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Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake After 5 years dreaming of visiting this magical lake, alhamdulillah I finally got a chance to visit the lake last week. Did not get the best picture of the lake as I did not climb the rockpile - the rockpile offers you the best viewing point and angle of the lake, but I was satisfied. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah :)

Imu-nim's (이모님) Stall at Gwangjang Market (광장시장)

If you happen to be in South Korea and are craving the Korean street food, may I suggest to you my favourite 이모님's stall at Gwangjang Market (광장시장). I firstly discovered 이모님's stall during my first trip to South Korea when I stayed in Jongno area. I had my few last dinners in South Korea at her stall and have been craving for more ever since. Look for her if you are in Gwangjang Market :) She was one of the main reasons why I decided to have a layover at South Korea recently. I craved for her omuk and sikhye! It also does not hurt because she is such a nice lady. (I am a sucker for kind people!) . Even after 9 months since my last visit, she still recognized me. lol! I think I had 3 omuk and 3 sikhye during my recent visit. You guys have to try her sikhye! Her sikhye is to die for! I have tried sikhye at few places but her sikhye is hands down the best sikhye I ever had. I also got free mayak kimbap from her. hehe! *I love free food* Some people asked

2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert (Harmony) / 2017 스윗소로우 소극장 콘서트 (화음) (Part III)

Read: 2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert (Harmony) / 2017 스윗소로우 소극장 콘서트 (화음) (Part I) & 2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert (Harmony) / 2017 스윗소로우 소극장 콘서트 (화음) (Part II) For this final part, I want to share about other stuff related to the shows. As you can see, the title of the concert is Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert <Harmony>. For Sweet Sorrow, Harmony Concert series emphasize on their harmony and outstanding vocals while showing their true selves. And I think the shows totally lived up to the name. They showed how harmony should sound like yet they managed to show their goofy and fun selves. Can you see how close the stage with the first row? The venue itself; Samsung Hall is very small and intimate. I was super shocked when I entered the hall. The gap between the first row and the stage is super close. I estimated the distance to be selebar queen bed sahaja. It might be less than that. So, even though I did not have the best seat in the house

2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert (Harmony) / 2017 스윗소로우 소극장 콘서트 (화음) (Part II)

Read:  2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert (Harmony) / 2017 스윗소로우 소극장 콘서트 (화음) (Part I) Now, I will share about the actual shows. But first, let me make an exclamation. Sweet Sorrow's concert was the best concert of my life!  Okay, now we can move on. Gotta love these talented and quirky guys! :) If I were to describe the whole performances in one word, it would be phenomenal!    And yes, that was fangirl in me talking. lol! They were so good that I decided to attend 3 shows instead of 2 shows like I initially planned. The performances were everything that I expected from them. In fact, they went above and beyond with few surprises here and there. If you happen to see them on TV shows once in awhile (they usually appear on Immortal Songs 2 or Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook), you know how high quality their performances are. They sounded exactly like, if not, better than their recordings or TV shows. The size and layout of the Samsung Hall added with the good sound