My Songs of May 2018

By Farah - Monday, May 14, 2018

Decided to post my songs of the month earlier than usual (I usually post them on the 27th of each month) as it's gonna be Ramadan soon and I want to avoid posting anything related to entertainment in Ramadan. As of May 13, my May was all about excitement. I was excited to go home, I was excited to observing Ramadan in Canada once again, and I was excited to go for number of tours.


I was definitely excited that I got to discover these songs. These songs have been sitting in my iTunes  for about 3 months to 1 year with ZERO play count until I put my playlist on shuffle. Thank you dear self for putting your playlist on shuffle! :)

10cm (십센치) & Soran (소란)  - I See You / Look At You (너를 보네)

Soran (소란) - Because We Fall In Love (연애 같은 걸 하니까)

MeloMance (멜로망스) - A Day Not Too Far Ahead (아주 멀지 않은 날에)

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  1. Replies
    1. I think Soran tu nama band dia. Tak tahu nama singer dia ^^

  2. ray is back. i dont really have specific choice of songs but when i do, it stays wimme as long as it never bores me haha

    1. Glad that you're back, Ray! :)

      I'm like you but I do tend to get easily bored with slow songs. Hence, I try to find other slow songs that suit my taste ^^

  3. gonna go and give these songs a listen. tak dan la nak catch up apa2 with the kpop world. ehehe.. plus akak nak mencari mood balik ni. haaaih..

    1. Give them a try, kak Siti. I would consider most of these songs as K-indie or K-ballad, not K-pop. I got tired of K-pop since last year so I shifted to these kind of genres. Although I have to say that indie music has always been my favourite since I was a teenager :)