Customized Pizza @ Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre
 Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre

I first learned about the existence of Pickzza through one of the TikTok videos that appeared on my FYP a few years ago. I was so excited because they offered customized pizza. You have to know I was (and still am) obsessed with customized pizza after living in Banff. Customized pizza was my comfort food back then.

By the way, I am aware of a popular pizza chain in Malaysia that offers customized pizza, but the price range is too high for me and they taste so-so.

Customized your pizza at  Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre
Customized your pizza at Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre

If you don't know how to customize your pizza, fret not. They have sheets for the steps to customize your pizza. If I remember correctly, you have to choose the crust first, then the base sauce. After that, you pick your veggies and proteins. I don't remember the last step, but I think you can choose another sauce for the topping.

Options offered at Customized your pizza at Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre
Options offered by Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Good to know: Pickzza might not be the best place to eat if you are in a rush because it takes some time for your pizza to be ready. However, they do offer other options than pizza which might be a lot quicker for those who are in a rush.

This is the order for my customized pizza. I always, always, always order my pizza this way every time I go to the Pickzza.

Signature hand-tossed crust
Italiano tomato sauce
Pineapple chunk
Swiss brown mushroom
Beef brisket
Italian spiced prawn
Texas BBQ sauce
Korean seaweed

My customized pizza at Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre
My customized pizza at Pickzza, MyTOWN Shopping Centre
MYR 36.40

This is what my pizza looks like. I know, it does not look that appetizing much, but I swear it tastes so gooooddd! Serious sedap gila! I love this pizza and the Pickzza so much. I hope they will last long in the F&B business so that I can get my customized pizza fix every time I'm in the area.

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  1. best boleh custom pizza sendiri. memang letak bahan2 yg kita suka jelah. no sayur please xD dia one size jeke? or ada large?

    1. Betul la tu. I love customize pizza so much <3 Dia ada 2 sizes; for you & for us. For you to just nice untuk 1 person. For us sesuai untuk share dengan 2-3 orang macam dekat atas tu.

  2. menarik! bolehlah sy cuba nanti...


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