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My Songs of March 2018

March has always been a special month to me and I want it to stay that way. So, I told myself to be happier and more positive for most part of the month at the beginning of this March. I can reluctantly say that I managed to do just that. And these songs will definitely remind me of this joyful March! :) MeloMance (멜로망스) - Gift (선물) I listened to this song for the first time few months ago but did not really put attention to it because I was struggling with my life, remember? Decided to listen to it again after I heard it became a sudden hit in South Korea. Oh boy, did I feel happy that I gave this song another chance because this song is beautiful! :) Yun DDan DDan (윤딴딴) - Walking In The Winter (겨울을 걷는다) Yun DDan DDan was my greatest discovery of this March! I was so happy, crazily happy as a matter of fact, to stumble upon this talented guy thanks to YouTube suggestion! This performance and Walking In The Winter were the first performance and the first song that

Mii Sushi & BBQ, Canmore

Went to the Town of Canmore last month on one of my days off. Initial plan was to go to the Shopper's Drug Mart and different grocery stores and to explore a lil bit of the town. However, I had to tweak the plan as it was snowing heavily out of sudden. The sudden snow led me to eating out for lunch at one of the restaurants in town instead of cooking my own lunch, as I missed my bus and had to wait for another 2 hours for the next bus. As I was craving for Asian food, I chose to have my lunch at Mii Sushi & BBQ. Mii Sushi & BBQ is one of the Asian restaurants in Canmore that is highly rated and has many good reviews online. Honestly, that was only a secondary reason why I chose to have my lunch at Mii Sushi & BBQ. My main reason to have my lunch at Mii Sushi & BBQ was it was the only Asian restaurant that opened at that time. lol!  The restaurant looked very very plain outside that I actually had a small doubt about my decision to have lunch here.

Should I Stay or Should I Leave?

I have been out of touch with blogging world for almost a month. I did not get to visit any other blogs and did not manage to update my own blog. Those two posts that were posted on February that you may have read were scheduled posts. My absence was mainly because I was struggling to figure out the best way for me to move forward with my life.  Should I stay or should I leave? Those who follow me on my Twitter must have noticed that I have been almost in agony in deciding few things. I have been asking myself whether I should stay in Canada or not. I have been feeling too homesick for the past month that all I wanted was to fly back to Malaysia. However, once the feeling went away, I think I'm actually okay with the fact of me staying in Canada, for now. I also have been asking myself whether I should stick with my job or not. My job has been okay, pretty much autonomous at most times but I did get "I had enough" feeling few times, especially when I had a r