Renewing My IC During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Farah - Friday, June 04, 2021

Life is no longer the same ever since COVID-19. Everything has changed and that includes IC renewal process. On a side note, I honestly have lost track with all these PKP, PKPD, PKPB, PKPP and whatever PKP that our government have imposed that I vehemently called all these PKP as "PK PK la sendiri."

Anyway, I went to renew my IC at the nearest JPN during this one PKP (not sure which one) but I remember it was Ramadan because I was about to start my new job and I needed a new IC. Truthfully, it was long time coming because I haven't changed my IC since I was 18 and the chip on my IC did not work so well. Like, I literally had to put my IC on the card reader few times every time I went to the bank or passed through the TnG toll booths. Not fun at all.

Renewing your IC during COVID-19 pandemic

I booked my appointment at the MyJanjiTemu website. Based on my experience, the website will only allow you to book a slot for that day itself and you have to book it before 9am. I book mine before sahur for an appointment at 4pm. My dad was not too happy because my appointment was close to the closing time 😒

Tip: No additional documents needed if you're renewing your IC due to damaged chip.

The actual process at the JPN itself was seamless. The Rela guys checked my appointment before I was allowed to go in and then I had to take a number. There were not too many people because everything was on appointment basis. The waiting time however was a tad long for my liking.

Renewing your IC during COVID-19 pandemic

The officer in charge was nice enough to ask me if I was okay with my picture before she proceed with the process 👍 She even allowed me to smile and kept asking if I really wanted to smile in the picture. I had to told her that I needed to smile because I have a RBF and I am aware that if I were to renew my passport at Immigration, I am not allowed to smile in the picture 😊

After everything was done, I was given a slip as a temporary identification paper. I was told that I could pick up my IC after 2 weeks, (I miss Putrajaya so much for I can get the IC on the same day 😭) but my IC was ready before the 2 weeks. Think my dad helped me to pick up my IC after a week?

Tip: If your IC works as your Touch 'n Go card and you still have remaining balance but you don't know the card number, do tell the officer that you need the serial card number so that you can ask for refund from Touch 'n Go.

I now have a new, functional IC where I look my age and I don't have to keep rubbing the chip with eraser every time I go to bank or retail stores 😆

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  1. semua nak kene buat appointment skrg. i just remembered that i do have one appointment this week. phewww thank you for posting this. if not i'd forgot all about it.

  2. Thanks for this Farah!! Next month kena renew. Nasib baik nampak posting ni kalau tak lupa

  3. hahahahahah the last sentence got me!