My Songs of September 2021

September was a month that full of changes, work wise. I had to keep readapting to the endless new changes. Truthfully, I was mentally exhausted because I needed time to process all these changes. Sadly, I have yet to get enough time to process all things that were happening around me. My anxiety also grew over time because I was, and still am afraid with all these changes and uncharted waters. Please pray for me so that I am strong and resilient enough to navigate these uncharted waters? 🙏

Johnny Stimson - Smile

This song kept popping up in my Instagram and I had to give it a listen. And oh boy, did I love this song a little bit too much! 💓 The timing could not be more apt as I was struggling with all the changes and started to lose my smile 😢

Jamie Miller - Here's Your Perfect

This song was on my YouTube recommendation for few weeks before I started to giving it a listen. Surprisingly, I like this song too. Heard it was super famous in TikTok though.

Maher Zain - Number One For Me

My sister played this song while we were watching YouTube and I can't stop listening to it ever since. It's been ages since I last listened to this song and oh boy did it bring back all the memories. Those days when I lived on the other side of the world and when I was homesick almost every other day.

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  1. how are you kak farah? long time no see your updates on social media :D hope you're doing good :)

    1. Hi BV.

      This is way overdue but thank you so much for asking. I'm good as I can be right now :)


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