Sunday, November 12, 2017

Korean Entertainment Agency: Pledis Entertainment (플레디스 엔터테인먼트)

Pledis Entertainment (플레디스 엔터테인먼트) was the last K-pop company that I went during this trip. Initially, I did not plan to go to Pledis as I was tired and already ran out of energy but decided to change my mind as it was maybe 1 or 2 station away from where I was. Can't really remember. Haha.

Pledis might be one of the easiest K-pop companies that one can go to because the direction is easy and straightforward. I think they just moved to their current building when I was there. The building looked nice on the outside but gave an "incomplete" impression. I don't know if I make sense or not but that's how I felt.

Pledis was the only company that I spent time waiting outside of the building. I went there to see the building but got stuck waiting for the unknown for almost 3 hours. Or, was it 4 hours? It was all because I met a SEVENTEEN's Korean fan girl. 

Honestly, I was not hoping to see anyone especially SEVENTEEN's members at all (I'm a fan of SEVENTEEN if anyone curious) but the girl said that the some of the members were in the building cause she heard them practising singing. She also was so sure because it was Jeonghan's birthday and SEVENTEEN usually do V-live at their company whenever they celebrate members birthdays.

On a totally irrelevant note, I can't believe how many gifts that Jeonghan got. I was there for only few hours but the gifts kept coming and they came in various sizes and price tags. It was like a silence competition and honestly, it was actually quite scary to see how much these fans spent on idols.

So, there I was waiting and hoping that I will get to see a glimpse of SEVENTEEN. In the first 2 hours, I only saw few people that I recognized from watching Seventeen Project. I saw their CEO, dancing teacher and composer but none of the members. But lo and behold, this girl was so lucky to get a glimpse of SEVENTEEN's Hoshi & NU'EST's / Wanna One's Minhyun. Say what?!

Will talk about my first and honest impression of Hoshi and Minhyun at the end of this post. And please don't expect rainbow and unicorn as you might be disappointed. 

After seeing them, I decided to leave but I first went to a convenience store to buy banana uyu to quench my thirst. When I was on the way to subway station, I bumped into the Korean girl again and she said, as soon as I left, Woozi came to the building! It was not my luck to see him but the girl was so happy because her bias is Woozi. Good for you, girl! :)

Pledis Entertainment (플레디스 엔터테인먼트)

So, here is my first and honest impression of SEVENTEEN (세븐틴)'s Hoshi & NU'EST (뉴이스트)'s / Wanna One (워너원)'s Minhyun.

Hoshi looked exactly like how he look like on TV. He was never in my handsome guys list so, there's that. Admittedly, he was quite cute, like a bunny. Size/height wise, he looked smaller than what he look like on TV. But I guess everyone knows that TV adds few pounds. Surprisingly, he was not that friendly as he did not smile at all and he looked quite annoyed. I guess I just had this expectation of him to be a ball of sunshine, full of smiles all the times. He ignored four of us despite the other three kept saying 안녕하세요 to him. He also avoided from making eye contacts with the other girls. Was quite turned off by his attitude but I just gave him benefit of the doubt. He might not be in the mood and was tired cause he cycled to the building. Who knows?

NU'EST's / Wanna One's Minhyun
Minhyun on the other hand, was asdfghjklHonestly, I did not recognize him at all when I saw him. I figured he might be one of the NU'EST's members but I did not know his name. Can't blame myself cause the only NU'EST's song that I know is Hello. I actually felt bad afterwards for not recognizing him. Sorry, Minhyun! I felt extra bad as NU'EST had a small presence in South Korea (before they went to Produce 101 Season 2 and gained booming popularity) that none of us or other people over there seemed to recognize him and he actually walked around without his manager or staff.

Anyway, back to the topic. Minhyun was so dreamy! This came from this girl who has no idea who he is at that time. He looked so handsome and sharp and he oozed celebrity's aura. He looked super tall too. His proportion was 100%. Still can't get over how handsome he his in real life. He got brownie points for being polite and kind too. He bowed to us and greeted us eventhough all of us did not know him. He even smiled to us and asked how we were doing while being awkward himself. He also waved at us when he was leaving. He might be one of the most polite, nicest and kindest K-idols that I have ever met or seen.

Sadly, I got no picture of or with them because everything happened so fast. I did not feel much about Hoshi but I was sad that I did not think about taking picture of or with Minhyun as he walked past me few times. Now that he's getting big and famous, it will be hard to see him like that again. T___T


  1. Kinda disappointed to read about Hoshi. Well, not all celebrities are friendly to their fans. I don't know about them so much. Just know their groups are exist.

    1. I'm disappointed with Hoshi too though he's not my bias in SEVENTEEN :/

  2. wahhh u r so lucky to meet them face to face! hehhee
    tetiba nak jadi fan Minhyun wanna one :D

    1. Lucky in a way yet unlucky in another way. Hahaha :/

      Minhyun might be one of the best Korean idols to be fan of. Hehe.

  3. so lucky! tak minat mana2 kpop idol yg dinyatakan kat atas ni tpi cara minhyun tu sangat polite :D bagusnya idol yg pandai hargai peminat diorang ni

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Minhyun sangat sangat polite! :D

      The thing is we are not even his fans but he is still polite. Cuba bayangkan kalau kitaorang ni fans dia. Baik macam mana lagi dia nak layan? Hehe

  4. omg dah lah minhyun tu handsome gilaaaaaaaaaa. rugilah tak ambil gambar dgn dia kakkkk hahaha

    1. Hahahahahahahaha! Yessssss, sangat rugi! Sampai sekarang rasa menyesal! T________________T

      He is so handsome in real life! His visual is unreal :D

  5. Replies
    1. Hehe. Cerita yang agak kebudak-budakkan ^^

  6. memang normal sangat kalau jumpa idol tapi idol tu buat dek je. sebab diorang tak kenal kita pun. kalau fanmeeting or concert etc. barulah diorang friendly, sebab tu kira job diorang kan. huhu. teringat pulak dulu jumpa exo kat klia tu suho sorang je yang make eye contact dengan fans yang berkerumun. yang lain semua muka annoyed je ahaha. they're humans too. penat nak layan fans, takkan nak smile all the time (sad truth).

    so terharu pulak minhyun macam tu. maybe because dia pernah mengalami zaman kejatuhan nuest so bila dia naik balik sebab produce101 dia lagi hargai fans??

    eh terpanjang pulak. saya memang suka perhati gelagat manusia XD

    1. I never think about it that way. Interesting. I know they are humans too but maybe I just expecting them to be 'on' all the time. Maybe sebab tak pernah jumpa idols melainkan kalau pergi concerts je.

      Suho, what an angelic lad, he is. Still can't get over how polite he is and how handsome he is in real life too, though I only saw him during EXO's concert.

      As for Minhyun, I guess he is just good natured overall. I saw/met him before he went to Produce 101. So, he was still in a slump which makes him 100% unreal. He can actually ignore all of us cause we did not know or recognize him at all but instead he made an effort to say hi. Aduhai, I can fangirl over him because of his good personality all night but I guess I should just stop. Hahaha :D

  7. You're so lucky to see Minhyun. I'm going to Seoul next month but I'm too lazy to go visit entertainment companies like SM, JYP or Pledis.

    1. Yes, I was so lucky to see him but at the same time very unlucky as I did not recognize him at that time. Hence, no picture of him :/

      Bestnya pergi Seoul lagi! Please enjoy Seoul on my behalf :D

      The next time I'm going to South Korea, I don't think I will go to the entertainment companies. I have so many other places that I want to go ^^

  8. Replies
    1. Kekekekeke. Takpe. Faham faham. Diaorang berdua ni muda sangat kak JM. Lagi muda dari saya!

  9. Done follow back here! Wow~ another awesome blog has been found!

  10. More than a year late response. 😜

    Hoshi is my bias so it's kinda heartbreaking to read something like this about him and the disappointments it created. 😟 I have read a post about an incident wherein he also didn't smile and looked pissed when few fans followed the group to where they were having dinner and took pictures.
    But there's also a recent story of him signing an autograph for this fan who approached him in the restaurant and even paid for her meal.

    I guess, Hosh, is just being a normal human being who has up and down times and, I guess, he's just putting a distinct line between his "on-stage life" and "off-stage life". Setting boundaries, you know, and limitations. As fans, we can't always be, like what you said, expect rainbows and unicorns from our idols. I don't think it's fair for them. 😉

    PS: But you're sure lucky to bump into them. I've been to SoKor twice but I have not seen an idol, not even a shadow. 😀

    1. Oh hey, thanks for dropping by leaving a comment.

      I'm so sorry that you had to read my somewhat negative encounter with him. I personally didn't think much about the situation as I am aware that I may have caught him in a bad time. As I mentioned, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. And I totally agree with you that he is a normal human being who has ups and downs ^^


      Yes, I was quite lucky that I actually bumped into them and few other Korean entertainers :)


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