Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Songs of January 2018

I think this January was all about hope and a trip down memory lane. I was constantly reminded to my old self and past memories and that made me smile. I felt like I had come a long way since my rebellious teenage years. Thank you everyone who made me to take off to this trip down memory lane. To myself, these songs were your anthems for this January :)

Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) - Happy New Year (해피뉴이어)

Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) - I Love You (사랑해)

Sad Angry Babies - Sabarlah

Thursday, January 11, 2018

On Being Single by Choice & Posting Countless Contradictory Statements

When I was 18, I decided to abstain myself from being in a romantic relationship until I'm 30. It was a conscious choice that I made when I was a teenager but it is something that I still hold dearly until today. Some of my friends who were aware about this decision of mine asked me why did I decide to do so the age of 18 and I truly wish I had a better answer to give to them than "I don't know. I just feel like it." but honestly, I don't.

Some of them were quite skeptical and said that maybe I got my heart broken by someone before and that led me to my decision. But, no, I have never got my heart broken (...yet, and hopefully it's gonna stay that way) over this so-called romantic relationship as I have never been into one. Yes, you read it right. This girl right here is single since birth. #teammotaesolo #모태솔로

I just felt that way at that time and still feel that way until today, though I think I have better reasons why I want to be single now. Right now, I have a lot to work on myself. When I said a lot, it really means A. LOT. I'm also in the middle of making important decisions that will greatly affect my future so I simply don't have time for this. My non-existent social life also helps me to keep being single. So I'm all set to be single.

I'm good, happy, and very much content with this decision of mine.

However, I also have this habit of making fun of myself by posting and saying countless contradictory statements online or in real life to this specific decision of mine after getting triggered by something sweet and heart fluttering. Guys, I'm very much romantic at heart though I look like singa lapar all the time, okay? I find this habit really funny but I think some of my friends  and my family members find it sad and pathetic. As per my friends said, "La, kau kata kau happy jadi single. Tapi, kenapa nak tweet "I wish I had a boyfriend/husband" (or something along the lines) bagai. Pergilah cari seorang. Apa susah?" Or my mum's scary response, "Kata tak nak fikir pasal kahwin. Ni apasal tiba-tiba ni? Tapi, Mama lagi suka kalau kau nak kahwin. Dah ada boyfriend ke belum? Nak Mama carikan seorang?" -_____-

I like to think that they were not fully aware about the context though I explicitly explained or mentioned things that triggered me to tweet or say something like that beforehand. Most of the times, I tweet something like, "Ni yang buat rasa macam nak ada boyfriend/husband ni!" or something along those lines after watching heart fluttering drama scenes, or after reading translation of songs that I usually listen to, or after reading something sweet. The keywords that usually trigger this habit are always heart fluttering and sweet. However, in rare cases, the surrounding that I was in also can trigger this behavior. Oh hello Seoul! I'm talking about you!

The thing is I don't really mean all of them. I said and tweeted about all those stuff just for the sake of making fun of myself. This girl needs to have fun sometimes, no? It's not going to be fun anymore if everyone keep questioning everything. So, please help me to have fun by letting me making fun of myself in this way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is you might see my rambling and ranting about me wanting a boyfriend or husband (lol!) sometimes on my Twitter or in this blog or even in my real life but trust me I don't really mean them. They are all jokes for myself. I still want to stay single for the next few years and I'm perfectly happy being single at this age! You don't have to worry about me and you don't need to feel pressed about what I tweeted and said. Just let me have fun by making fun of myself okay? :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Our Times (2015)

I finally jumped on the bandwagon of watching this Taiwan movie called Our Times. Have been reading a lot of good reviews about this movie for the last two years and I finally decided to watch it recently. Found a free time to watch it after abandoning few of my Korean dramas for a bit. lol!

Snippet of the movie (From Wikipedia) - Please skip this whole section if you don't want to read any spoilers.

The film opens in the present day, where Lin Cheng-hsin (Joe Chen) is an ordinary office worker who leads a stressful life. Her name, "Cheng-hsin", literally means "sincere of heart", reflecting her hardworking nature which often gets her ridiculed by her younger subordinates. Dejected, she listens to a cassette recording of an old Andy Lau song. This brings her back to her high school days, when she was an ordinary high school girl, who idolised Lau and lived a simple, carefree life. She had a crush on Ouyang Fei-Fan, (Dino Lee), the school's most popular male student, and had two good girl friends.

One day, 17 year old Lin (Vivian Sung) receives a chain letter, warning her of impending doom if she does not pass the message on. Naively, she passes it on to Hsu Tai-yu (Darren Wang), the school's notorious gangster boss, her math teacher and Tao Min-min (Dewi Chien), the school's most popular girl. While Tai-yu reads the letter, he gets hit by a car. After weeding out the letter's sender, the angry Tai-yu makes Cheng-hsin his 'friend' and forces her to run errands for him in exchange for leaving Ouyang alone, thus making her his errand-girl.

By chance, Cheng-hsin accidentally overhears a conversation between Min-min and Ouyang and discovers that they are in a secret relationship. Dejected, she creates an alliance with Tai-yu, who likes Tao Min-min, to break the couple up. Throughout the course of events, Cheng-hsin and Tai-yu begin to understand each other better, and their friendship evolves as they began to learn a thing or two about true love. Eventually, they develop feelings for each other.

Tai-yu later discovers that he has a blood clot in his brain, caused by the car accident and further exacerbated by his frequent brawling and falls. His parents decide to send him overseas, leaving Cheng-hsin with no way to contact him in an era without social media.

18 years later, Cheng-hsin leaves her unhappy job and relationship upon having rediscovered herself. She is still unable to book a ticket to an Andy Lau concert that is set to take place in Taipei, but fate intervenes and allows Lau to act as the means by which Lin Cheng-hsin and Hsu Tai-yu (Jerry Yan) are reunited as adults.

Credit: Here

My thoughts
What a cliche movie but I loved it! I freaking loved it. I think I can watch this movie for few times more and I will still not get bored of it! It hit all the right spots in my heart. This movie was a nice surprise for the fangirl in me cause I did not expect to see Joe Chen and Jerry Yan! Hey, hello there you two gorgeous humans! :) It brought me back to the time when Taiwanese dramas and movies were my jam. OMG! I feel so old right now T__T

Anyway, back to the movie. As I said, it was a cliche movie. Some people may find it boring and predictable at most part but each to their own, no? I actually liked the few twists in the movie cause I did not see them coming! For example, the original reason Hsu Tai Yu approached Cheng Hsin. I expected him to approach her because he wanted to get his revenge but nope! Or, when the movie revealed the true reason why Hsu Tai Yu cried when he thought Cheng Hsin was drowning. Or, when the movie revealed that Hsu Tai Yu was more than a troubled kid.

Nevertheless, as much as I loved the twists, I kinda hated them because they made me cry. Yeah, I cried watching this movie. Nothing new there as I'm a very emotional human being T__T

And may I say that Darren Wang was so swoony in the movie? Have you seen his smile? He has this million-dollar smile. And have you seen his smirk? What a tease. Now I know why people kept commenting how attractive Darren Wang is in every post of Our Times. Darn boy, you can take my heart right now! Okay, just kidding! His character might be the first bad boy character that I'm attracted to in the dramaland. I think that weighs a lot as I usually like the nice guy in every drama or movie.

In any case, I highly recommend this movie especially to the recent school leavers. Just because a good chunk of this movie revolved around high school years. To reiterate, yes, this movie was cliche but it was fun and sweet too. Do drop your comment if your heart fluttered like crazy like what happened to me while watching the movie. Haha!

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

I won two tickets to Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈) few days before I flew to South Korea. The tickets were supposed to be delivered to my house but thankfully Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) allowed me to pick up the ticket in person at the K-Style Hub (more details about this place soon, insya Allah).

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

So, off I went to Yeouido ELAND CRUISE ferry dock on one of those days. Honestly, I almost let these tickets burn because I felt I did not have enough time to go for the cruise. Additionally, I kept feeling tired every night that all I wanted was to go home early and sleep. But thank god, I dragged my lazy ass to ride the cruise and see the show because it was fun and entertaining!

Tip: Please call beforehand to reserve your seat or else you will be denied entry. Or, show up early and buy your ticket few hours (5 hours to be safe?) before the show cause the show is quite popular.

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

The Pang Show started way before you ride the cruise. You'll be directed to one of the rooms at the dock for a "baking class". In my case, I was placed among a big group of tourists from China. However, there were few locals too. I actually sat near to a Korean family. They were so cute that my heart almost melted :D

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

During the baking class, the performers will teach you how to bake a bread. All the instructions will be illustrated through their performance. It was easy to understand the instructions because you can follow their actions. The instructions and performances were so funny and interactive that the hall was filled with continuous laughter from the start till the end of the show.

For those who are not good in cooking and baking like me, fret not. What you do in the baking class is just kneading the dough and put the fillings in the dough. Your breads will turn out fine even if you did not follow the instructions properly.

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

We boarded the cruise after the baking class. The performance continued in the cruise. This time, we all just have to sit and enjoy the show. The performance in the cruise was 100 times funnier and better than the performance in baking class. However, I did notice they made few dirty jokes here and there. While I did not really mind about the dirty jokes, I was a lil bit concerned because we had few children on board.

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

Right after the show ended, we had ample free time to go around and explore the cruise. Most of us went to the top deck to see the night view. I have to say that I really love the night view. All my pictures did not make a justice to the view as I suck at the so-called night photography. lol!

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

It was quite windy and chilly at that time so I had to keep running in and out of the deck because I was not dress for the weather. I earnestly wished that I dressed for the weather or I had someone that I can snuggle up to at that time. Haha! That was the loser in me talking, if you are wondering.

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

If I remember correctly, the cruise lasted about half an hour to 45 minutes minus the performance on the cruise. So, I actually had ample time to indulge myself with the view except that I did not get to do that due to the reasons I mentioned above.

Tip: Dress for the weather. Bring a hoodie or something to warm you up. Unless if you have a really thick skin, literally.

Pang Show: Pang Pang Cruise (빵쇼 팡팡크루즈)

After the cruise ended, we went back to the baking class to pick up our breads. All of us got two breads. The bread shapes will be different according to your kneading skill but as I mentioned above, they are still gonna look good. Mine was not bad though they were quite smaller than the rest. Haha! Surprisingly, I liked the taste and texture of the breads. They were a lil bit sweet and soft. Suffice to say that I was happy with my breads.

To reiterate, it was a fun and entertaining experience for me. However, I don't think I will do it again unless if I get free tickets again. Hehe. I wish I can highly recommend this show to everyone but I know it's going to be a hit or miss for some people. So, do you research and think deeply if this is going to be your cup of tea :)

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Bucket List Trip: Banff National Park

I watched these videos around January or February last year to reduce my Canada-sickness but too bad it was not successful at all as they made me miss Canada more than ever. Now, that I am back in Canada and live and work in one of the most beautiful places in Earth (totally bias and exaggerated!), I want to immortalize the videos here as I might use their ideas (whenever applicable) in the future. Haha! :D


P.s: Do watch the videos if you want to see Banff (where I currently live) and Calgary (the city where I do my grocery shopping, lol!) in motions :)

Thursday, January 04, 2018

My 2017 Best Nine

I had another long reflection post ready to be published but I decided to delete it as I realized that I have yet to make peace with everything that scarred me emotionally and mentally in 2017. In short, 2017 was a hard, dark and painful year for me. I'm still trying to find the silver lining for everything that happened in 2017 but suffice to say that 2017 has yet to be a year that I can remember fondly for the rest of my life. 


Having said that, I did have few good memories in 2017 though most of them were minuscule in comparison to pain that I felt. But, let's just look back at my 2017 best happy memories as per my Instagram accounts, shall we?

2017 Best Nine

My public Instagram: @happilyfarah

2017 Best Nine
My private Instagram.

I have to say that my private Instagram's 2017 Best Nine best portrayed the good things that happened in my life in 2017 in comparison to my public Instagram. I can faintly remember my feelings and positive emotions behind those 9 pictures and for that, I'm eternally thankful.

Here's hoping that 2018 will be more gentle to the fragile me.

P.s: I kindly ask you to refrain from typing my full name or my private Instagram username anywhere in this blog due to few personal reasons. Thank you so much. Your cooperation is highly appreciated! :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Sulbing (설빙), Hapjeong-dong (합정동)

I ate my first bingsu when I went to South Korea in 2016. All thanks to my junior whom I went out with. He was so adamant of eating bingsu as he was not sure when he will be back to Seoul. So, we decided to go to Sulbing (설빙), Hapjeong-dong (합정동) after our dinner.

Sulbing, Hapjeong

It was very easy to locate Sulbing, Hapjeong-dong as it is located along the main street. I am pretty sure it will be hard to miss the store as the store is pretty big (I am using the word big loosely here).

Like any other proper F&B outlets, Sulbing, Hapjeong-dong is very spacious, cozy and welcoming. I like the store's interior cause I am a sucker for anything #aestheticallypleasing.

Sulbing, Hapjenong

There were not many people at the store when we came which was a plus point cause I was not in a mood to be in a crowded place. I guess it was because it was a lil bit late, Pretty sure, it was around 9ish. Or, maybe because everyone was busy clubbing. LOL!

Anyway, my junior and I decided to order two different bingsu as he thought it is going to be awkward for us if we share one bingsu. He also wanted a bowl of bingsu for himself. Anything for you, junior :)

Sulbing, Hapjeong

So, he ordered Blueberry Cheese Bingsu and I ordered Injeolmi Bingsu as per his and the server's suggestion. I honestly did not like the Injeolmi Bingsu at all. I have no idea why Injelomi Bingsu is very famous. And it was very messy to eat Injeolmi Bingsu cause the flour or powder (I don't know what to call it) was flying everywhere. It also made my throat dry. Basically, it was a hassle to eat Injeolmi Bingsu.

However, I did like the Blueberry Cheese Bingsu despite me not liking any kind of berries. It was sweet but not too sweet. The cheese also did not make me feel nauseous. But, I am pretty sure I will not order Blueberry Cheese Bingsu if I am going to Sulbing in the future cause it will be such a waste as I do not eat berries.
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