17 Days in Malaysia

By Farah - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My recent trip back home was the shortest yet the most expensive Canada-Malaysia-Canada trip that I ever took. Wish it didn't cost me that much though. Anyway, putting the cost aside, I think I was pretty happy with the 17 days that I spent in Malaysia. Honestly, they were not all butterflies and rainbows but okay la. Not that bad in my opinion.

Things that I loved about my 17 days in Malaysia

1. Reunited with my family - It felt so good to be back to pangkuan keluarga tercinta though all of them were pretty much busy with their stuff. It was good and okay cause I'm a person yang kalau dekat asyik nak gaduh je, kalau jauh baru nak rindu-rinduan.

My first meal in Malaysia
My first meal in Malaysia!

2. Chicken! Chicken! Chicken everywhere! - You have no idea how happy I am to see chicken everywhere! I finally got to say good bye to my pescatarian diet for a bit! Prior to my trip, I was kinda forced to be a pestacarian for almost 7 months as no halal chicken available in Banff. So, memang happy habis la!

3. Handed out allowance to my parents - Finally managed to hand out the money that I put aside for my parents all this while. It was not that much but that was all that I can afford for this time being. So, it was good, I think? Especially after me being a leech to my family for almost a year before this?

4. My savings finally reached 5 digits! - For someone who's bad at managing her money, this was a huge milestone for me! Now I just have to control myself from withdrawing the money from my savings account.

5. I opened an ASB account - After reading about ASB for almost a year, I finally opened an ASB account. It's quite late if you factor in my age, but I believe that it's better late than never, no? Hopefully I can double my ASB investment next year, insya Allah.

6. Homemade food - It surely felt good to have someone cooks for you especially if that someone is your Mum. My mum is the best cook in the world! Wish I inherited her cooking skill though :(

My beloved cats
Missing the other three :(

7. CATS! - I got to suap ayam goreng or ikan goreng to my cats. I got to pet and cuddle with my cats almost everyday although they did not really like me and recognize me anymore. WHO. CARES. IF. THEY. DID. NOT. RECOGNIZE. ME?!! As long as I'm happy, right?

Farah and Friends

8. Opportunities to connect and reconnect with new and old friends - Had a chance to have a lunch with my high school best friend after what, 3 or 4 years? I also bumped into an old best friend of mine (she was my primary school best friend) while I was on the way to meet my high school best friend. It was our first meeting after 10 or 11 years, I think? Also, had a chance to hang out with Kak Sally, a blogger whom I've been following since few years ago :)

Cha Tae Hyun, Yun DDan DDan, Sweet Sorrow

9. Watching all my shows on television - After almost a year watching my shows on my 11 inch laptop, it surely felt satisfying and surreal to watch them on a 55 inch television! Puas hati tengok Sweet Sorrow, Yun DDan DDan, 10cm, Cha Tae Hyun & Kang Ha Neul dekat TV! HD lagi! :D

10. New haircut - I have this habit of cutting my hair once a year so this was much needed! Wohooooooo! :D

Things that I felt meh about my 17 days in Malaysia

1. Skin breakouts - My skin was not in the best condition as I had the worst breakouts ever. Acne showed up like there's no tomorrow. Think it was the change in weather and temperature. Or, maybe my current skincare regime was not suitable with Malaysian's weather and temperature.

2. Weight gain - I freaking gained 3 kg in 10 days! WAS. AND STILL. AM. NOT. HAPPY. AT. ALL.

3. Keborosan -  Who spent approximately MYR 50 for hotdogs, MYR 70 for jajan, and MYR 1200 for makan-makan luar in 17 days??!! Yes, this boros girl right here! T_T

4. Unwritten rule and curfew - I have this unwritten curfew ever since I was in high school where I need to be back home before 7 pm which I do not mind at all. The one that I feel meh is the unwritten rule where I have to stay at home almost 24/7 every time I'm back in Malaysia. As such, I always have to say 'no' and 'sorry' for any social calls. Didn't get to see my college and university roommate for this exact reason :(

5. Fitbit rosak - Realized there was something wrong with my Fitbit few days after my sister's wedding reception. Sedih sangat-sangat! I think it happened because I washed too many dishes as my Fitbit is not waterproof. I don't have money to buy new one T_T

Hasnidah's Family
My current family
#semuamukatakready #semuamukapenat

6. Changes in family dynamic - This is not meant to be meh but more to weird? My family dynamic changed from Ayah being the only man in our family to 2 men in the family. Still trying to digest a fact that I now have a brother in law. I think it's going to take some time for the fact to finally settle in. Anyway, I'm still trying to adapt and coax my heart that I need to wear tudung whenever I'm home. Also, no more free hair selfies on Whatsapp. lol!

That's bits of everything about my 17 days in Malaysia. Again, suffice to say that I was quite happy and satisfied with my vacation though it was short! This was most probably my last "vacation" to Malaysia as I'm expected to go back for good next May :(

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  1. wah, banyak benda berlaku dalam masa 17 hari tu. bestnyaaa dah reach 5 digits! kita ni sikit baru nak kumpul duit kahwin. huhu.. doakan dipermudahkan.

    okay 7 bulan kalau tak dapat makan ayam memang kita pun makan ayam hari2 dekat malaysia. haha.

    and congrats for having a brother in law :)

    1. Good luck Amy. Moga tabung kahwin penuh cepat! :)

      Thank you :)

  2. 17 hari pun tetap enjoy kan! my first meal balik dari korea after 2 months kat sana is nasi lemak. seminggu2 makan nasi lemak je hahha! homesick makanan malaysia. :P

    1. Wah, lagi dahsyat. Makan nasi lemak seminggu :D

  3. hahahahaha berat naik sebab ayam la tu :P

  4. I feel you about the family dynamic. But in my case terbalik la. Feel kinda bad for my sisters when I kawen and they have to wear tudung at home.

    1. Hopefully my sister will rasa bersalah juga. lol. jk. I guess there's nothing that can be done. Begitulah hidup bila semua adik-beradik perempuan. Nanti dapat ipar duai semua lelaki.

  5. Gain weight sebab bahagia lah sis hahaha.

    1. Wakakakaka. Kalau betul bahagia, takpelah. Kalau tak betul, sendulah ;)

  6. no 4 tu dah boleh beli rumah daa nnt ;-) kenapa blk kejap sgt??

    1. Belum boleh beli rumah lagi. Nak buat deposit pun tak cukup T_T

      Balik sekejap je sebab tak dapat cuti lama pun.

    2. x pe kumpul smpi 6 angka pula... nnt bkn sebuah, 2 biji rumah pn bleh angkat skali insya allah...

    3. Amin. Amin. Amin. Moga masinlah mulut Anies ni :D

  7. Congrats for your sister! Heheh. Maybe nanti kalau Nani kahwin, adik adik akan rasa macam ni jugak kot, sebab kita orang pun semua perempuan. Hahah! Balik sana boleh start diet balik okay, bagi hilang balik berat yang naik tu :D

    1. Selama ni rasa macam senang je bila adik beradik perempuan. Tapi bila dah ada yang kahwin ni, rasa macam susah la pulak T_T

      Harap turunlah berat badannya :D