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Happy 3-Month Anniversary!

It's been three months since I became a resident of Town of Banff. I moved here after I got a job offer at one of the locally owned hotels in this town. It was not an offer that I dreamed of but the one that I needed. It came at at the perfect time after all the fiasco that happened in my life. Alhamdulillah for that! :) Yet, I don't think I considered myself to be truly happy here. I want to be happy, I really do! I even put extra effort to be happy but I'm not quite there yet. It feels like I'm missing few key pieces but I don't know how and where do I find them. Town of Banff For instance, Banff still does not feel like home which makes me sad. I need Banff to feel like home so that I can feel the sense of belonging. I want to belong here! I find this weird cause this is not my first time living in a national park. It did not take me this long to consider Jasper as my home before. I wonder why it is hard for Banff to hit the "home" spo

My Songs of November 2017

*I begin typing this post while listening to First Date by Sweet Sorrow and it brought me back to 4 months ago, when I just first arrived in Canada. Oh, those carefree days! :)* I find it fascinating and quite funny how songs that I listened to can actually remind me of my memories and what have happened in my life. The more intense something happened in my life (good or bad; happy or sad), the more I remembered the songs that I listened at that moment. And listening to the songs again in the present time will definitely bring me back to those time. This November was not an exception too. I think I have been feeling quite lonely without realizing it and somehow few songs that I have been listening to have stuck in my mind. I think I will remember this November and this loneliness whenever I am listening to these songs in the future. NU'EST (뉴이스트) - ONEKIS2 Roy Kim (로이킴) - Suddenly (문득) 10cm (십센치) & Orange Caramel (오렌지 캬라멜) - Hug Song (안아줘요)

My Humble Dream

This post was written on September 28, 2015 when I just finished my summer job in Jasper National Park and just started my final year in university. A time where life was full of uncertainties and hopes and dreams.  ************************* Now that I only have less than a year left in Canada, I start to have this humble dream. I dream to live in Canadian Rockies for at least a year so that I can experience all four seasons in Canadian Rockies. Good times in Canadian Rockies Will Allah grant this humble dream of mine? Update in 2017:   Alhamdullillah, I'm currently back to the Canadian Rockies albeit a lil bit late. Am planning to stay here for a year or bit more just so that I can realize this humble dream of mine :)

Avengers Social Club (부암동 복수자들) (2017)

Avengers Social Club (부암동 복수자들) was a drama that I picked up as a filler drama when I had nothing to watch on Fridays but surprisingly, this drama turned to be one of the most awaited dramas every week for me. Snippet of the drama (From  AsianWiki ) Kim Jung-Hye (Lee Yo-Won), Hong Do-Hee (Ra Mi-Ran), Lee Mi-Sook (Myung Se-Bin) and Lee Soo-Gyum (Jun), who all have their own different reasons, carry out a revenge plan. Kim Jung-Hye is the daughter of a family who runs a big company. She appears straightforward and arrogant, but she is actually naive and cute. Her marriage was made to benefit both families. She tries her best as a wife, but she learns that her husband has betrayed her. To get revenge, she leads the "Bok-Ja Club." Hong Do-Hee sells fish at a traditional market and raises her two kids alone. Her husband passed away. She is bright and good natured. Her son gets involved in a violent incident at school. She joins the "Bok-Ja Club." Lee M

EID - 이드 Halal Korean Food, Itaewon (이태원)

At the middle of my trip to South Korea, I visited EID - 이드 Halal Korean Food, Itaewon (이태원) with my high school junior. My high school junior missed halal chicken so much that I felt I should belanja him halal chicken. I also missed eating anything that is not seafood! So, off we went to EID - 이드 Halal Korean Food for our dinner. EID - 이드 Halal Korean Food, Itaewon (이태원) is very small and I think we quite lucky that we got our seats cause soon after, the restaurant was filled with a group of Malaysians. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay, in fact, it felt quite homey. The service was good, nothing exceptional. From my observation, all the servers at the EID - 이드 Halal Korean Food are Malaysians. But do note, they do not take order in Malay yeah (at least in my case). They used English and Korean languages to communicate with customers. As for the food, I ordered Bulgogi (불고기) set while my junior ordered "I-don't-remember-the-name-but-pretty-sure-it-was-someth

Korean Entertainment Agency: Pledis Entertainment (플레디스 엔터테인먼트)

Pledis Entertainment (플레디스 엔터테인먼트) was the last K-pop company that I went during this trip. Initially, I did not plan to go to Pledis as I was tired and already ran out of energy but decided to change my mind as it was maybe 1 or 2 station away from where I was. Can't really remember. Haha. Pledis might be one of the easiest K-pop companies that one can go to because the direction is easy and straightforward. I think they just moved to their current building when I was there. The building looked nice on the outside but gave an "incomplete" impression. I don't know if I make sense or not but that's how I felt. Pledis was the only company that I spent time waiting outside of the building. I went there to see the building but got stuck waiting for the unknown for almost 3 hours. Or, was it 4 hours? It was all because I met a SEVENTEEN's Korean fan girl.  Honestly, I was not hoping to see anyone especially SEVENTEEN's members at all (I'm a fan

"I'm A Hopeless Romantic Who Wears My Heart On Sleeve"

This post was written on July 1, 2015 when my friends and I were busy figuring out our priorities in life. Few of us were just get into a romantic relationship at that time while the rest of us were rooting for them and wondering when will we ever be. Just kidding! :p ************************* Few of my friends shared this same article; I'm Only 22. I Don't Want Someone Else to Be My Whole World on Facebook. I guess the article really speaks to few of us. Honestly, this article speaks to me on so many levels. I'm gonna highlight few excerpts that I really really really like. "I'm a firm believer in true love." "I don't want someone I "won't be able to imagine my life without." I don't want someone to "have my whole heart." I don't want someone to be "my whole world," or "my rock," or "my better half". I don't want somebody who can understand me better than I can underst

Myeongdong Cat Cafe, Myeongdong (명동)

I went to Myeongdong (명동) few times when I was in South Korea. However, my motives of each visit to Myeongdong were different. On this one particular hot day, I went there to go to a cat cafe. Initially, I wanted to go to another cat cafe. I had the name and address ready but I still got lost while looking for the cafe. So, I decided to go to Myeongdong Cat Cafe instead, as its mascot was more than happy to escort me to the cat cafe. Tip : You need to sanitize your hands before entering the cat cafe. Use the hand sanitizer provided by the cafe.  The one time entrance fee for Myeongdong Cat Cafe was KRW 7,000 and by paying the entrance fee, you were entitled for a free cup of beverage. I chose orange juice because I did not really like the other options that they had. There is no time limit so one can stay as long as they want provided they do not go out from the premise. As far as I can remember, I stayed for quite a long time. 5 to 6 hours, perhaps? I know, crazy long, ri

Midnight Runners (청년경찰) (2017)

Midnight Runners (청년경찰) was Kang Ha Neul's last movie before he enlisted, so in some hedonistic ways, I felt obligated to watch this movie. Well, I guess it was more to fangirl in me that pushed me to watch this movie cause you should know by now that #kanghaneulmydreamoppa Snippet of the movie (From Wikipedia ) The story is about two Korean National Police University students, Ki-joon (Park Seo Joon) and Hee-yeol (Kang Ha Neul), who witness a kidnapping and track it down. When the authorities reach a dead end due to lack of evidence and frustrating bureaucratic obstacles, they decide to embark on their own amateur investigation, which gets them into all sorts of hilarious troubles. Credit: Here My thoughts Firstly, I watched this movie solely because of Kang Ha Neul (강하늘) so I was ready to be biased and say all the good stuff. Plus, I read few reviews raving how good this movie was so I was prepared for the goodness called this movie. But sadly, this movie fell