A Wave of Dreams by Kamalia Hasni

A Wave of Dreams by Kamalia Hasni
A Wave of Dreams by Kamalia Hasni

A Wave of Dreams

Kamalia Hasni

Meraki Press

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Unlike An Ocean of Grey where my heart bled with every word in the book, A Wave of Dreams gave me that happy tingly feeling which made me smile throughout the whole book. Love and hope can be so wonderful eh? 😊💓

"But we are beautiful,
You and I
And in the eyes of those
Who truly see us,
We will shine,
And we will be loved."

-from daisies-

"I hope I will never forget
that my world started from you
and I hope you know
that my life is a beautiful one 
because of you."

-from forgiveness-

"And it is in the small things
That I find the evidence of love -
Felt through connection,
Proven through action.

-from evidence of love-

Someday - A Wave of Dreams by Kamalia Hasni

"But perhaps that's when it's fair.
Maybe that's how it'll work out.
When we all need to relearn,
when we all need to re-love."

-from re-love-

"Everybody searches for love. You. You are love, and someday love will be found."

-from you will be found-

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