Hiking the Tunnel Mountain

By Farah - Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I hiked the Tunnel Mountain with an inspiring lady of the same age as me (let's call her Z, from now on) on May 14, 2018. It was kinda a last minute plan after I met her. Initially, I wanted to hike the Tunnel Mountain alone on May 15, 2018, but alhamdulillah, Allah had a better plan for me. It was my first hike after living in Banff National Park for 9 months, so I was super excited about it!

Elk at Banff National Park
Hey, elk!

The Tunnel Mountain trail is considered as an easy hike as it's a switchback trail for most of the parts. The elevation gains is 300m while the average estimated return hike is around 2-3 hours depending on your fitness. We both took about 2 hours-ish to complete the trail. Honestly, it can be shorter than that, but I got cramps on my legs few times when we're on our way up to the summit. We had to stop few times, hence, the longer time. I felt guilty towards Z but thankfully, she was very understanding.

Reminder for myself: Please warm up and do stretching exercise before going for a hike!

View from the Tunnel Mountain

Z and I went hiking 30 minutes after I finished my shift. Both of us went hiking with feeling sorry to each other. I was sorry because she couldn't catch the sunrise as I finished my shift at 7 AM, while sunrise was around 5:50 AM, and she was sorry because we had to go hiking right after my shift. Again, thankfully, we both understood our situations that we both enjoyed each other company on top of the spectacular view.

View from Tunnel Mountain

Tunnel Mountain offers different kind of views along the trail. Ones can see the mountain ranges, the Bow River, the Vermilion Lakes, the Town of Banff, the Fairmont Banff Springs and its golf course, the Mount Rundle, the Spray River and others from various viewpoints. I personally liked the view of Mount Rundle, the Spray River, and the golf course. It was my first time seeing Mount Rundle that close. It was truly spectacular but too bad my picture did not do the justice due to the backlit of the morning sun.

Mount Rundle from the Tunnel Mountain
My personal favourite :)

We spent some times at various viewpoints enjoying the view, taking pictures, and talking about life. It was really interesting to see and learn about life from her point of view. Subhanallah, I learnt so much things from our casual conversation. Z does not know about this but she really inspires me so much in so many ways. Hopefully, I can be at least half of her. Or, I'll be grateful even if I can be at least 1/10 of her.

Farah & Zaza at the Tunnel Mountain
Z & I

The time that I spent hiking the Tunnel Mountain with Z was definitely a well-spent time. I got to soak the mesmerizing view with a great company that was Z. I also had time to reflect about my life and myself at the summit after talking with Z. For that, alhamdulillah, I'm eternally grateful.

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  1. and there's an elk there. hahahaa

    1. Yes :) In fact, I (or, we) bumped into a number of elks :)

  2. wahhh cantiknyaaa pemandangan. teringin nak cuba hiking, tapi belum ada peluang lagi :D

    1. Insya Allah, you'll get a chance. Malaysia banyak tempat hiking kan :)

  3. Aww the view is just *thumbs up*

  4. mmg cantik view nyer... pd musim apa ramai org bertandang ke sini?

    1. Trail ni buka sepanjang tahun. Kalau baca, orang paling ramai datang masa summer dan winter.

  5. Subhanallah. Beauttiful scenery!

  6. definitely.. the view is stunning =)