My Songs of June 2018

Wow, it feels like forever since I last posted my songs of the month. I guess I'm not used to the gap of a month and half. Remember, I posted My Songs of May 2018 earlier than usual due to Ramadan? Anyway, I'm so excited to share with you my songs of June 2018. Mainly because I really, really, really like them. I had difficulty choosing songs that best represent my June 2018 because I got attached to more than 5 songs in this June which was unusual. Anyway, these songs will definitely remind me of my June 2018.

But before that, let me summarize my June. My June was a mix of excitement, confusion, and sadness? As you all probably know and aware, I was extremely excited to go home and by the time you reading this, insya Allah, I have safely arrived in Malaysia :)

As for the confusion, again, I was contemplating about my job. Same old same old but this time I have finally made a final decision. As for the sadness, hmmm, something ridiculous happened to me at my workplace and left me feeling sad and down nearing the end of June. I don't want to talk about it as it still hurts whenever I think about it T_T

Anyway, my June had been pretty much good and happy if I ignored the ridiculous incident. And, all these songs will stay intact in my mind with the happy memories of June 2018 :)

Soran (소란) & 10cm (십센치) - Crazy (미쳤나봐)

It is safe to say that I really like the combination of Soran & 10cm. I wish they had more duet songs because two is not enough! I want more! I need more! :)

Soran (소란) - I Study You (너를 공부해)

I'm just going to be honest here. I think I love most of Soran's songs. I like this song particularly after I watched 10cm singing this song. In a way, I wish this was 10cm's song but I like the original song as well. Decision. Decision.

Martin Smith (마틴 스미스) - Crazy (미쳤나봐)

Thanks to YouTube for the suggestion for that I discovered this gem. This is such a bop song! Stumbled upon this song when I was searching 미쳤나봐 by Soran & 10cm.

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