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How Did Farah, The Fangirl Fare This 2017?

I'm working on my personal reflection of this year but I'm not sure if the post will see a light or not cause it may be uncomfortably personal to be shared with the strangers on the internet. So, while I'm still contemplating about publishing my personal reflection of this year, I thought to myself, why don't I give Farah, The Fangirl a space to evaluate her life as a fangirl? ************************* Hello, everyone!  This is Farah, the Fangirl . For a lack of better words, 2017 was achingly bittersweet for me. Honestly, 2017 was such a real emotional roller coaster ride. So many things happened - good and bad, happy and sad, that I can't help but to feel completely drained and overwhelmed at the end. K-concerts / K-shows I had a time of my life when I got to attend 3 shows of Sweet Sorrow's Harmony Concert and met them at the backstage. As shallow as it may sound, it was one of my life highlights for this year. It took me around 3 months

Scenic Snowshoe Tour of Lake Louise at Lake Louise Ski Resort

My team and I were invited to experience few activities offered by Lake Louise Ski Resort (LLSR). I RSVP'd to the invitation with my main goal to go tubing. However, luck was not on my side as tubing is yet to be available at LSSR. The lady in charge told me that she booked a 2-Hour Scenic Snowshoe Tour for me instead and I'm always welcomed to go tubing next year. So, I guess I'll go back to LLSR next year for tubing? Hehe :D So, off I went to LLSR on December 14 by a bus provided by LLSR. It took us around 45 minutes from Banff to LLSR. Honestly, I was feeling quite down when we were on the way to LLSR because the weather was crappy and very dull. It was cloudy all the way from Banff to Lake Louise.  I don't know, luck is always not on my side whenever I plan to go somewhere or to do something :( Anyway, right after I arrived at the base of LLSR, I went to the Guides' Cabin where I met my guide for that day. He walked me through the necessary paperwork and

My Songs of December 2017

This December was not that breezy compare to the last month. While alhamdulillah, I started to feel less lonely, there were so much thing happened in this month (good and bad) that affected my whole emotions. These 4 songs will definitely make me remember this December 2017. Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) - Beautiful Sung Jin Hwan, I'll always remember you as the voice that always make me smile and happy! Starting my day to your voice and this beautiful song definitely help me to go through my mundane everyday life :) Crush (크러쉬) - Beautiful Wanna One (워너원) - Beautiful (뷰티풀) Eric Nam (에릭남) - Bravo, My Life! I have always loved the meaning of this song since I discovered this song few years ago. Now, it made me super happy that we got Eric's version of this song. Bravo, my life!

A Love So Beautiful (2017)

A Love So Beautiful was my second Chinese drama this year after Love O2O. I put this show on my to watch list after seeing its poster on the regular streaming sites that I use to watch Korean dramas. However, I decided to watch it despite not having enough time to squeeze another show on my schedule after I received endless Whatsapp messages from my sister raving about this drama. My initial reaction after getting those messages from my sister was. "Wow! Show, you must have been really really good eh?" simply because they came from my sister who's quite cynical and judgemental with my habit of watching Korean dramas and my choices of Korean dramas. Snippet of the drama (from Viki) It tells the love story of two childhood sweethearts that spans 19 years: a proud genius boy and a cute girl with a lot of energy. Chen Xiao Xi is a cute and small girl with a lot of positive energy. She gets to know Jiang Chen, a tall and proud genius boy, at school and tries everything

Hospital Ship (병원선) (2017)

Hospital Ship (병원선) was one of the recently aired dramas (I wrote this post a month ago?) that I decided to watch cause I thought, "why not?" Snippet of the drama (from Wikipedia ) Story about young doctors that provide medical care to the locals who live in rural villages via hospital ship that sails around the little islands. Song Eun Jae is an immensely talented surgeon. There was a time when the hospital ship was just used for standard checkups and administering medicine. With Song Eun Jae on board, it can provide complicated surgery. She has seen a lot of success as a surgeon, but also a lot of struggles in her family life. When an unfortunate incident leads her to a ship instead of a prestigious hospital. She has little compassion for the stubborn elderly patients.  Kwak Hyun is the emotional opposite of his senior doctor, Song Eun Jae. Growing up with a father who is a lauded humanitarian, Kwak Hyun strives to be a warm and caring person. He heals not just wit

Beautiful Day

Banff has such a great weather today! All I can think about when I was walking to my meeting this morning was, "Wow! Today is the perfect day to go skiing or snowboarding." The nice weather really makes me want to stay out and explore things and places but I need my sweet rest and beauty sleep. Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be as nice as today.

How Can Malaysians Work Legally in Canada?

How Can Malaysians Work Legally In Canada? Assalamualaikum and hi guys! This would be the first somewhat informative post of this blog. Usually, I don't write about this kind of stuff cause I prefer having face to face interaction whenever I talk about something that is somewhat and potentially beneficial but I have been receiving a lot of similar comments and questions regarding this topic. So, I thought it would be easier and time saving to address this thing in a single post. But first, let me remind you of few things! First of all, this post is NOT for someone who is looking to find a white collar job in Canada or for people who are looking to emigrate to Canada . Secondly, I have NO personal experience with few points that I'm going to mention later. I learned about all of that from my reading and my interaction with people who come to Canada and work in Canada using that way . So, the points that I'm going to make may not be detailed and accurate enou

Duck Giveaway by Blog Nadiaizzaty.nia

I figured that I may not have enough time to write new blog posts or to finish off the gazillion drafts that I have for the next few weeks, so I thought why don't I join giveaways organized by my fellow bloggers? It would be way easier and I can show some support to them :) Duck Giveaway by Blog Nadiaizzaty.nia Rules 1. Follow Blog [ LINK ] 2. Follow Instagram @nadiaizzaty.nia [ LINK ] 3. Follow Bloglovin' Nadia Izzaty [ LINK ] ( whoever have the account )  4.Copy the banner and write a post with the title " Duck Giveaway by Blog Nadiaizzaty.nia " ( Please backlink to her blog ). 5. Most importantly, publish the post and leave your post link on that post's comment section.

Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi

I figured that I may not have enough time to write new blog posts or to finish off the gazillion drafts that I have for the next few weeks, so I thought why don't I join giveaways organized by my fellow bloggers? It would be way easier and I can show some support to them :) Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi Rules 1. Follow her Blog, Google+ & Instagram. (This one is compulsory) 2. Create an entry titled "Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi" 3. Copy the banner and backlink to the entry. 4. Don't forget to leave your link on that entry's comment. 

Full Day Kicking Horse Snowmobile Tour by Rocky Mountain Riders

My team and I were invited to experience one of the snowmobile tours offered by Rocky Mountain Riders (RMR). I thought it would be a neat experience for me to go snowmobiling because this may be my only chance to go for this kind of tour cause you know, after all these years, winter (and its entirety) and I still do not get along well. Haha! After doing some research, I decided to sign up for a  Full Day Kicking Horse Snowmobile Tour as a passenger . Rocky Mountain Riders So, riding as a passenger means I did not drive my own snowmobile (obviously!) and I got to enjoy the view for the whole trip! (well, not really!)  Honestly, it was one of the best decisions that I ever made this year cause I don't think I will enjoy the whole experience if I decided to ride on my own. I'm pretty sure I will fail miserably and get stuck at few obstacles and corners. Worst come to worst, I may even slip out from the trail and fall down from the mountain and die! A lil bit dramatic bu

Until Next Time, Sung Jin Hwan!

Hello! Could you give Farah, The Fangirl a space to pour her heart out without judging her for feeling this way? Thank you so much! Your cooperation is much appreciated! I came back from work this morning to an Instagram post by  @sweetsorrow_company . Could not make it much from the post but I knew Sweet Sorrow posted something on their fancafe. Did not get to read original post because I am not their fancafe member but I read the Instagram comments and my heart broke into pieces when I saw people commenting about Sung Jin Hwan's departure from Sweet Sorrow. Read: Sweet Sorrow's Sung Jin Hwan Announces Departure From Group Honestly, I felt like crying when I read about his departure from Sweet Sorow. Sweet Sorrow is one of the first Korean groups that I listen to. They hold a special place in my heart especially Sung Jin Hwan because #sungjinhwanismyfavourite, Sweet Sorrow would never be the same without Sung Jin Hwan. But, that's not the only thing. Sung

While You Were Sleeping (당신이 잠든 사이에) (2017)

While You Were Sleeping (당신이 잠든 사이에) was a drama that I picked up solely because of Shin Jae Ha (신재하) as I have no interest in both of the main leads; Lee Jong Suk (이종석) and Suzy (수지). I am glad that I decided to pick up this drama as I got to watch the adorable Shin Jae Ha and I discovered a new actor to fangirl of that is Jung Hae In (정해인). Snippet of the drama (From Wikipedia ) FYI, this is not the best synopsis but I am too lazy to write my own. Hong Joo (Suzy) lives with her mother and helps her run a pork restaurant. Hong Joo is haunted by seeing the future deaths of others in her dreams. What's worse is that she does not know when the deaths will happen, but she tries to stop her dreams from becoming reality. Meanwhile, Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) is a rookie prosecutor. He meets Yoo Bum (Lee Sang Yeob) at the prosecutors’ office. Yoo Bum was Jae Chan’s private tutor when Jae Chan was in his adolescence, but an unfortunate incident caused Jae Chan to dislike him. Yoo

Locals' Appreciation Day at Banff Gondola

Banff Gondola had a Locals' Appreciation Day on Sunday, November 26. On this day, locals got to enjoy free admission with donation instead of paying 50% off or the regular ticket price. So, as a cheapskate, I thought this was the perfect time for me to ride the Banff Gondola for the umpteenth time! So, instead of going to sleep right after work as I usually do, I pushed my bedtime for about 8 hours just so that I can ride the gondola. Totally screwed off my biological clock but I guess it was worth it as I wanted to see any view but Banff Avenue. lol! Surprisingly, there were not many people as I was expected. Or maybe I was just too early? Anyway, there were quite a lot of changes since my last visit here. The construction is now all done. They now have a rooftop observation deck, new restaurants and an interpretive centre in one building. And as Christmas is approaching, the building was decorated with Christmas decoration. They also had a number of fun activities rela