Should I Stay or Should I Leave?

I have been out of touch with blogging world for almost a month. I did not get to visit any other blogs and did not manage to update my own blog. Those two posts that were posted on February that you may have read were scheduled posts. My absence was mainly because I was struggling to figure out the best way for me to move forward with my life. 

Should I stay or should I leave?

Those who follow me on my Twitter must have noticed that I have been almost in agony in deciding few things. I have been asking myself whether I should stay in Canada or not. I have been feeling too homesick for the past month that all I wanted was to fly back to Malaysia. However, once the feeling went away, I think I'm actually okay with the fact of me staying in Canada, for now.

I also have been asking myself whether I should stick with my job or not. My job has been okay, pretty much autonomous at most times but I did get "I had enough" feeling few times, especially when I had a rough night. Honestly, I want to keep working at my current position for at least a year (6 more months to go!) but I don't know if my heart can take all the bruises anymore. We shall see, shan't we?

I'm also thinking about moving to another city or town. I have been eyeing Calgary as my next destination. However, I'm also thinking of Jasper as an option. Still not sure where I'm heading next but all I can hope is it will be the best decision. Banff has been nothing but great but I'm not feeling it. I'm not sure if winter makes me feel that way but that's how I feel.

Enough with my life dilemmas. Her Little Guilty Pleasures is supposed to be my happy space and those dilemmas surely do not scream happy. They are not supposed to be in this space but I think the future me deserve an explanation why did I disappear from blogging world last month.

What can you expect from Her Little Guilty Pleasures this March?

Moving forward, you shall see more updates about my trip to South Korea yang dah lapuk dek zaman tu. I'm most likely will put pictures and things that I still remember about the places that I visited. They are most probably will be short as I'm feeling lazy lately. And please expect more reviews (more to rambles, honestly) on Korean dramas and Korean movies. lol!

Anyway, thank you for still dropping by to this humbly blog of mine. I truly appreciate it. I will try my best to catch up with all of your updates :)

Till then, be happy ^^

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  1. owh duduk oversea rupanya
    best lah
    semoga berjaya menempuh segala cabaran

  2. somehow i pun jenis org yg dilema bila bab nak buat keputusan hmmmm kalau awak stil tak boleh decide maybe buat solat istikharah ke :)

  3. It's okay, blog is also a place for you to let out all your worries and feelings be it happy or sad. Just wondering if you stay and work for another 6 months, what will happen next? I mean will you be coming back to Malaysia or you will get a permanent job in Canada?

    Hope you will get through this soon.

    And I am looking forward for you blog post in South Korea because just like you, peginya dah lama tapi baru sekarang pelan2 nak post 😝

    1. Thank you so much! ^^

      Who knows what will happen in the next 6 months? :)

      My plan after the next 6 months is to get a job, a permanent one preferably so that I can apply for the PR. If not, I just need to find another job until my work permit expires :)

  4. ada ternampak kt timeline twitter haritu. :D
    BV selalu cuba, kalau susah nak buat decision, ambik kertas dan tulis kelebihan2 dua option nie. yg paling banyak win. atau cuba istikharah :)

    sokay, blog memang tempat rants dan dengan menulis kekadang boleh bagi kita lebih tenang. (imo) :D

    1. Yes, that's what I have been doing and what I'm planning to do next. We'll see what will happen next eh :)

  5. This is a tricky thought to think about. As for me, I admit that I had the idea of staying abroad upon graduating, since I were in my first year - with the idea of working and further my study abroad and then return home to serve people with higher education level.

    But, things changed, situations changed, my priorities changed. I finally decided to return home and serve the people first.

    I believe, the temptation and offers you can get if you stay there are a lot. Try to sit down calmly and write down every single pros and cons of staying or coming home. Include any specific / rough plan on what you are going to do in each choices.

    Then, consult with people who already stayed there (both those who plan to permanently stay and those who are planning to come back). You may need other people's support there to survive, I believe.

    Things to think about:
    - your family esp your parents. Can they survive without you in the country?
    - your emotion. Will you be okay to stay and adapt to changes? Will you still be okay to be far away from home for a longer time?
    - any jobs in mind? Maybe try to apply many of them now and see what kind of offers you have there.

    All in all, I believe, you have done most of these. Maybe you can just use this comment as reference to tick out what you have done in considering either choices :)

    My prayers be with you, Fa! May you decide the best one!

    1. Amin. Thank you, Nina! ^^

      I have done almost all of those. Those 3 questions that you mentioned above were among the key reasons why I keep having these dilemmas. I have been rethinking about all the options and consequences again and again for the past few months T__T

  6. Everybody been there sis! ^^ it's okay to get confuse in making decision coz it's part of learning! no matter what you choose,I believe it's the best for you! so... choice is up to you! heheh ^^ good luck for everything! <3

  7. Blog sememangnya untuk menceritakan ups and down hidup kita. Semuanya bakal menjadi kenangan di kemudian hari. Takpe Farah. Just post anything you want :)

    Siqah harap Farah boleh buat pilihan terbaik daripada dua pilihan yang ada. InshaAllah semoga dipermudahkan semuanya untuk Farah. Good luck in everything <3

    Looking forward to all your posts regarding South Korea trip. Siqah sedih sebab had to cancel my South Korea trip this Spring T_T and I would love to read stories from you :)

    Aci tak kalau nak update blog pasal trip Korea 3 tahun lepas? Hahaha.

    1. I kinda want to post anything without giving too much damn but I promised myself that this new blog should be my happy space. Hence, negativity and its siblings are not allowed here. Haha ^^

      Thank you Siqah. Insya Allah. Hopefully whatever decision that I'll make, it will be the best for me.

      Awwww, thank you so much. Tapi rasa macam malas nak update pun iya juga. Sebabnya nanti hati meronta-ronta nak pergi South Korea lagi T___T

      Kenapa Siqah tak jadi pergi South Korea spring ni? Btw, boleh je update blog pasal trip Korea 3 tahun lepas. Trip saya pun dah bertahun juga. Hahahahahaha :D

  8. pd sy, apa yg farah dah buat setakat ini adalah yg terbaik sbb bkn semua org berpeluang seperti ini...apa2 pun ruang istikharah ttp terbuka...yg terbaik sdg menunggu...

    1. Yes, I am very much aware that not everyone will get the same opportunity like me. Yes, doing istikharah is definitely on my list ^^

  9. I had this dilemma too, should I continue my degree or staying another half year in Seoul for a trip (I wasn't go there for fun)..hmmm..

    “If you don’t find something interesting, it’s your job to find something about it that interests you."

    My boss gave me this advice when I was in university (and bored by required courses). But, it became excellent career advice for me down the road, and opened a lot of doors (for now)

    1. Yes kak Sally. I know you're in dilemma too. Hopefully you make the best decision for yourself ^^

      Thank you so much for your advice, kak Sally ^^

  10. i hope you'll get to decide whats best for you and for everybody else. ameen.


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