Hospital Playlist (슬기로운 의사생활) (2020)

By Farah - Friday, June 05, 2020

Hospital Playlist (슬기로운 의사생활) or Wise Doctor Life (whichever you call it) was a drama that I picked up because of few reasons. Firstly, it's the second installment of Wise Life series (Prison Playbook is the first one). I love Prison Playbook (and other dramas directed by Shin Won Ho) so much so I figured I might not want to miss this drama. Secondly, I read Jo Jung Seok (조정석) & Yoo Yeon Seok (유연석) will be in this drama. I was instantly sold. I know I'm easy 😛

Snippet of the drama (From AsianWiki)

"Wise Doctor Life" depicts the stories of doctors, nurses and patients at a hospital. 5 doctors all entered the same medical university in 1999. They are now friends and work together in the same hospital.

Hospital Playlist (슬기로운 의사생활) (2020)
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My thoughts
Please say hello to the *newly appointed* best Korean drama in my life!

Misaeng: Incomplete Life, has finally came down to the second best after 6 years holding the title; The Best Korean Drama in My Life. I thought there will be no other dramas that can overthrown Misaeng but Hospital Playlist just did that. Misaeng, you have been nothing but fantastic but Hospital Playlist hit me in the way you never did :) 

I don't know how to describe what Hospital Playlist was all about. For me, Hospital Playlist was a feel good and a slice of life drama with no clear plot, but you'll still get hooked and eventually you'll get satisfaction at the end of every episode. I guess it was all thanks to the minute details of daily life portrayed in the drama and the lovely and relatable characters. I guess, I'm just a sucker for a drama that revolves around friendship, family, love, and humanity which in sync with reality? A drama where I can learn something from and a drama that made me reflect about my life? That's Hospital Playlist for me.

As for the characters, I loved the 99s squad so much so that I kept praying they will always be happy together and content with their lives. I felt like they deserve all good things in this world. What made me love them so much was their friendship. I just loved how 5 individuals with vastly different personalities bonded together and became best friends. They were so different yet so in tune with each other. I loved them as an individual too. They were all each their own person with their own stories and problems. I learned so much from them. In fact, I eager to be a better version of myself after watching them. All supporting characters were excellently portrayed as well. You can't help but to root for them; to be happy for them when they were happy; to feel sad and cry together with them when they were crying; to hate them when they were being a toxic being; to feel what they were feeling.

This drama also played me very well, emotionally. I have cried so many times that my eyes were swollen by the time I finished each episodes. I particularly cried my heart out when watching episode 8. It also did not help when the song of the episode was With My Tears ㅠㅠ My heart also broke a little during the karaoke scene in episode 11 when Lee Ik Jun was singing while trying not to cry? Having said that, I did get countless laughter watching funny and entertaining antics of squad 99s and the people around them. They were just effortlessly funny and entertaining, especially Lee Ik Joon. Like when Chae Song Hwa bandaged Lee Ik Joon's fingers? Or, when Lee Ik Joon reenacting the subway announcement? Another scene that came to my mind when they were introducing Ahn Jeong Won's siblings. Or, when Kim Jun Wan trying to hug Lee Ik Soon? I also squealed few times over the love lines in the drama. I was not heavily invested with any love lines in the drama as I did not want to be disappointed but oh boy did I feel happy when all those lovebirds were happy :)

Another major plus points for this drama were the band sessions and the OSTs. I'm a huge fan of Korean music, so imagine how elated I was when the drama gave us band sessions / karaoke scenes for every episode. And it became 1000x better as almost all of the OSTs are songs that I love ever since I discovered them few years ago. I was also thankful for that I got to listen to Jo Jung Suk' voice countless times during the drama. Thank you Jo Jung Suk 💓

Putting this here just because it will make my life easier :)

This is a personal anectode, but I find it amusing that I loved Jo Jung Seok so much in this drama, a whole lot more than Yoo Yeon Seok. Jo Jung Seok as Lee Ik Joon was such an amusing, interesting, entertaining and endearing character. He was a life of party. He oozed cheekiness, fun, warmth and happiness throughout the drama. I can't help but to love Lee Ik Joon and earnestly pray for his happiness. He brought so much comfort and warmth to me especially during this bleak times that is COVID-19. Also, at one point, I think Lee Ik Joon is a kinda person that I want in my life. Hahahahaha.

I highly recommend Hospital Playlist to everyone! You should watch this drama if you want to watch an entertaining drama that full of life lessons which makes you reflect on your life. This drama soothed my heart and brought so much comfort to me. I believe it will do the same to you. Please watch it! :)

All in all, if I were to describe how I felt about Hospital Playlist in one word, it would be SAYANG 💓 I SAYANG this drama so much that it hurts me to say goodbye!

Thank you Hospital Playlist for the heartfelt ride. See you next year, insya Allah?

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  1. suka semua drama Shin Wonho. favourite part dalam hospital playlist bila tengok diorang jamming, they work really hard for this drama :)

    1. Kan! Sama jugalah, suka sangat dengan drama Shin Won Ho. And the band sessions were definitely my favourite too <3

  2. wahh terus rasa nak tgok

  3. You had me at 'newly appointed best korean drama in my life' haha definitely gonna watch it!

    1. You should watch it. You probably will love it more than me as you're a doctor :)

  4. Ramai juga yang suggest drama ni dekat Tqa sebab best.
    Lepas Tqa habiskan The World of the Married, The King Eternal Monarch and Sky Castle, I'll watch this one.

    1. Memang best sangat! Please watch it after you've done watching all the dramas in your list :)