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My Songs of September 2021

September was a month that full of changes, work wise. I had to keep readapting to the endless new changes. Truthfully, I was mentally exhausted because I needed time to process all these changes. Sadly, I have yet to get enough time to process all things that were happening around me. My anxiety also grew over time because I was, and still am afraid with all these changes and uncharted waters. Please pray for me so that I am strong and resilient enough to navigate these uncharted waters? 🙏 Johnny Stimson - Smile This song kept popping up in my Instagram and I had to give it a listen. And oh boy, did I love this song a little bit too much! 💓 The timing could not be more apt as I was struggling with all the changes and started to lose my smile 😢 Jamie Miller - Here's Your Perfect This song was on my YouTube recommendation for few weeks before I started to giving it a listen. Surprisingly, I like this song too. Heard it was super famous in TikTok though. Maher Zain - Number One

A Wave of Dreams by Kamalia Hasni

A Wave of Dreams by Kamalia Hasni Title: A Wave of Dreams Author: Kamalia Hasni Publisher: Meraki Press Number of Pages: 145 Unlike An Ocean of Grey where my heart bled with every word in the book, A Wave of Dreams gave me that happy tingly feeling which made me smile throughout the whole book. Love and hope can be so wonderful eh? 😊💓 "But we are beautiful, You and I And in the eyes of those Who truly see us, We will shine, And we will be loved." -from daisies - "I hope I will never forget that my world started from you and I hope you know that my life is a beautiful one  because of you." -from forgiveness - "And it is in the small things That I find the evidence of love - Felt through connection, Proven through action. -from evidence of love - "But perhaps that's when it's fair. Maybe that's how it'll work out. When we all need to relearn, when we all need to re-love." -from re-love - "Everybody searches for love. Yo

An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni

An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni Title: An Ocean of Grey Author: Kamalia Hasni Publisher: Meraki Press Number of Pages: 159 I have yet to go through a heartbreak and I pray that I will never have to because I seriously don't think I can handle it. I am a fragile person and I have an extremely fragile heart. But oh boy, did my heart bleed reading this book 😭 "It was like being in a foreign country, And hearing someone converse in your mother tongue. They all finally made sense." -from breakup songs - And in the moment when your eyes meet mine, maybe we too will revisit our dreams, And wonder what our life, You and me together could have been." -from la la land -  "loving you is a habit that still needs conscious  effort to grow out of." -from habits - "To be haunted by the memories of loving and being loved, by the memories of a beautiful alternate future, following me like a lonely shadow every time I wake up alone, every time I see two peop

I Owe Myself Peace by Riha J

I Owe Myself Peace by Riha J   Title: I Owe Myself Peace Author: Riha J Publisher: Riha J Number of Pages: 37 Just like Rhymes of Reason by Nirrosette , I won't be able to share 5 quotes from I Owe Myself Peace by Riha J without spoiling the book content 💔 Instead, I'll share the snippets of my favourite poem from the book - Butterflies 💗 "But he was everything I could never have. He was the story abandoned, the letter half written. He was as close to me as the seventh heaven to the lowest point of the sea." -from  Butterflies - "This is the realization that no matter how badly I want something, there are times when I couldn't have it. This is where I make peace with the fact that loving does not necessarily mean having." -from Butterflies -