My Songs of May 2021

By Farah - Thursday, May 27, 2021

Hello everyone!

I'm back with my songs of the month post. It's been a while and I miss writing this kind of post. Would love to update more on what's been happening in my life but I'll save them for another post, insya Allah.

This May, I didn't get to listen to many new songs as I was busy adjusting with my new life but I was pretty much okay with it (:

John Park - I'm Always by Your Side

I was watching Vincenzo (I was late to the party, I know) when I heard this song for the first time. I instantly knew that it's John Park's song. Love the song so much 💗

JFK, Omar K & Nabil - Selamat Hari Raya

This is MY raya song since 10 years ago? I couldn't exactly remember when I first listened to this song but I have always listened to this song every raya. Especially when I was in Canada few years back. I even play this song when it's not even raya.

I wish they released a high quality version on any streaming websites because I love this song so much 😭

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  1. this song makes me wanna watch Vincenzo skli lg.

    1. I love the song more than I love Vincenzo so tak rasa macam nak repeat Vincenzo lagi. Cukuplah dapat dengar lagu ni je :D

    2. I enjoy both of it. Lagi pun cerita dye kinda memuaskan to watch. Plus, I enjoy revenge punye plot so much haha.

  2. Vincenzo tgk separuh jelah lps tu jaga anak sampai ke sudah tak tgk

    1. It's okay kak Nina. Ada commitment lain yang lebih penting (: Saya pun kadang after few years, baru pick up balik drama Korea yang saya tengok separuh jalan. Hahaha :D