a chance to meet this one person. It felt almost impossible to meet this said person. Tapi, itulah. Nothing is impossible for Allah. I guess I was desperate enough that Allah granted my prayer almost instantaneously. I got my first chance to meet and talk to this person but I wasted the chance as I was not fully prepared for it. Nak jumpa sangat tapi bila dah ada peluang, tak guna betul-betul pula. Rasa macam bodah sangat pun ada sebab kita tak tahu kan bila kita akan dapat peluang macam ni lagi. But what to do, eh? I was such a chicken.

Walaupun sedih sebab mensia-siakan peluang pertama, masih lagi terus berdoa agar dapat peluang sekali lagi. Then, I got my second chance after 6 days. Although I was not fully prepared to meet and talk to this person, alhamdulillah, I just grabbed the opportunity and fully utilized it. Alhamdulillah, everything went so well. In fact, I felt so privileged after I talked to this person.

So Farah, this too shall pass. Whatever that make you feel so negative will pass, Farah. Allah will not impose on any self more than it can stand. He loves you! Remember, He answered to your most desperate prayers. And He still showers you with His endless blessings :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why Is It Okay If You Haven't Travelled as Much as You Imagined

Why is it okay if you haven't travelled as much as you imagined OR if you have never travelled before?

This post is meant for myself and maybe for those who's been affected by continuous exposure through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs which urge you to travel! travel! and travel!

One cardinal fact that you need to ingrain in your mind is travelling is a luxury for one needs to have time and money to do so. You need to have these two otherwise travelling would never or rarely happen. I learned about this fact when I was in my first year but sometimes it slipped my mind as I'm constantly being exposed to the content that urge me to travel!

Farah H at the Johnston Green
My favourite place to unwind especially in fall and spring when I was a student, as I didn't have enough time to go somewhere else.

When I was a student, I didn't get to travel as much as I would love to as I didn't have time though I had extra money lying around to be spent. Back then, I was busy juggling with my assignments. I also spent most of my summer breaks working, trying to fulfill my hours for Hospitality and Tourism Work Experience Graduation Requirement, and my winter breaks going back to Malaysia. When I was unemployed, I had all the time in the world but unfortunately, I didn't have money to go travelling. Now that I'm working, I actually don't have time and money, hence no travelling (again!) for me.

Some people will argue that you can easily plan your time around the days off and holidays, and put aside X amount of money every month to go travelling, which is true, actually. However, life happens. You can't predict what's going to happen in your life. Maybe that extra money that you have (or you think you have) goes to an unexpected incident. Or, maybe you don't have extra money after all the life commitments. Or, maybe all you want to do on your free days is to stay at home. And, that's perfectly okay. Also, everyone has different priorities. If your main priority is travelling, then it's good for you. If your main priority is saving or paying your debt, then save your money all you want or pay that debt. There's nothing wrong about it.

You just have to do you! Go travel if that's what you want and you can afford to do so, but don't despair if you haven't travelled as much as you imagined or if you have never travelled before, for travelling is a luxury :)

Friday, March 08, 2019

Boating at Lac Beauvert

This post was first published on August 16, 2014 on one of my older blogs. Decided to repost it here at Her Little Guilty Pleasures due to reasons that I mentioned in this post.


Clipper Boat at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Clipper Boat

Went boating for the first time in my life. Menggelabah tak habis sebelum pergi sebab tak pandai berenang. Walaupun ada life jacket, masih rasa takut juga. I'm not a risk taker and I don't like doing things that I considered dangerous. But, alhamdulillah, everything went well. Errrr, sort of I guess :)

Seven of us at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Overly excited us :p
Update in 2019: Still one of my favourite pictures of that summer :)

Went there with my colleagues and we decided to rent the biggest canoe, or known as Clipper Boat as there was seven of us. Sebelum naik, dah siap pesan dekat my colleagues supaya jangan main-main sangat dekat boat tu, and please paddle well. Farah oh Farah -_-

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge as seen from the middle of Lac Beauvert
Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge as seen from the middle of Lac Beauvert

Oh, well. What did you expect from a group of beginners eh? Mula-mula, okay je. Dapatlah sampai ke tengah Lac Beauvert. Lepas tu, berhenti dekat tengah-tengah lake sebab nak tangkap gambar. Then, nak paddle balik dock. But guess what? Canoe tu dok berpusing je dan kami asyik langgar tebing. Guests yang ada semua galak menggelakkan kami.

Tapi, alhamdulillah, at least boat kami tak terbalik ke, apa ke. Dan, alhamdulillah, dapat luangkan masa dekat Lac Beauvert yang cantik sangat-sangat dan dapat spent masa dengan kawan-kawan dekat sini sebelum masing-masing pergi membawa haluan masing-masing lepas ni :)

Water of Lac Beauvert. Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Air Lac Beauvert yang jernih sangat-sangat sebenarnya.
Setiap kali tengok pun rasa nak menangis γ… γ… 

Thursday, March 07, 2019

What is Psoriasis? | Psoriasis and I

This post is very personal to me because no one but my family and my dermatologist know about my condition and how I struggle to come to terms with the fact that I have psoriasis; a disease with no cure.

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis when I was 18, however I've been suffering with this condition about two years before that. Not sure whether I'm lucky or not but my scalp was the only area affected. Had to beg my parents to bring me to a dermatologist because I couldn't stand the itchiness anymore.

On my first consultation, the dermatologist diagnosed me with Psoriasis and we briefly discussed about the causes of the disease, what probably makes me skin flare up, and what can I do to control and avoid the flare ups. She then gave me few bottles of shampoo and small containers of cream. Until today, I have no idea what kind of cream did she gave to me, but I believe they have steroids because she told me not to use the cream if I don't feel itchy as it may have side effects.

Psoriasis Oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
Credit: Here

On my second consultation which happened to be my last consultation, she said everything was under control and only gave the shampoo and cream in bulk because I was leaving for Canada to further my studies. And, let's just say that the younger me was not really happy with my dermatologist because she only dumped the shampoo and cream bulk to me and touched the base about this disease without making sure that I properly understand my condition. Yet, I was thankful because at least I know the name of the disease. lol.

Anyway, after that, my condition was pretty much okay with the flare ups come and go. I usually have flare ups when I'm in Malaysia or when I'm too stressed. And, this is why I actually love living in Canada though I still don't get along with the harsh winter here, because my skin does not really flare up here, thanks to the great weather here (minus the winter). I probably had flare ups twice when I was a student but that was because I was too stressed.

Having said that, I believe my condition got worse recently as it is now spread to my ears. I think it's due to the dry and harsh winter that we are currently experiencing. Dah dekat tiga minggu average temperature dekat sini around -27℃ setiap hari. Allahu. Ingatkan kena dekat kulit kepala dah cukup sakit, sekali kena dekat telinga lagi sakit γ… γ… 

I can only hope that my condition will not be more worse than what I'm currently experiencing, at least until I'm back in Malaysia, for I don't think I can afford the medication here.


Maybe it's time for me to start studying about Psoriasis in-depth so that I have a better understanding about it. And, I should start researching on how to get treatment for Psoriasis from government hospitals because I can no longer afford to go to private hospitals γ… γ… 

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Evelyn's Coffee Bar, Banff

Evelyn's Coffee Bar, Banff
Yes, the shop name is Evelyn's Coffee Bar though the board says Evelyn's Coffee World

As I mentioned in [this post], I've been looking for a pecan tart for about a year in Banff. I've visited few coffee shops and bakeries around Banff in hope that I can find one but to no avil. Evelyn's Coffee Bar was one of the shops that I visited at that time. Evelyn's Coffee Bar does not carry pecan tart but they do have pecan pie in their menu. I was not in a mood of pie at that time, so I just walked away from the shop.

However, I decided to give their pecan pie a try recently. So, off I went to the shop to get my fix of pecan pie. Surprisingly, if I recalled it correctly, the shop has changed so much since my last visit! I love the shop's current aesthetics.

Evelyn's Coffee Bar, Banff
I really love the vibe of this shop!

Anyway, Evelyn's Coffee Bar offers a wide range of food and drink options; be it coffees, teas, other drinks, desserts, and sandwiches. They also sell coffee beans, boxed teas, and various merchandises like t-shirt and coffee. Not sure about the prices though.

This was my second time eating the pecan pie actually. The first time I bought the pecan pie, it was for to go. I loved it so much that I decided to try again only this time I wanted to eat it at the shop. I ordered Iced Orange Pekoe Tea as a accompaniment for my Pecan Pie because they don't offer free water.

Evelyn's Coffee Bar, Banff
Iced Orange Pekoe Tea & Pecan Pie
I don't remember the exact prices for each of them but the bill was CAD 10.08 (after taxes)

Unfortunately, I didn't like both my Iced Orange Pekoe Tea and Pecan Pie this time. The tea was too bitter for my liking though I have asked the employee to make it sweet. However, I was grateful to the employee for allowing me to make the Orange Pekoe Tea iced though they don't usually sell it iced.

As for the Pecan Pie, it was quite mushy for my liking. Maybe because the employee warmed the pie before serving it to me. Thank god I didn't see yes when the employee asked me if I want whipped cream on top of my pie. I think I will hate it more if I had whipped cream on top of my pie. I guess I loved the Pecan Pie when I bought it for to go because I ate it as it is, without warming the pie. 

I definitely wouldn't mind to come again for the Pecan Pie because I know it actually tastes good. Though I doubt that I'll come anytime soon because I feel like I had enough of anything pecan and the price is actually quite high? This girl gotta save more money T^T

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Niagara Falls for the Umpteenth Time

Niagara Falls from the Rainbow Bridge
Niagara Falls from the Rainbow Bridge

I went to the Niagara Falls for the umpteenth time three years ago. Back then, I was trying to apply for my work permit at the border (I need to leave and re-enter Canada to do so) but little did I know that I missed one important document. Hence, I couldn't apply for my work permit at the border. 

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge (Canada on the left, USA on the right)

Anyway, I decided to cross the Canada-United States border using the Rainbow Bridge which connects the Niagara Falls, New York and Niagara Falls, Ontario. I decided to do so because it was the nearest Canada-United States border to where I lived and I wanted to see the Niagara Falls from the USA side.


I have to say that it was interesting to see Niagara Falls from the USA side. It gave me a different feeling from when I see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. You can actually feel that you're in a different county though you're looking at the same thing.

Niagara Falls, New York, United States of America

Things to note (based on my experience)
You have to pay a toll if you're walking from Canadian side the USA side. The toll was 50 cents (I read that they have raised the amount!) and you are allowed to pay it using CAD or USD. Based on the currency exchange rates, it was (and still is) cheaper to pay the toll using CAD. Also, you won't get an entry/exit stamp from both Canadian and USA immigrations. 

Niagara Falls, New York, United States of America

I have read on the net that the view from Canadian side is more pretty and mesmerizing than the USA side. And I couldn't agree more! The view of Niagara Falls from the USA side was kinda restricted. Well, at least from where I observed the view. I didn't really get to see the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. I didn't even get to see the whole Horseshoe Falls.

Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls, New York, United States of America

Having said that, I believe that I may get the better view of Niagara Falls if I decided to hop on the Maid of the Mist cause they have this high observation platform for their passengers. I also may get to see the better view of Niagara Falls if I decided to walk around the Niagara Falls State Park more.

Nevertheless, I was super stoked cause I got to see Niagara Falls from both Canadian and USA sides. Alhamdulillah for this opportunity :)

Friday, March 01, 2019

Sushi House Banff, Banff

Sushi House Banff, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Sushi House Banff, Banff

Sushi House Banff or known as the sushi train place by the visitors and locals here is a small sushi restaurant tucked in the middle of the Town of Banff. It is indeed a very small restaurant as it can only fits up to 18 people at one time. This is my go-to sushi restaurant if I'm bored with my favourite sushi restaurant (which rarely happens!). lol!

Sushi House Banff, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Sushi House Banff has the same mechanism like Sushi King Malaysia. It has all these sushi plates lined up on the conveyor belt and you can easily pick up the plates. You can also order sushi directly to the sushi chef if you couldn't find the sushi that you fancy. The sushi are priced according to the plate colours. When you're done, the server will count the plates and note the colours and you have to pay at the counter. Yes, they will not bring the POS machine to your seat :p

Shrimp Purse, Snow Crab Leg Sushi, Spicy Scallop Sushi & Tamago Sushi

Sushi House Banff offers a limited number of options, which is why I rarely come here. On this particular visit, I picked Shrimp Purse, Snow Crab Leg Sushi, Spicy Scallop Sushi and Tamago Sushi. All of them were good but didn't make to my favourite list. Having said that, I have to say that Sushi House Banff has the best wasabi among all the sushi restaurants that I have been to in Canada.

Price wise, the sushi here were quite expensive (even for the cheapest plate) but still can be considered as affordable. Service wise, the service by the servers can be a hit-or-miss as they rarely attend to you. However, the service by the sushi chefs were exceptional!

I don't think I'll be coming here again but it has nothing to do with the restaurant itself. It is because my time in Banff is running out. is Less than three months before I say good bye to this beautiful place. I know I'm going to miss the wasabi at the Sushi House Banff once I left γ… γ… 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My Songs of February 2019

February was all about me lamenting the fact that I overspent my money eating outside γ… γ…  I  know shouldn't do that because I need to save as much as I can as I intend to travel to few places in Canada before going back for good.

It was also a month where I felt like watching anything Chinese or Taiwanese. As such, I rewatched Down with Love for umpteenth times. I'm also currently watching a Taiwanese drama called Refresh Man. Not sure if I'll get to finish the whole show though because I'm actually not in a mood of watching dramas.

Sweet Sorrow (μŠ€μœ—μ†Œλ‘œμš°) and I-don't-know-the-rest-of-them - Wildflower (야생화)
Original song by Park Hyo Shin (λ°•νš¨μ‹ )

Everyone who's been reading this blog should know by now that I'm obsessed with Sweet Sorrow. I'm so happy to find this a cappella rendition of Wild Flower by them though we are now missing Sung Jin Hwan's soothing voice. It brought back all the memories of their concerts that I attended in 2017. They sang the song beautifully that it gave me goosebumps all over again.

Jin Wen Tseng & Fang Wu - We

Weibird Wei - Think of You First

These two songs are the OSTs for the Refresh Man. I think the OSTs are one of the main reasons why I'm still watching this drama despite all the cringey moments that you usually find in Taiwanese dramas.

Monday, February 25, 2019

School Trip to CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I never update about this trip but this was my first school trip in Canada and this was six years ago? In reality, we had a chance to roam around the downtown Toronto as well on this trip but am not gonna talk about that.

As seen from the CN Tower, Ontario, Canada

Anyway, I still remember how jakun we were when we first saw all the high rise buildings and CN Tower. I guess it was bound to happen because that was our first time going to a major city in Canada. In Guelph, you can't really see tall buildings. Also, Guelph is such a laid back, serene, and relaxing city that even traffic jam in Toronto made us go, "Woah!"

As seen from the CN Tower, Ontario, Canada

I have a confession to make. I have never been to KL Tower or Petronas Twin Towers before, so CN Tower was my first iconic tower that I've been to in my life ^^"" In fact, I had so many firsts in Canada but let's leave it here for now.

As seen from the CN Tower, Ontario, Canada

We didn't spend too much time here. Maybe about 2 hours? We spent the whole time taking a lot of pictures and taking in the view of downtown Toronto and its surrounding from above. I mean, there's only so much you can do whenever you're at a tower, right? :)

Us at the CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I personally loved the view but more so the time spent with my friends. I wonder how it looks like at night. I think it's going to look super pretty! Though I have to say that I'm curious but not curious enough to go again.

Friday, February 22, 2019

School Trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario

This post was published on January 30, 2016 (as a repost entry) on one of my older blogs. Decided to repost it (again!) here at Her Little Guilty Pleasures due to reasons that I mentioned in this post.


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Ini merupakan kali kedua saya menjejakkan kaki ke Niagara Falls, Ontario. Masa pertama kali pergi (December 4, 2013) tu, tak nampak apa pun sebab snow sangat tebal. Buat sesiapa yang pernah baca pengalaman pertama saya, ingat lagi kisah sadis itu? γ… γ… 

Kali kedua saya pergi (September 6, 2014) ni, alhamdulillah, happy sangat-sangat! Walaupun cuaca tak berapa cantik, sepanjang hari mendung, bila nak balik baru matahari nak keluar, kira okay la dari pengalaman pertama saya tu.

American Falls and Bridal Veils Falls @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
American Falls and Bridal Veils Falls

Kali ni saya pergi, alhamdulillah, nampak air terjunnya dengan jelas. Cuma bila tangkap gambar je tak berapa nak jelas. Almaklumlah orang tak pandai guna DSLR memang macam ni. So, obviously the pictures that I uploaded here really do not do justice to the majestic Niagara Falls, okay? :)

Kali pertama pergi dengan the other Jedis. Kali kedua ni pergi dengan rombongan sekolah sebab murah yang amat kalau bendingkan dengan pergi sendiri. Gigihlah pergi seorang-seorang take kawan sebab Jedis yang lain semua baru pergi Niagara Falls masa summer.

Horseshoe Falls @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Horseshoe Falls

Sebelum pergi Niagara Falls ni, kami singgah Niagara on the Lake. Am not going to talke about Niagara on the Lake sebab saya tak buat apa-apa dan tak ambil gambar sangat pun masa dekat Niagara on the Lake tu.

Sampai-sampai di Niagara Falls tu, kami terus naik cruise yang dikenali sebagai Hornblower Niagara Falls. Masa tu, excited yang amat sebab akan berada dekat dengan air terjun!

Maid of the Mist vs Hornblower Niagara Cruise @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Maid of the Mist vs Hornblower Niagara Cruise

Cruise ni 30 minit je. Memang akan basah walaupun dah pakai poncho yang disediakan. Tapi, memang berbaloi even basah kena tempias air terjun. Masa ni, gambar memang tak banyak sebab DSLR saya tak waterproof. Kalau ada GoPro masa tu, memang sakan saya tangkap gambar agaknya.

Elok je turun dari cruise tu, saya memang tak buat apa-apa dah. Saya cuma berjalan menghala ke Horseshoe Falls tu sahaja.

Maid of the Mist near to the Horseshoe Falls @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Maid of the Mist near to the Horseshoe Falls

Hornblower Niagara Cruise near to the Horseshoe Falls @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Hornblower Niagara Cruise near to the Horseshoe Falls 

Alhamdulillah, kali ni betul-betul dah boleh cross Niagara Falls from my wish list. Tapi, mungkin akan datang lagi. Insya Allah, this summer with my parents pula. Mama dengan Ayah teringin sangat nak datang sini katanya :)

Update in 2019: I think I've been to the Niagara Falls at least 3 times after this trip. Still, Niagara Falls never cease to amaze me :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Fun Times at Jasper SkyTram

I just realized that I have never updated about my experience at Jasper SkyTram though I probably had uploaded dozens of pictures that I took when I was there. So, here's one for memories :)

I went to the Jasper SkyTram with my senior, A who came to visit my senior, M. It was an impromptu decision as M was the one who's supposed to go to the Japser SkyTram with A but she had to work on that day. So, I stepped in as her replacement because that's what good hosts do. We don't leave our guests alone :p

Farah H at Jasper Skytram, Japser National Park, Alberta, Canada

Anyway, off we went to the Jasper SkyTram on that day. I don't remember how much we paid for the tickets because this was five years ago, but we did get local discounts. The weather was not at the best that day but we just had to suck it up because that was the only day that A was free.

Tip: Dress for the weather as this is Rockies that we're talking about.

As seen from the Jasper SkyTram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

It was a 7-minute ride up to the Upper Station from the Lower Station and we gained about 1005 m in elevation. While in the tram, we were briefed about the mountains surrounding us by the employee. It was an informative ride but we couldn't take as much peek as we would whenever the employee pointed out the mountains as the tram was quite full.

As seen from the Jasper SkyTram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Once reached the Upper Station, you'll have options to enjoy the view at the Upper Station or you can also hike for another 2 or 3 km to see the best view of Jasper. My senior and I decided to hike sebab dah alang-alang kan? We didn't go up until the peak because we were not properly dressed for the occasion. I think we only hiked half way. Itu pun makan jam juga γ… γ… 

Tip: Please bring hiking poles if you're a beginner as it is quite steep to go up to the peak.

As seen from the Jasper SkyTram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Another reason why we decided not to hike up to the peak was because I was such a wimp that I almost cried when we were hiking. Kept telling my senior that I couldn't hike anymore because I seriously felt like dying. Susah sangat nak bernafas masa hiking tu. Not sure if it was because of the elevation gains or just because I'm suck at breathing while hiking. And, there was no proper trail so, pandai-pandailah pilih jalan and then, the whole jalan was batu. Tak ingat nama batu tu but they have specific name.

As seen from the Jasper SkyTram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

So yeah. We didn't manage to go up to the peak, but thankfully, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, we reached quite a high point where we managed to see the stunning view of Jasper. It was the best view of the best summer of my life! :)

Farah H at the Whistlers Mountain, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Thank you A for not giving up on me and pushing me to keep hiking though we didn't reach the peak. You're one of the main reasons that I could see the best view of the best summer of my life. For that, I'm eternally grateful! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City

Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City, New York
Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City

This is where and when my obsession of lobster all started. I had a chance to taste the goodness that is lobster for the first time in my life when I went to the New York City three years ago. It was an impromptu decision to dine in at the Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City. It was all because I was starving when I was in the Times Square area and this restaurant was the closest restaurant to my location. So, off I went to have my late lunch/early dinner the restaurant.

Complimentary caesar salad and bread at the Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City, New York
Complimentary Classic Caesar Salad and Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Tip: You'll be served a complimentary salad of your choice and Cheddar Bay Biscuits. You are free to ask for more Cheddar Bay Biscuits, not sure about the salad though. However, please decline or ask for a smaller portion if you think you couldn't finish them to reduce food wastage.

I'm not a big fan of salad but I loved the Classic Caesar Salad, It was quite fulfilling. The Cheddar Bay Biscuits tasted good too especially when they were hot. I only ate one though because I didn't want to feel full before eating the entree. 

Ultimate Feast at the Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City
Ultimate Feast
Maine lobster tail, North American snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi, shrimp, wild rice pilaf and a side of your choice.

On my first visit (yes, I went to the same Red Lobster few times when I was in New York City, three times to be exact cause I'm obsessed like that :p), I ordered an entree called Ultimate Feast. Was so surprised when it was served because I didn't expect that it will be that big. My personal favorites from this entree were the Maine lobster tail, the garlic shrimp scampi, the wild rice pilaf, and the mashed potatoes. I loved them all because they were so delectable especially the Maine lobster tail and the garlic shrimp scampi.

Lobster's Lover Dream at the Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City
Lobster's Lover Dream 
Roasted rock lobster tail, butter-poached Maine lobster tail, creamy lobster and shrimp linguini Alfredo and a side of your choice.

On my second visit, I ordered the Lobster's Lover Dream because I wanted to eat everything lobster. This whole entree was good and delicious because it satisfied my desire to eat anything lobster but I loved the butter-poached Maine lobster tail the most. The meat was succulent that I almost cried γ… γ…  While the whole entree was delectable, I do find the lobster and shrimp linguini Alfredo to be a little bit too fulfilling for my liking. 

Tip: Waiting time can be quite long especially during the lunch hour and evening. It is best to make a reservation so that you don't have to waste your time waiting.

Live Maine Lobster at the Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City
Steamed Live Maine Lobster 
Comes with two side of your choice.

On my third and the last visit, I ordered the Steamed Live Maine Lobster because I wanted to eat a lobster as it is. I also ordered wild rice pilaf and mashed potatoes as my sides because I loved them both based on my previous visits. And, I'm very glad that I decided to have the Steamed Live Maine Lobster on that day because this was my most favorite entree from all the entrees that I have ever tried at the Red Lobster. The lobster meat was just so juicy and luscious. I can't get enough of the lobster meat γ… γ… 

Service wise, the service at the Red Lobster was excellent. All the servers were so attentive to your needs and requests. Price wise, I would say that they were okay but maybe they were on the expensive side? They were not as expensive as I thought but they were not that cheap as well. All the entrees that I ordered were less than USD 43 each.

Tip: Don't forget to tip your servers. Red Lobster automatically suggested and put 18% tip on your bill. However, you're free to change the tip percentage if you find it too high.

Conclusively, I enjoyed my late lunches/early dinners at the Red Lobster, Times Square, New York City. Everything that I ordered tasted so good and exceeded my expectations. Really worth my money! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Rasa, New York City

I learned about Rasa, New York City through my friend's Instagram post. He was in New York City few days before I flew to New York City myself. He sang such a high praise of everything that he ate at Rasa which really influenced me cause dude is a good cook and he rarely praise others' food.

Rasa, New York City, New York, USA

So, off I went to Rasa on my first day in New York City. I came here directly after checking in at my hostel. Didn't get to explore the area around Rasa because I was so tired and sleep-deprived but Rasa is located at the Greenwich Village, one of the hip places in New York City. It's also located near to the Washington Square Park and the ever famous New York University.

PSA: Please don't forget to enjoy your time at the area before or after going to Rasa so that you'll not feel regret like me. I mean, I missed out visiting the ever famous NYU though I passed by one of the gates γ… γ… 

Rasa, New York City, New York, USA

It wasn't that busy when I came to Rasa because it was after lunch hour. Think there was only one other customer in the restaurant. However, it took quite some time before my food was served but then, I didn't really mind because I was not in the rush. The server was nice when serving me, making small talk and all. On another note, I felt like crying when I saw "Selamat Datang" on their door. I guess I missed Malaysia so much at that time γ… γ… 

Pulut panggang & cucur badak at Rasa, New York City, New York, USA

I ordered this combo (don't really remember the name) because I was so excited to see that they have pulut panggang in their menu. Along with the pulut panggang, I also got mini murtabak, and kuih cucur badak. The mini murtabak tasted just average but then I don't really like murtabak that much even when I'm in Malaysia. So, there's that. The pulut panggang were extremely delicious. They had the similar taste to my favourite pulut pangang in Malaysia. However, the one that surprised me the most was the cucur badak. I'm not a big fan of cucur badak and I usually don't eat cucur badak but cucur badak at Rasa were so good that I questioned myself, "Is this how cucur badak should taste like?"

PSA: As far as I know, they use halal meat for their dishes and they do not serve pork. However, this restaurant is not halal-certified as it is owned by non Muslims and they serve liquor and alcoholic beverages.

Steamed Hainanese Chicken Rice at Steamed Hainanese Chicken

I also ordered Steamed Hainanese Chicken Rice because I was craving for chicken. I don't know how the authentic hainanese chicken rice should look like or taste like but I'm happy to say that it was the best hainanese chicken rice that I have ever tasted in my life. Everything was delicious especially the chili sauce.

I don't remember how much I paid for both dishes but pretty sure, it was less than USD 35. I personally think it was quite expensive but both dishes tasted so good and fulfilling that I didn't mind paying USD 35.

All in all, I highly, highly, highly recommend you to visit Rasa if you're in New York City, and you're craving for Malaysian food! Think this is the best Malaysian food that I have ever tasted in USA and Canada.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Cinta Musim Panas aka Summer Love

This post was first published on December 4, 2014 on one of my older blogs. Decided to repost it here at Her Little Guilty Pleasures due to reasons that I mentioned in this post.


Cinta musim panas aka summer love

Dulu, saya selalu tertanya-tanya kenapa mat salleh selalu buat lagu cinta atau drama cinta yang berkaitan dengan musim panas. Apa yang istimewanya musim panas ni? Kenapa selalunya (tak semua ya) orang yang ada cinta musim panas ni selalu tak kekal lama? Banyak lagi soalan lain yang selalu berlegar dalam kepala saya.

FYI, curiosity saya memang selalu tentang benda-benda shallow macam ni atau benda-benda yang orang lain rasa childish dan apa-apa entah. Benda-benda serious kadang-kadang je saya teringin nak tahu.

Rupa-rupanya cinta musim panas tak kekal lama sebab summer tu musim pertemuan dan perpisahan. It happens because usually in summer, students or anyone yang ada free time in summer will travel outside of their comfort zones or sometimes their countries untuk pergi travel or untuk summer jobs. They (we) usually have 4 months to kill, oh!


You meet tons of new people from all over the world at the beginning of summer and then you sadly have to say goodbye to them at the end of summer. It's usually impossible to reunite again unless you live close to each other or you go to the same school or you have money to travel across the world to meet your friends.

The paragraph above is just for friends. Now, let's imagine the same situation happens between you and your summer fling. Let's say you want to have a serious relationship with your summer fling. You want us to happen but you don't think you have the means to make your relationship works. Or, perhaps you are not ready to be in a log distance relationship because long distance relationship sucks! Then, you decided it is best for you to let it remains as your summer love.

Sedihnya bila fikir γ… γ… . How I wish summer love can turn into the love of someone life for people who are serious about it. How I wish it can be easier and hopefully, forever. Jia you! to people who found their so-called-true-love in summer and try to make their relationship work despite the odds and challenges. I'm rooting for you guys! :)

Update in 2019: I had a good chuckle reading all the comments on the original post. So many speculations about me falling in love >.< Also, I can't believe that my blog used to be so interactive.
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