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My Songs of February 2020

February was all about ... I don't know? Kinda live the life as it is? While feeling surprised to discover that it really does not take much to affect my emotions? And, how lousy I am in controlling my emotions? Yeah, what a discovery eh :p Jukjae (적재) - Let's Go See the Stars (별 보러 가자) Such a good and soothing song. And plus point is this song is so romantic that my heart flutters whenever I listen to it. I'm so in love <3 Bonus:  Easily the best performance of Let's Go See the Stars by Jukjae that is available on YouTube. So in love with this performance of his <3 Jukjae (적재) - Let's Go See the Stars (별 보러 가자) Train & Skylar Grey - Mai Tais I'm in no way condone the act of drinking and know the name of alcoholic drinks but this song is just so catchy and refreshing. That's about it :)

Chun, IOI City Mall

This was many moons ago when Chun was fairly new at the IOI City Mall. At that time, my sister and I decided to try the viral corn dog that is Chun because of two reasons. Firstly, because I missed the Korean-style corn dog and secondly because my sister was intrigued by Eric-dog after watching 4 Wheeled Restaurant and a video of me eating Korean-style corn dog when I was in South Korea. Chun, IOI City Mall There was a queue when we were there but not too long so we were okay. If we were to go now, the queue would be too long for my liking. Haha. We decided to buy the Mozza corn dog because that is the corn dog that has been featured anywhere countless time. To our dismay, our corn dogs were indah khabar dari rupa? The crumb was crunchy but the cheese was a letdown. It didn't stretch at all ㅠㅠ Having said that, I guess it all depends on your luck. Days before, we saw a lot of lucky Chun's customers with stretchy cheese. So, there's that. Mozza Co

Dolly Dim Sum, IOI City Mall

After the fiasco that is KyoChon, IOI City Mall , my sister and I decided to go for another round of eating because I was still hungry ㅠㅠ We decided to go to the Dolly Dim Sum because I have always wanted to try the Dolly Dim Sum since ages ago. I thought it was a golden opportunity for me to go to the Dolly Dim Sum because I was not alone and my sister was quite open in trying new kind of food :D Dolly Dim Sum, IOI City Mall Additionally, I wanted to see how well Dolly Dim Sum fare, in terms of price and taste compared to other dim sum places in Malaysia that I have been to. We ordered quite a number of dishes, considering there were only two of us and we already ate before. We ordered Siew Mai Dumpling; Har Gao Dumpling; Roasted BBQ Bun; Crystal Prawn Dumpling;  Salted Egg and Shredded Chicken Congee; and Egg Custard Bun. Siew Mai Dumpling I guess Siew Mai will officially become my most favourite thing to order at every dim sum places that I go to. He

February 10, 2020

Cute meowbies! February 12, 2020 8:33 PM Please say hi to our new family members. Wish all of them will be here with us longer but man proposes, Allah disposes. As of February 14, 2020, there are only four of them. The orange one left this world a little bit too soon ㅠㅠ

The 5 Love Languages | What's Yours?

I've been reading few snippets of the 5 Love Languages here and there especially on Twitter for the past few years. I guess it's due to the majority of my social circle starting to discover themselves romantically, fall in love and get married. As a curious human being, I can't help to wonder what's my love language because who knows, it might help me in the future :p As such, I decided to took a test to discover my love language. The test that I took is catered for the singles. My result? 12 Quality Time 6 Acts of Service 6 Words of Affirmation 3 Physical Touch  3 Receiving Gifts It seems like I'm all about quality time. No wonder I feel hurt sometimes, especially whenever the other person (be it my family or friends) do not give a full attention to me by playing their phone while they are with me. Quality Time In Quality Time, nothing says “I love you” like full, undivided attention. Being there for this type of person is critica

KyoChon, IOI City Mall

I'm contemplating if I should write this post or not because I absolutely have nothing good to say but if you happened to read this post, I guess it made the cut ^^'' So, I was craving Korean fried chicken this one day and decided to go to KyoChon, IOI City Mall because it's been awhile since I last ate KyoChon. And, because I was already at the IOI City Mall.  There were not that many people at the outlet when we were there, so I thought, " 아싸~  Tak ramai orang! Tak payah tunggu lama!"  Uh uh, apparently there was no such thing. We had to wait for about 30 minutes before our drinks were served and 50 minutes before the chickens were served. I was totally unhappy because patience is not my virtue, remember? No the most flattering picture of the Honey Series Chicken, obviously 😒 Can you imagine? Drinks were served after 30 minutes and chickens were served after 50 minutes? I definitely will understand if the outlet was busy but it