Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Coconut Shake @ Sangkaya, IOI City Mall

It was my first time trying Coconut Shake at Sangkaya and thankfully, I loved it! I loved it so much that I actually bought another cup of Coconut Shake before I left the IOI City Mall. I also visited another branch of Sangkaya to get another fix of Coconut Shake few days after this day #obsessed

Coconut Shake, Sangkaya IOI City Mal
Coconut Shake
MYR 9.30

The Coconut Shake was sweet, perfect for my liking. It was also coconut-y, if that makes sense to you. I can taste the coconut bits in my every sip. So good! So much happiness in every sip <3 The only thing that quite a letdown (just a tiny bit) was they used a little bit too much ice. Other that, it was perfect.

I don't know how long Coconut Shake has been included in Sangkaya's menu but I hope it will stay in the menu in the future #fingerscrossed And, I hope Sangkaya business will thrive, onwards and upwards because this girl will need her dose of something Sangkaya once in a while from now on :)


  1. saya aiskrim sangkaya tu pun tk pernah jejak lagi sejak dari zaman2 dia viral tu ahaa
    ingatkan dia jual aiskrim semata ea

    1. Akak dulu try ais krim dia masa dia few months after they went viral few years ago. Suka sangat tapi tak selalu makan sebab harga dia agak mahal for me.


      I also just realized that they sell Coconut Shake after berbelas-belas kali lalu depan kiosk dia. Kalau tak, memang tak tahu.

  2. ehh selalu makan aiskrim je.. harap x virall lah sebab nak try ni.. hahaha

  3. I only had Sangkaya ice cream once and it was good.
    Can you believe it that I hate coconut? I don't eat anything that has coconut in it. Bila my dad suruh minum air kelapa untuk hilangkan demam pun I'll secretly throw it away. But weirdly, I loveeee Sangkaya's coconut ice cream. So maybe I shall give the coconut shake a try.

  4. Sedapnyaaa awww teringin! Will try one day when I have the chance πŸ˜†✨

  5. nampak sedap!sya pernah makan ice cream dia je haha

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  7. ahhh teringin nak merasa,kat sini susah nak cari coconut shake T^T

  8. looks so good. i tried a new one here call hogoh de coco. with bubbles. i wonder if i should blog about it? XD

  9. ooo ada coconut shake rupanya igt kn ais krim je


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