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Friday, March 27, 2020

My Songs of March 2020

As always, March has always been a special month to me. So, I've always wanted March to be the month where positivity and happiness continuously to surround me. Pretty sure I have failed miserably because I remember that I was being so negative in the first quarter of March and I was so demotivated and devastated in the second quarter of March.

There's also another thing that has been bugging me. I don't like toxic people in my life but somehow, sometime in this March, I was the toxic person in someone's life. For that, I feel guilty and I am eternally sorry to everyone who was affected by my toxicity.

G-DRAGON - Untitled, 2014 (무제)

G-DRAGON & BIGBANG are definitely not my cup of tea. Ever. However, I do listen to them once in a while especially if the song has the same vibe like Untitled, 2014.

MoonMoon (문문)- Paint (물감) 

Man, I don't even like this MoonMoon guy because of his criminal record but I kinda love this song. Listened to this song quite a lot before I searched for the translation and I lol'd again. Can you guess that this song is about his tattoos and their significance?

 I definitely can't.

D.O. (디오) - That's Okay (괜찮아도 괜찮아)


  1. march is a very special month to me too but turns out this year was very different.

  2. this month memang into Ikon sikit sebab comeback kan.. and Winner pulak.
    ooo btw akak guna lagu GD tu in one of my recent vids hehe..

  3. It seems like we have same taste! I'm a huge fan of BB and GD <3 Untitled 2014 remains special for real.

    It is my first time to listen MoonMoon song and I totally get it when u said it didnt sound like tattoo song at all hahahha.

    I MISS D.O :(

  4. Every time I listen to GD's Untitled, mesti terngiang-ngiang suara Seungri making fun of GD singing that song.
    It doesn't feel the same anymore.