Until Next Time, Sung Jin Hwan!


Could you give Farah, The Fangirl a space to pour her heart out without judging her for feeling this way? Thank you so much! Your cooperation is much appreciated!

I came back from work this morning to an Instagram post by @sweetsorrow_company. Could not make it much from the post but I knew Sweet Sorrow posted something on their fancafe. Did not get to read original post because I am not their fancafe member but I read the Instagram comments and my heart broke into pieces when I saw people commenting about Sung Jin Hwan's departure from Sweet Sorrow.

Honestly, I felt like crying when I read about his departure from Sweet Sorow. Sweet Sorrow is one of the first Korean groups that I listen to. They hold a special place in my heart especially Sung Jin Hwan because #sungjinhwanismyfavourite, Sweet Sorrow would never be the same without Sung Jin Hwan. But, that's not the only thing. Sung Jin Hwan decided to stop promoting as a singer Sung Jin Hwan too. He will stop writing songs too. Basically, he decided to quit from the music industry for now. 

It was a bittersweet feeling to digest this news because as much as I love and I want to keep listening to Sung Jin Hwan's voice, his mental health and his happiness are far more important! It must be hard for him to appear as his bubbly self and make jokes and smile all the times when he's fighting his inner demons all this while.

Dear Sung Jin Hwan,

Thank you for being one of my most favourite voices for the past 7 years! Thank you for serenading my last few teenage years and my early 20s. My last teenage years and my early 20s would never be the same without you and your voice. Hope you will find the help that you need. Hope you will find your happiness back. Hope you will find your way back to your fans someday. #wishfulthinking

Until then, please be happy, Sung Jin Hwan!

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