Sunday, September 30, 2018

LINE FRIENDS (라인프렌즈) Flagship Store, Itaewon (이태원)

I briefly went to the LINE FRIENDS (라인프렌즈) Flagship Store in Itaewon (이태원) with my junior when we were in Itaewon. I thought that was the best time as he was around to help taking my pictures. Very selfish, I know~

Farah at the LINE FRIENDS Flagship Store, Itaewon

We were there less than 30 minutes if I was not mistaken as we planned to go to Sulbing (설빙), Hapjeong-dong (합정동) after that. We snapped few pictures here and there and only managed to browse around the first floor. That's it. That was like the shortest time that I have ever spent anywhere in South Korea during my trip. I didn't even get to grab things that I want T^T

Farah at the LINE FRIENDS Flagship Store, Itaewon

A note to myself, you'll feel like an outlier if you come alone, but that's okay. Also, the store will always be busy even though it's almost the closing time. So, keep calm, be patient and be prepared to feel overwhelmed once you're in the store :)

This is definitely a store that I want to visit again because I just couldn't get enough of the cuteness!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Some Sevit / Sebitseom (세빛섬)

Went to Some Sevit or Sebitseom (세빛섬), whichever you call it right after the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분수) show because it's in the same area.

Some Sevit is artificial islands built in the Hangang. It has 3 islands; Chavit, Gavit and Solvit. Each of these islands usually serves as a venue for performances, international conferences, exhibitions and more.

Some Sevit  Sebitseom (세빛섬)
Some Chavit

For those who have been watching Korean dramas, this place should be familiar with you guys as it has been featured countless times in heaps Korean dramas. I can't recall the exact dramas but believe me, you most probably have seen this place quite a lot.

Add: Ok lah, I was in rajin mood just now that I googled about dramas that were shot at the Some Sevit. Few of dramas that showed up in the search results are She Was Pretty, Misaeng: Incomplete Life, Athena: Goddess of War and Queen of Ring. Also, Avengers: Age of Ultron was shot here as well?

Some Gavit

Tip: This is one of the best spots if you're going for a date based on my observation. It has this romantic vibe going on. But if you're not a halal couple, tak payahlah. Kalau nak sangat pergi dating, pergi tempat yang terang sikit? :)

Some Solvit

I didn't go into all the islands except one. So, I wasn't sure how they looked like from the inside. The only island that I went in was the one that has Gong Cha in the building. I stopped by at the Gong Cha to get my fix of bubble tea. I really loved the Gong Cha there. The view from the Gong Cha was pretty and quite romantic? Also, the staff were very helpful although they spoke a little English. From them, I learned that there were free shuttles running from the Some Sevit to the nearest subway station.

Thanks to the girls, I didn't have to walk for another 45 minutes and I learned that there is another nearest subway station to the Some Sevit. Forever grateful to those girls! :)

Anyway, there were quite a lot of activities and stuff happening outside of the buildings. You can pick one of those to kill your time at the Some Sevit. Otherwise, you should be content with the night view of the area :)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

My Songs of September 2018

September 2018 was mainly a happy month for me despite my spending tracker apps showed that I have been living with a negative balance for the past two months. I tried not to think about the fact that I have overspent my money because there's nothing that I can do at this point as the damage was already done.

So, putting my financial problem aside, it was a happy month. I have moved to a new place, which is better than my previous place because I don't have to share the space with anyone, and it's directly behind the hotel that I'm working at. 1 minute walk to work? That's heaven! :)

Also, my manager increased my wage more than what I asked for, which was a happy news. Alhamdulillah. He also agreed to let me have Fridays and Saturdays off which I really appreciate! Just so you know, Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days for the hotels in Banff, so having Fridays and Saturdays off really helps me to recover my introvert juice.

Anyway, I have been listening to the same old songs this month. Only listened to 2-3 new songs but I don't think they are up to be my songs of the month. Instead, these 3 songs that I discovered many moons ago are my songs of this month :)

Soran (소란) - Don't Lose Weight  (살빼지마요)

Martin Smith (마틴스미스) - Paint On Spring (봄 그리고 너)

Bily Acoustie (빌리어코스티) - One Afternoon Without You (너 떠난 오후)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

HI Calgary City Centre Hostel

I like staying at Hostelling International's (HI) hostels because most of the times, they are wallet-friendly for broke people like me. My first HI Hostel's was in New York. I have not get a chance to talk about it yet. Maybe later, when I start updating about my New York trip (God knows when it will be!). So, it was a no-brainer for me to choose and stay HI Calgary City Centre Hostel when I went to Calgary for the first time last year.

But honestly, I was contemplating a bit at first because I found another cheaper hostel but thank God, I decided to stay here. It was everything that I expected, in fact, it was even better. What I liked so much about HI Calgary City Centre Hostel was the location. It is located right at the downtown at the East Village neighborhood.

You can easily walk to few main attractions like Calgary Tower or Fort Calgary (which I have not been yet, haha!). Otherwise, it's only 4-minute walk from and to the CTrain station, which is pretty neat. The CTrain may get you to everywhere you want to be, and you may board the CTrain for free if your destination is in the free fare zone.

I stayed at their female dorm which was a 6-bed room. The room was spacious enough. A lil bit bigger than any other hostels that I have ever stayed. Bed lines and towels are provided at check in for no charge. So you don't have to use your own. Also, you'll get your own locker. You just need to bring your own lock.

Additionally, they offer complimentary breakfast. It was like any other hostels' breakfast. Bread, bagel, jam, and free flow juices. I obviously took the advantage of free flow juices as juices are expensive in Banff. Hahaha *sad life*

Hi Calgary City Centre Hostel also has other amenities as well such as bike storage, communal kitchen, a lounge, a game room, a guest computer and laundry facilities. I didn't get to fully utilize all the amenities but I loved the communal kitchen as it was spacious and clean, and the lounge because it was so comfy!

I actually loved my stay at Hi Calgary City Centre Hostel because it was comfortable and really worth my money that I decided to stay there every time I was in Calgary. Think I've stayed there at least 3 times in the past year. That's how much I love HI Calgary City Centre Hostel.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Thirty but Seventeen (서른이지만 열일곱입니다) (2018)

This is a first drama that has a whole round up post and a #FirstImpression post ever since I started reviewing dramas (okay more like, fangirling and expressing my thoughts) and establishing #FirstImpression label on this blog. Show, what have you done to me?! :)

Snippet of the drama (From Viki)
A life can change in an instant.

Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun) was a 17-year-old violin prodigy who is getting ready to study abroad in Germany. But a serious car accident leaves her in a coma.

Gong Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong), who caused the accident, is traumatized and plagued by the guilt of what he has done. Thirteen years later, he works as a set designer but is emotionally cut off from everyone around him.

When Seo Ri wakes up unexpectedly from her coma 13 years later, she is in the body of a 30-year-old woman but is mentally still only 17. Can Woo Jin help her adjust to her new world and learn to live and love again?

Credit: Here

My thoughts
What a beautiful, cute, fluffy, and healing show! I obviously jumped into this show solely because of Yang Se Jong but I came out as a fan of all the main characters. I didn't know that I will love this show this much but wow, it easily climbed up to the Top 3 of my most favourite Korean dramas all the time.

Too bad, it was cut to 16 episodes from 20 episodes. Rating was not a problem for this show as I heard it was consistently number 1 in its time slot, but I think they had to cut it short as few of the slots were used to aired the Asian Games? I wish it was longer because I felt like some of characters didn't get a proper closure like the girl who likes Chan.

What I loved the most about this show were the characters and the journey that they went through to embrace this life. For instance, I loved seeing Gong Woo Jin trying to open up to the people around him after being emotionally closed of for 13 years. It was a huge step for him, a hard one on top of that but boy, was it satisfying to see that sparkly smiles on his face.

Also, Woo Seo Ri. Girl had it tough as she went from 17 to 30 in a blink of an eye, I don't know how will I react if I were in her shoes and I don't want to think about it because honestly, it can be scary to see a part of your life to be robbed from you. However, I think she's done her best (given her situation) to fully living her life in what she called intermission.

I personally think this show resonated to me on so many level. It kept reminding me that your life is your own and everyone has his/her own time. Also, you should not compare your personal growth with others. And, you should do whatever that makes you happy and aim to be a better person at your own pace along the way.

So many good things to say about this show (especially about Chan and Jennifer) but I'm going to stop here because I don't think I could stop if I started. lol! I highly, highly, highly recommend this show for everyone who needs some warmth and fuzzy feeling in his/her life.

Thank you show for the fun and healing ride for the past few months. I think I'm going to see again sooner that I would love to as winter is coming and you look like the best pick-me-up show for this winter.

I'm going to end this post with a a piece of narration by Gong Woo Jin :)

"When one door to happiness closes, another door to happiness opens up for you. But many of us are only focused on the closed door, and don’t even realize that another door has opened up. Perhaps, the other door to happiness might not be something grand or special. Perhaps,the small and trivial things that look insignificant, are the other doors to happiness."

Friday, September 21, 2018

Riding the Summer Sightseeing Gondola at Lake Louise Gondola

I went to the Lake Louise Gondola (or known as Lake Louise Ski Resort in winter) right after I finished my hike in Johnston Canyon. I was excited to be back as I wanted to see how different summer looks like than winter from up there. In case you missed it, I have been to the Lake Louise Ski Resort once for snowshoeing.

Lake Louise Summer Gondola

Lake Louise Gondola proudly promotes the place as one of the best places on earth to see wild grizzly bears in their natural environment. And what a luck! I actually saw a grizzly bear when I was riding the chairlift up to the viewing deck and down to the base. It was my first grizzly bear of the season. Too bad I didn't have a picture of the bear as I was recording a video of the view at that time T^T

From the Viewpoint of Lake Louise Summer Gondola

The gondola ride was a 14-minute ride one way. It can feels quite long but trust me, it was not that long if you compare it with the gondola ride at the Sunshine Village. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride up to the viewing deck and down to the base. I opted for the open chairlift ride instead of gondola ride because I figured that I would enjoy the open chairlift ride more than gondola ride. Glad to say that I was right! :)

Tip: Go for the open chairlift instead of gondola for a better and lively experience. It also does not hurt because the air up there is fresh!

From the Viewpoint of Lake Louise Summer Gondola
My snack time view.

The viewing deck was not as crowded as I expected. I mean, I can freely move around without bumping into anyone's shoulder though I couldn't take pictures without anyone accidentally photobombing. The view was kinda limited on that day due to overcast. You can barely see the humongous mountain ranges but I was content with what I saw.

Tip: The ride down to the base offers better and stunning view than the ride up. So, get your camera and heart ready to see the view of your lifetime? :)

Lake Louise Summer Gondola

I spent about 15-20 minutes at the deck before walking down one trail. It was one of the easiest trails that I took about 30 minutes to complete it? There was another trail that I wanted to try but it was super steep and high. I wasn't ready for that kind of hiking trail that day, so I gave it a pass. Though, I wish I went for the hike now that I have no idea when will I be back T^T

I wanted to stay longer up there but it was so hot and my skin felt like it was burning. So. I decided to go down to the base. At the base, they have these gigantic chess and checkers. Wanted to play checkers because it's been a while but I had no friends to play with. Hence, I just watched the people playing chess and checkers.

Lake Louise Ski Resort in Summer

I ended my time at the Lake Louise Gondola by enjoying my lunch at the cafeteria. My lunch was fulfilling despite it left me a hole in my wallet. Lesson learned. Bring your own food next time! 

Tip: Don't forget to pack your own food and snacks as the price can be steep at all the F&B outlets at the base. To give you an idea, a sandwich and a pop will cost you about CAD 14.

Things that I'm thankful about my lunch.
I didn't plan to have a lunch here but somehow I was hungry and eating snacks would not be enough. Thank god for the unplanned lunch as I only realized that I lost my wallet when I wanted to pay for my lunch. I was in panic state and almost cried. Thankfully, I got my wallet back with everything untouched as someone handed in my wallet to Lost & Found counter. Truly grateful to those person because s/he saved me a lot of hassle. I know I had only cards and no cash at all in my wallet but thinking about having to live without all those cards really makes me feel sick. So, thank you! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2018

My Morning Walk View

Cascades of Time Gardens, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Cascades of Time Gardens
September 19, 2018
10:40 AM

Went for a morning walk yesterday. My goal was to reach my 10,000 steps and to take photos of Cascade Mountain but it was quite a cloudy morning. Hence, no Cascade Mountain in sight. Instead, I got to explore this side of Cascades of Time Gardens that I have never been before. I was happy. What a good morning :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Life (라이프) (2018)

Picked up this drama because I wanted to watch anything that is not romance and lovey-dovey stuff. Also, it does not hurt to see Lee Dong Wook and Cho Seung Woo in a same screen.

Snippet of the drama (From AsianWiki)
A power struggle ensues at a hospital. Ye Jin Woo (Lee Dong Wook) is a doctor in the emergency medical center at Sangkook University Hospital. He has a warm heart and charisma. He admires hospital director Lee Bo Hoon (Cheon Ho Jin). One day, he hears from his brother Ye Sun Woo (Lee Kyu Hyung) that the hospital director placed government subsidy money into his personal bank account. On that night, the hospital director dies after falling off an apartment building rooftop where vice-director Kim Tae Sang (Moon Sung Geun) lives. His death is ruled an accident caused by a heart attack. Ye Jin Woo believes otherwise.

Koo Seung Hyo (Cho Seung Woo) begins work as the president of Sangkook University Hospital. He is cool-headed and ambitious. As a businessman, he wants the hospital to become profitable. Other people tell him that running a hospital is different from running other businesses, but Koo Seung Hyo doesn't see why a hospital is any different. So that the hospital can start turning a profit, he decides to transfer 3 departments, including the money hemorrhaging emergency medical department, to other hospitals. Hospital staff members oppose that idea and a strike is led by the vice-director. Meanwhile, Koo Seung Hyo experiences the dark side of running a hospital, including cover-ups on patient's deaths.

Life (라이프) (2018)
Credit: Here

My thoughts
I had quite a high expectation about this show but unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectation. I found it quite unfortunate because the actors have been giving us nothing but stellar performance but the loose plot made me feel ughhhhhhh! It had so much potential though! T^T

Let me talk about the ending first. I wasn't expecting the ending to be quite dull. Maybe I was looking for something more impactful and for everything to be nicely wrapped, so there's that. Also, what's with sudden romance and love lines?! I think the show could be fine without romance and love lines. Though I have to say watching Ye Jin Woo having a feeling on the reporter and trying to get close to her was cute. It was the same for Koo Seung Hyo as well. But I still stand firmly, that all those scenes looked like they came out of nowhere.


I know this show was all about power struggle but I wish we were given better, solid reasons for the power struggle. Also, wish they slowed down the power struggle a lil bit. There were so much stuff going on at the same time. Should give us the viewers time to breathe and process everything that was going on.

However, I do love some of the moments in the show. For instance, I loved very scene of Ye Jin Woo with his brother. I was happiest at their ending scene. Additionally, I liked every scene of Koo Seung Hyo together with his secretary. They were like a crack in the middle of all seriousness. Also, I loved every scene that shows the humane side of Koo Seung Hyo. Dude can be hard to read, so having those scenes really helped to decipher who he is.

Anyway, I don't recommend this show unless if you want to have a headache or if you don't mind with the loose plot or if you are a die-hard fan of one of the actors.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Exploring Johnston Canyon in Summer

Had a chance to go to Johnston Canyon for the first time last summer (Can't believe that summer is now over and it has been snowing for the past few days. Where is fall again? T^T). Johnston Canyon was my first stop that day so I had a lot of energy and was mentally and physically prepared to go for a hike.

Tip: Go early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the crowd.

Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Johnston Canyon hike is approximately 7 km return hike if you're going up to the Upper Falls. Otherwise, it should be approximately 2.5 km return hike if you're going up to the Lower Falls only. Am not sure about the elevation gain. Think it's about 135 meters if you're going up to the Upper Falls.

Tip: Ditch your and use public transportation as parking spaces are limited. Parks Canada runs shuttle service in summer for CAD 5 return trip. Otherwise, Hop On Banff can be a decent alternative.

Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

As someone who's not physically fit per se (I'm a couch potato through and through, in case you still haven't realized about this), I think the hike was pretty easy and doable for someone like me. I obviously huffed and puffed through my way up to the Upper Falls but I didn't have a moment like, "Ughhhhhh, penat gila. I don't think I can do this T_________T" So, that was good. I was quite happy with myself. lol. 

Lower Falls, Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Lower Falls

The trail heading to the Lower Falls was gorgeous. I loved it! I was in awe all the time. I think it's going to be a magical experience if there is a less crowd. I actually enjoyed my walk so much that I didn't realize that I have arrived at the Lower Falls. I arrived at the Lower Falls with a heap of people, so it was kinda congested at the viewing bridge (as you can see below).

Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Lower Falls

When I was there, I saw a line heading through a tunnel. Intrigued by the line, I decided to line up as well because I was curious about what's waiting at the other end of tunnel. Apparently, you'll get a closer look of the Lower Falls at the end of the tunnel. I was lucky that the line was not that long when I was there. Had to wait less than 3 minutes before getting a spot at the end of the tunnel and finally seeing the Lower Falls from a closer range. 

Tip: If you have an expensive camera, please bring waterproof cover as your camera might be misted with water.

Upper Falls, Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Upper Falls

I then walked to the Upper Falls. The trail heading to the Upper Fall was quite different from the trail to the Lower Falls. I walked mainly through forest this time. Am not sure how long I took to reach the Upper Falls from the Lower Falls because I didn't bother to check for time, but I think it was quite a long walk?

Once reached, I had two options on where I want to see the Upper Falls. I chose the easier one; a viewing platform at the bottom of the falls. The other option was a platform overhanging the gorge which can be reached by taking a steeper trail. I skipped the viewing platform overhanging the gorge because I thought I didn't have enough time. Apparently, I actually had more than enough time to see the Upper Falls from the other platform, extra 20 minutes to be exact. I finished the whole trail and returned to the starting point in about 1 hour 30 minutes?

Anyway, it was a neat experience for me. Think it was one of the nicest and easiest hikes that I did last summer. I'm thinking about going to Johnston Canyon again this winter. Hopefully when the time comes, I'm ready to brace the coldness.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)

Went to Namdaemun Market (남대문시장) once with my junior as he wanted to buy something here. I wasn't prepared to go to Namdaemun Market at that time so I was heavily overwhelmed by the busyness of Namdaemun Market. It also didn't help as we got lost here for quite some time, trying to find our starting point.

Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)
The only picture of Namdaemun Market that I have.

Once we found the starting point, we decided that it was best for us to leave as Namdaemun Market really sucked the energy out of me and we were in a rush to go to Itaewon for his grocery shopping and our dinner. I think we barely spent 3 hours here with 1 hour-ish was us being lost in a sea of humans.


Unfortunately, yes, I didn't get to properly explore Namdaemun Market and find the souvenir shops that are always being mentioned by other Malaysians. Hopefully, I can go and and properly explore Namdaemun Market in the future.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Seoul Forest (서울숲) & Under Stand Avenue (언더스탠드에비뉴)

I went to Seoul Forest (서울숲) right after my unplanned visit to Cube Entertainment. My original plan for that particular day was to visit COMMON GROUND and Seoul Forest only as I expected to spend a lot of time in Seoul Forest. I had this expectation based on my visit to Haneul Park where I spent almost 5 hours and just so you know, Haneul Park is not even that huge compared to Seoul Forest. 

Under Stand Avenue (언더스탠드에비뉴)

My journey to Seoul Forest was not smooth as I expected. Pretty sure I took a wrong subway exit and had to walk for about 30-45 minutes from the Ttukseom Station, instead of 15 minutes. By the time I saw the sign to the Seoul Forest, I already had this mindset; "Haaaaaaaaaaaa, dah penat dah! Tak larat nak jalan dah! Sakit pinggang dah! Nak jalan ke tak ni? Okay, jalan mana yang larat je. Bila rasa tak larat, jom balik please?"

Under Stand Avenue (언더스탠드에비뉴)

I was greeted with this Under Stand Avenue (언더스탠드에비뉴) project when I crossed the road heading to the Seoul Forest. Honestly, I wasn't aware about this place because I didn't do a proper research (remember?) so this was a pleasant surprise.

If I remembered it correctly, Under Stand Avenue is a CSR project by Lotte Duty Free and few other companies? I also read the Under Stand Avenue is aiming to be a cultural space that aims to support teenagers, mothers, artists, local vendors, and social entrepreneurs. Hence, Under Stand Avenue has this different Stands, namely Mom Stand, Youth Stand, Power Stand, and Social Stand.

Under Stand Avenue (언더스탠드에비뉴)

I didn't explore Under Stand Avenue thoroughly because it's like a smaller version of COMMON GROUND so I figured that breezing through the area might be enough. Additionally, I was already dead tired but I have yet to reach Seoul Forest, which was my goal for that day, in case you forget. But now that I think about it, I should just explore Under Stand Avenue as well because that place is so Instagrammable and a lil bit different from COMMON GROUND. And what made me become more regretful of not exploring the Under Stand Avenue was there were suddenly a lot of shows especially music shows that was shot at Under Stand Avenue at night, and wow! Under Stand Avenue looked so pretty, homey, and almost magical T^T

Seoul Forest (서울숲)

I barely spent 30 minutes at Under Stand Avenue and then off I went to Seoul Forest. My first impression of Seoul Forest was, "Wow! This park is hugeeeeeeee! Where should I start?" I tried reading the map near to a convenience store but I got overwhelmed by the map that I decided to just go with the flow. For your information, Seoul Forest is the third largest park in Seoul so that speaks volume, eh?

Seoul Forest (서울숲)

I basically just strolled around the park aimlessly. At one point, I reached this playground. I thought to myself, "This playground looks familiar. Where did I see it?" Spent about 10 minutes thinking about it when I realized that this playground has been featured countless times in The Return of the Superman.

Anyway, I was so in love with the playground surrounding. It was quite crowded with kids and parents but I was so happy at that time. I felt so much love watching parents willingly spending time and playing with their kids at the playground. The continuous and contagious laughter sound was all around the area. Hilang penat masa tu :D

Seoul Forest (서울숲)

I then walked aimlessly again, mostly under shade because it was hot and humid during that day T^T. At one point, I saw a sign that has "Deer" on it. Figured that Seoul Forest has this area with deer, I followed the sign, oh boy was I happy that I decided to follow the sign.

There were a lot of deer at that designated area. You can touch the deer if the deer that you approach is friendly enough. You also can feed the deer but I believe you can only feed the deer with the feed sold at a vending machine near to the washroom.

I wasn't lucky enough for I didn't get to touch the deer and I decided not to feed the deer. There were too many children trying to feed the deer when I was there. So, there was no room for me to approach the deer. So, I settled with observing the deer from afar. 

Seoul Forest (서울숲)

After that, I walked on a bridge that oversee the deer area. Think it leads to an observatory but I wasn't sure because I only walked to the middle of the bridge before making a u-turn. Also, you can see Hangang from the bridge but I wasn't sure which part of Hangang. Was tempted to go and walk along Hangang but decided not to because I was afraid that I'll get lost.

Other than these, I also reached few parts of the park which have a skate park, and water play area respectively. The skate park was empty but the water play was crowded with families. I then decided to walk back to where I came from as I didn't have energy to walk anymore. Like seriously, kaki dah jadi jelly that I can barely walk T^T.

I then walked to the nearest subway station and headed back straight to hostel. This was one of the days that I concluded my day early. My whole body was sore and I had a fever later that night. Despite falling in sick later that night, I was truly happy with my decision to go to Seoul Forest. Hopefully I can go to Seoul Forest again with my best friend or my sister :)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Super Moon at Seokchon Lake (석촌호수)

I was bored during one of my nights in Seoul that I decided to google something like, "What to do in Seoul at night" and Super Moon at Seokchon Lake popped up. Based on my brief reading at that time, Super Moon was one of the art installation projects by Lotte and another government office.

Super Moon At Seokchonhosu Lake (석촌호수)

Intrigued by the pictures posted online (they were cuteeeeeee!), I decided that I want to see it myself. So, off I went to the Seokchon Lake that night, and oh boy was I surprised by the amount of people at the lake that night. There was a huuuuugggggeeeeee crowd at the lake when I was there. I can barely walk and find an empty spot for me to sit. It felt like everyone in Seoul was there to see the Super Moon.

I actually sat around for about 30 minutes while hoping that it will get less busy but who am I kidding?!! The crowd actually grew in size later that night. I almost left the lake because I was overwhelmed by the number of people and the busyness of the lake.

Super Moon At Seokchonhosu Lake (석촌호수)

But I thought to myself, "Uh uh Farah. You don't think you'll come again, do you?! Just suck it up!" So, after the pep talk to myself, I decided to join the crowd so that I can take the pictures of the Super Moon. After being pushed around for about 10 minutes, I finally got a spot close to the Super Moon. I firmly stood there for about 2-3 minutes even though some people tried to push me and gave me side-eye. That 2-3 minutes was like the longest 2-3 minutes of my life!

Now that I think about it, yes, the Super Moon was cute but I don't think it's actually worth the hassle and me being pushed around by the crowd. Uh uh no! So, please a lil bit wiser next time, Farah? :)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분수)

I went to see the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분수)) on one of those nights that I spent in Seoul. I actually dragged my ass off to see the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain as my time in Seoul was running out and that night was my only free night.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분수)

Pretty sure something went wrong somewhere that night. Firstly, I felt like I got off at the wrong subway station. Had to walk about 45 minutes from the subway station before I finally reached the bridge. It wasn't supposed to take that long, though.

However, I was not the only one who was lost that night. There was a group of friends around 5-6 people who were in the same situation like me. We decided to walk together from the subway station to the bridge, mainly because they were concern about my safety. The walkaway to the bridge was pretty much dark. I was truly grateful for their company.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분수)

Secondly, I think I was at the wrong side of the bridge. Most photos online looked like they were captured at the other side of the bridge and the colours of the rainbow fountain looked vivid. However, it was not like that in my case. I can barely see the colours even though I stayed for the whole time. I even questioned myself if that was the rainbow fountain because I didn't see the rainbow? 

So, yeah. That's a sad story about my visit to Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain. I felt like I wasted my time and energy for something that was not worth the hassle T^T

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hop On Banff: An Alternative to Explore Banff National Park with Ease

As you may or may not know, I don't have a driving license. And living in a national park without a driving license is actually quite cumbersome as I need to fully rely on the public transportation. Additionally, some of the popular attractions, let alone the hidden gems, here in Banff National Park can only be reached by own transportation.

Hop On Banff

So, I am truly thankful with the Hop On Banff's existence. Hop On Banff is basically a hop on hop off bus service which helps visitors to maximize their time in Banff National Park. They start and end in The Town of Banff with few stops at key attractions such as Johnston Canyon, Lake Louise Summer Gondola, Lake Louise Village, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake. They have set schedules but you are free to plan your stops. The hosts also will help you plan your day if you're truly clueless about what to do.

I first learned about Hop On Banff service last summer when I went to Moraine Lake for the first time ever! At that time, it costed me CAD 10 return from Lake Louise Village to Moraine Lake. I think it was decent because the only other option to go to Moraine Lake at that time was by taxi which probably will cost me around CAD 20 - CAD 25 one way.

Hop On Banff

This summer, I requested for a day pass, worth CAD 55 (including tax) as I want to see if it's actually possible to go and explore all the stops. I stopped at all stops except Lake Louise Village because there's nothing at the village. My itinerary for that day was like this;

Town of Banff → Johnston Canyon → Lake Louise Gondola → Moraine Lake → Lake Louise → Town of Banff'
The verdict?
It is possible to see all places above but it can be a tight schedule, especially if you're not fit enough. Also, you may have to skip your hiking plan if you want to see all the places. Or, you may have to skip few places if your goal is hiking.

Is it worth the CAD 55?
Absolutely yessssss! Especially if you don't have a driving license like me. If you do have a driving license, it is still going to worth your money as you don't have to be worry about driving and parking. Parking in the Banff National Park can be a pain in the ass especially during summer, so you may want to consider Hop On Banff as your alternative :)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Columbia Icefield Parkway Tour by Discover Banff Tours

I went on a tour by Discover Banff Tours called Columbia Icefield Parkway at the end of May earlier this year as part of the FAM tour for front desk agents. This was one of the most-awaited tours for me personally as I want to visit Peyto Lake and Athabasca Glacier once again. Can't help but to feel this way because Peyto Lake is stunning so is Athabasca Glacier.

Bow Lake & Bow Glacier

This was an 11-hour return tour, but most hours were spent on the road as all the point of interests are quite spread out particularly the Athabasca Glacier and the Glacier Skywalk as both of them are located in Jasper National Park. It can be physically exhausting if you're not used to long travelling time but like I've always mentioned before, the view along the way is to die for, so apalah sangat dengan penat tu?

Farah at the Bow Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Our first stop should be the Peyto Lake but the road was not open yet, so we skipped the Peyto Lake. I was so sad T___T We then made few stops along the way to the Athabasca Glacier. I don't really remember all the stops but I do remember we stopped for about 20 minutes at the Bow Lake & Bow Glacier, near to the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge. This was a nice surprise because I didn't expect that we'll be stopping for 20 minutes. A previous tour that I joined with my parents only stopped for about 5 minutes for a quick photo sesh. Ughhhh, my heart still boiling whenever I think about it.

Ice Explorer

The highlights of the tour were the ride to the Athabasca Glacier and the Athabasca Glacier itself. We rode the ever famous Ice Explorer to reach the Athabasca Glacier for about half an hour and we had about 20 minutes at the Athabasca Glacier itself. I didn't really do anything except snapping few pictures and taking in the surrounding view. It was a truly humbling experience to stand on the glacier surrounded by gigantic mountains.

Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

After that, we headed out to our final stop; the Glacier Skywalk. Here, we were given a leeway to spend about 30 mins to 1 hour. I only spent about 20 minutes as I've been here before. Additionally, the weather was not on our side because it was very cloudy and raining on and off. So, 20 minutes was enough for me.

Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

I personally loved my time spent for this tour. I just wish the weather was on my side and the road to Peyto Lake was not closed. Other than that, I was a happy camper. Thank you Discover Banff Tour for the opportunity! :)

Friday, September 07, 2018

Dennis Deli: Kedai Makanan Halal di Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

I had almost 7 hours transit in Taiwan when I was flying back to Canada in July. Didn't know what to do while waiting because there was nothing much to do at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. So, I resorted to eating like I usually do whenever I have a long enough transit. I have googled everything before so I knew that Dennis Deli would be my best bet if I want to eat something halal at the airport. Thankfully, it was near to my departure gate!

Dennis Deli; Kedai Makanan Halal Di Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

They have limited menu namely few type of sandwiches, few type of teas, a dessert, Padang Beef Noodles, Chicken Curry and Curried Beef Udon Noodle Soup. Honestly, none of the options fancy me but a beggar can't be choosy, no?

Menu Dennis Deli; Kedai Makanan Halal Di Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

I opted for Curried Beef Udon Noodle Soup though I don't usually eat curry. It was a combo meal so I got a bowl of soup and a glass of iced tea with my Curried Beef Udon Noodle Soup. Taste wise, I would say it was okay? Kari dia cair sikit which was perfect for my liking. Saya tak suka kari pekat. They gave a generous portion of beef which was good tapi daging dia liat sikit. The bowl of soup was almost tasteless. Tak sure sup apa sebenarnya. I didn't even bother to ask. Portion wise, cukuplah makan seorang. Boleh kenyanglah untuk beberapa jam.

Curried Beef Udon Noodle Dennis Deli; Kedai Makanan Halal Di Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Curried Beef Udon Noodle Soup
TWD 259

As for the tea, it was okay, not too sweet, which was a bummer but that's because I have always liked sweet drink. Oh my glucose~ And at least, it was drinkable because I'm really selective when it comes to tea. Like I mentioned in this post, I only drink English Breakfast tea. Price wise, it was on the expensive side if I converted it to MYR but I used my Canadian credit card to pay for it. So, it wasn't that bad. In fact, it was considered quite cheap for a hearty meal like that. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Jom Guna Otak di Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur

Had a chance to visit Museum Of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur when I was in Malaysia recently, courtesy of Kak Sally of It all started when Kak Sally sent me a DM on Instagram asking if I want a pair of tickets to Museum Of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur. I have had politely declined her offer because I knew my parents will be reluctant to let me go to Kuala Lumpur. #susahjadiorangkampugni

Museums of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur

Thankfully my younger sister who happens to be the anak emas in our family wanted to go. Anak emas means less questions from our parents and yes, yes, boleh je. lol! So, I reached out back to kak Sally saying that I want the tickets. Thankfully, kak Sally was willing to pass the tickets that day. Kalau tak, tak merasalah. Hahaha :D

My Sister & I at Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur

It was our first experience at a museum of illusions so we were obviously giddy and excited especially my sister. How she couldn't be? Science and logical thinking are her elements. It's way different for me. I'm a kind of lazy person especially bila bab kena berfikir ni. Lagi-lagi kalau benda tu berkaitan dengan sains. I was just excited to spend my time outside. Haha :D

Rotating Tunnel at Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur
Siapa tak pening bila lalu tunnel ni, dia power!

From my observation, Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur didn't have that many tricks and illusions or activities (tak tahulah nak panggil apa sebenarnya) but they have enough to keep you busy, entertained and invested. I personally loved ones that make great pictures like the chair and the rotating tunnel. #sissukatangkapgambar

Farah H at Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur

But other stuffs like pictures and puzzles were interesting too. Banyak-banyak puzzles dekat situ, I only managed solved one puzzle. Bentuk heart pula tu. Haha. But then, it was considered as easy puzzle. #noitsnoteasy If you're kind of tenacious, you could easily spend hours trying to solve all the puzzles cause they have a lot of puzzles.

Farah H at Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur
Me with the only puzzle that I solved that day.

Conclusively, it was a fun experience. However, I'm not sure if I'm going to visit again. Mainly because I think the price point is quite steep with the numbers of activities, tricks and illusions that they have. I do, however, think that it's going to be a neat experience especially if you're a first timer like us.

Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur

A special shout out to kak Sally. Thank you kak Sally for the free tickets, for tagging us along and for being our photographer for that day! Truly appreciate it. :)

Monday, September 03, 2018

Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장)

I went to Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장) few times when I was in South Korea. Had no idea why, but from what I remembered, I was always there due to random reasons. Most of the times I was there because I used the nearest subway stop but there was one time I was there because I was lost and suddenly turned up at the square. Oh memories! Anyway, all these picture were taken during my first visit to Gwanghwamun Square

Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장)

My main goal going to Gwanghwamun Square was to see the surrounding area and the statues of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and King Sejong. I'm not a history buff but having watched anything Korean for the past 8 years, I involuntarily have picked up few history lessons here and there.

A very simple introduction on who's Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and King Sejong. Admiral Yi Sun-Shin was one of the greatest naval commander in Korean history while King Sejong was the one who created Hangul. You can watch The Admiral: Roaring Currents to get a rough idea about Admiral Yi Sun-Shin as the movie was based on the Battle of Myeongnyang, the most famous victory of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin.

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin (충무공 이순신 동상) at Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장)
Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin

As for King Sejong, I believe you can easily pick one of the historical dramas to learn a bit about King Sejong. I don't really watch historical dramas but on top of my head, I can say that Deep Rooted Tree showed the process of Hangul creation. However, please be mindful that it might not be the accurate depiction.

King Sejong Statue (세종대왕 동상) at Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장)
Statue of King Sejong the Great

Anyway, when I was there, there were a lot of stuffs happening at the square. At this one section, they had a music festival, while at another section, they had this protest going around. There were a lot of police officers and police buses as well! Basically, it was super crazy and hectic. I have never seen that many police officers and police buses in my life. It crossed my mind that something else, something bigger than a music festival and a protest might be happening here so I went to Google and search but I found nothing.

Gwanghwamun Gate (광화문)
Gwanghwamun Gate (광화문)

In any cases, this is what I gathered based on my observation regarding the protest. The protest was held by the Sewol victims' families. If you're in loop of anything Korean, you will know that Sewol tragedy was one of the most shocking tragedies in Korea. They claimed there were 9 more victims that were not listed in the victims list. They also demanded a thorough investigation from South Korean government. Also, they demanded for the Sewol ferry to be lifted from the sea. It was very heartbreaking to see the victims' families protesting in silence. Seriously, the mood around the protest area was so gloomy that I actually cried and felt guilty to smile after passing through the protest area.

Hence, my first visit to Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장) was filled with mixed emotions. I was completely overwhelmed by the surrounding area; with the silence at the protest area and the defeaning instruments sounds at the music festival area; and the number of police officers present when I was there. Thankfully, my few visits after that did not overwhelm me as much as my first visit.
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