My Songs of February 2021

By Farah - Saturday, February 27, 2021

February was a little bit better than previous months. I had my moments of positivity, something that I definitely appreciated so much. Other than that, my life had been pretty much the same somewhat. Definitely need your prayers so that I can turn my life around, insya Allah. Please, and thank you? :)

Meer Nash - Sorry If I Hurt You

I accidentally stumbled upon this Chinese version of Peluang Kedua when I searched for Peluang Kedua cover version. I have always thought Hanbyul's version is heart-wrenching enough, but Meer Nash's version is like on another level ㅠㅠ 

Inteam & Khai Bahar - Setanggi Syurga 2020

Thanks to YouTube recommendation, I learned that Inteam released a new version of Setanggi Syurga in 2020, along with Khai Bahar. Very late, I know. This new version of Setanggi Syurga hit me different. I really feel like crying every time I listen to this song ㅠㅠ 

On another note, I also learned that suara Khai Bahar ni sedap juga! 😄

Afgan - Ku Mohon

I suddenly had an urge to listen to Ku Mohon by Sheila Majid for the first time in many years, and that's when I discovered that Afgan has released his own version of Ku Mohon few years ago. I feel like Afgan's Ku Mohon is more emotional and more in tune with my feelings. Sedih ㅠㅠ 

Afiq Adnan - Cinta Dalam Hati (Jemimah Version)

I don't know who is this Afiq Adnan but I love his rendition of Cinta Dalam Hati so much. I guess that's what happened when you listen to his cover at 3 AM. I clicked on his cover when I was browsing though videos of Jemimah challenge and oh boy, did I feel so satisfied! Hahahaha

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  1. Famous betul lagu peluang kedua sampai org luar pun ramai yg cover. Nanti nak dgr 😊

  2. I will 'doa' for you. Insya Allah.

  3. Menariknya cover peluang Kedua. Tak sangka.

  4. lama tak singgah sini, kak farah apa khabar? may ALLAH ease everything for you <3
    lagu cover peluang kedua tu menarikkkk! famous betul lagu tu.
    setanggi syurga 2020 memang rasa menyentuh jiwa sikit, harap makin banyak lagu nasyid di-remake, sebab lagu nasyid dulu2 banyak best :D