That One Time I Was Reminded of My Neat Handwriting

The accurate title for this post should be That Many Times I Was Reminded of My Neat Handwriting but I want this post to belong to That One Time Series, hence the adjusted title.

Gone are the days when I sheepishly smiled whenever people complimenting my handwriting. I used to have really neat handwriting but everything changed when I entered college. My handwriting got worse as I started to use computer more. You win some, your lose some, no?

Anyway, as someone growing up with self-esteem issues, my handwriting was one of the very few things that I took pride in. I considered my handwriting as normal (I can't write in artsy and creative ways) but very neat. A fun fact; all my family members have neat handwriting!

Pardon me if I may sound so full of myself but I would like to think that the people around me were thinking the same too! 😛 Here are some anecdotes of my neat handwriting that still bring a smile to my face, for my keepsake.

Farah H's neat handwriting
My handwriting in 2017. 
I used to have a better handwriting than this :(
 Sadly my handwriting does not even look like this anymore :(

1/ Once in a while, I got my friends (few different sets of them) tagging and mentioning me on viral posts of someone's having pretty and neat handwriting. These friends are mostly friends that I rarely talk to ever since I left school. I probably said hi to them on social media two or three times only in a year. However, they still remember my handwriting. Thank you, korang! 💙

2/ Once, almost all my girl classmates got jealous of me because our HTM*1000 TA initiated a one to one conversation with me. So, what happened was I submitted my final paper a tad earlier than the rest of the class. I was packing my stuff when my TA suddenly approached me and whispered, "Your name is Farah, right? I think this is my first time talking to you. Nice to meet you! YOU REALLY HAVE A NICE HANDWRITING." Admittedly, I was blushing when he complimented my handwriting because he was that one TA that everyone seemed to have a crush on (except me?). Hahaha! Things got really awkward for me after that because he kept walking towards me after that and he kept saying that I have a nice handwriting while the rest of class were watching 😅 He even escorted me out of the lecture hall. Talk about A.W.K.W.A.R.D.

3/ A lot of my professors, especially professors from different schools complimented my handwriting while smiling. Honestly, those smiles really made my days and made me feel loved. I guess I was really love-deprived back when I was a student in Canada 😜

3/ My financial controller back when I was working as a NA in Canada was so excited to see me for the first time! She had been seeing my handwriting almost everyday for a year and was really curious about me. According to her, my handwriting soothed her heart and lessen her pressure when crunching the numbers. She also mentioned that if it were possible, she wanted every NA to have a neat handwriting just like me. I lol'd so hard when she said that!

4/ The same financial controller extended her excitement of my neat handwriting by offering me a casual position as an accounting assistant for the summer. I hesitated a bit to accept the offer because I didn't think I can do a good job in that role but she was so sure that I can do a good job. So yeah, I got to assume a new role because of my handwriting. Pretty neat, eh?

Those are some of the anecdotes that I still remember up until this day. Like I mentioned before, they really bring a smile to my face. How I wish my handwriting was still neat just so that I can keep making new memories and feel good about myself 😭 


  1. Different than me, people keep saying i am creative, but my handwriting is really ugly! hahaha
    i dunno why, i try to write neatly,but i just couldn't...

    but i learn that before this, my ugly handwriting do shows that i am a creative person,
    well, that's the secret of handwriting that not everybody knows..

    maybe your handwriting got meaning too :)

    1. I have quite a lot of creative friends who don't have the so neat handwriting. I guess your theory is plausible (:

  2. Ohmygoodnesssss!Your handwriting is soooo neat! And to think, a readable handwriting can get you to places. That's really amazing. And yes, I think I can relate. I had a very bold, rounded handwriting style that made it easy for people to read, friends liked to borrow my notes because they were compact & easy-to-read. However, now that I type more for work, I write a lot less and my handwriting has turned for the worseee. hahaha I find that taking my time to write keeps my handwriting looking neat but sometimes, I forget and just bulldoze through anyway.

    1. I guess that's the downside of having neat handwriting. We took too much time to jot down things. I could never keep up with the speed of my few high school teachers back then. Had to borrow my friends' notes just to make sure I have jot down everything important.

  3. Maybe you can practice writing neat again.
    Practice makes perfect.

    1. Not sure when will I get to practice. I don't have any specific occasion where I feel the need to practice my handwriting. lol

  4. You do have a neat penmanship, I love it! Mine will go from neat to all cursive really quick sebab tangan cepat lenguh and automatic jadi malas nak tulis cantik2 🤣

    1. I feel you. As for me. instead of jadi cursive when tangan lenguh, I terus stop from writing. Maka lomponglah all my notes because I just couldn't keep up.


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