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The Halal Guys, Hongdae

I have been craving The Halal Guys for almost a year-ish. My initial plan was to go to the The Halal Guys store in Toronto, Canada when I'm flying to the east, however, man proposes, Allah disposes. My travel plan fell through due to few reasons so I didn't get to explore few places in Canada like I originally planned to. However, Allah was and is so ever kind for allowing me to taste the goodness that is The Halal Guys once again. This time around, it was in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea. The Halal Guys, Hongdae is located on the third floor of the EXIT Mall (?). I'm not sure which exit is the nearest to the EXIT Mall but I know Exit 2 of Hongdae Station is one of the nearest exits to the EXIT Mall. It's so hard to miss the building so you should be good. The entrance to the EXIT Mall where The Halal Guys, Hongdae is located. As The Halal Guys is a halal fast casual restaurant franchise, the menu offered is similar to the other The Halal Guys stores t

My Experience Transferring Money (CAD - MYR) with TransferWise

In this post , I mentioned that I was busy figuring out the best way to transfer my money from my Canadian bank account to Malaysian bank account. Few options that I have been considering are sending the money through the bank service; bringing them back to Malaysia all in cash, or using the TransferWise. I was all set to bring them back all in cash until few of my favourite Instagram shops decided to have a Ramadan sale! Allahu. I wanted to buy all those things that were on sale but I did not have money. I only had MYR 20 in my Malaysian bank account and obviously I can't buy those thing with MYR 20. That's when I decided to give TransferWise a try! Initially, I wanted to transfer CAD 1000 but TransferWise requires senders from Canada to provide their bank statement and a document that verifies the home address if you're sending CAD 1000 and above. I have my bank statement but I don't have a document that verifies my address here because all my bill

Charging Bull & Wall Street

I didn't plan to go to Wall Street or seeing the Charging Bull back when I went to the New York City. However, I was only 500 m away from the Charging Bull after getting off from a ferry. So I thought, "Okaylah, jom pergi tengok dah alang-alang dekat." The Charging Bull is located right in between roads, so you have to be extra vigilant not to cause any disturbance to the traffic. It is hard to miss the Charging Bull though it is not that big (in my opinion) as you'll see a flock of tourists. You need to be really patient if you don't want to be photobombed when taking picture here. As for me, I was not patient enough to wait until the crowd died down. After all, patience is not my virtue. So, a selfie showing the reality of my visit to Charging Bull will do :p Also, let me tell you something. The tourists that I met here were crazy! They kept shouting at each other. They also kept pushing other people to make their way to the Charging Bul

That One Time Stanley Wanted Me to Pet Him

This post was first published on May 26, 2015 on one of my older blogs. Decided to repost it here at Her Little Guilty Pleasures due to reasons that I mentioned in this post. ************************* Hotel tempat saya kerja ni ada Canine Ambassador. Nama dia Stanley. He's a black Labrador. Sangat-sangat cute. Geram sangat kalau jumpa dia. Saya rasa Stanley ni sangat suka dimanjakan. Setiap kali jumpa orang, mesti dia nak meleseh. Takpun, dia akan buat muka comel suruh orang pet dia. Tapi, pasal Stanley ni anjing, saya sedaya-upaya mengelak daripada bersentuhan dengan dia. Sebabnya saya malas nak sertu. Memang tak sentuh even masa dia kering. Tapi, Stanley ni memang suka menguji kesabaran saya. Sikit-sikit nak goda saya. Haha! Setiap kali saya datang office ayah dia, mesti dia datang dekat-dekat saya. Lepas tu, goyang-goyangkan ekor dia. Lepas tu, minta dibelai. Eeeeeee, geram sangat! Response biasa saya, "Can you please ask Stanley to stay put or stay awa

Snowy Banff in May

As seen from Marten Street May 2, 2019 6:55 AM Such a magical morning! I knew it's going to be a beautiful morning when I saw it was snowing all night long last night. Wish I haven't packed my winter jacket because all I wanted to do was to walk along few streets and take pictures  ㅠㅠ & Yes, we still get snow in May. Honestly it wasn't that surprising because it has always been like this. What's spring in the Rockies anyway? 😝