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A Parcel of Happiness

  Kapal Terakhir di Dunia by Teme Abdullah May 28, 2021 11:00 AM The only battle that I won on May 26, 2021. So thankful that I got the blue badge for blue is my favourite colour 💙 On another note, how can securing these books is much easier than booking a slot for AstraZeneca vaccine? 😭

My Songs of May 2021

Hello everyone! I'm back with my songs of the month post. It's been a while and I miss writing this kind of post. Would love to update more on what's been happening in my life but I'll save them for another post, insya Allah. This May, I didn't get to listen to many new songs as I was busy adjusting with my new life but I was pretty much okay with it (: John Park - I'm Always by Your Side I was watching Vincenzo (I was late to the party, I know) when I heard this song for the first time. I instantly knew that it's John Park's song. Love the song so much 💗 JFK, Omar K & Nabil - Selamat Hari Raya This is MY raya song since 10 years ago? I couldn't exactly remember when I first listened to this song but I have always listened to this song every raya. Especially when I was in Canada few years back. I even play this song when it's not even raya. I wish they released a high quality version on any streaming websites because I love this song so