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My Songs of June 2021

June was pretty okay for me. I was and still am so sad to see the number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia but there's nothing more that I could do as I have done my part by staying at home 😢 On a happy note, alhamdulillah, my parents have been vaccinated. My mum got her two doses while my dad just got his first dose recently. Mido & Falasol - With My Tears Hopsital Playlist released a special OST on the press conference day of its second season. I was overjoyed because I have been waiting for these songs for so long! Thank you so much 💓 Mido & Falasol - Confession is not Flashy Mido & Falasol - Introduce Me A Good Person

Renewing My IC During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Life is no longer the same ever since COVID-19. Everything has changed and that includes IC renewal process. On a side note, I honestly have lost track with all these PKP, PKPD, PKPB, PKPP and whatever PKP that our government have imposed that I vehemently called all these PKP as "PK PK la sendiri." Anyway, I went to renew my IC at the nearest JPN during this one PKP (not sure which one) but I remember it was Ramadan because I was about to start my new job and I needed a new IC. Truthfully, it was long time coming because I haven't changed my IC since I was 18 and the chip on my IC did not work so well. Like, I literally had to put my IC on the card reader few times every time I went to the bank or passed through the TnG toll booths. Not fun at all. I booked my appointment at the MyJanjiTemu website. Based on my experience, the website will only allow you to book a slot for that day itself and you have to book it before 9am. I book mine before sahur for an appointment