Songs to Listen to when You Work Graveyard Shifts

I noticed that I have been listening to these few same songs every night to help me get through my graveyard shifts. Love to share them with the rest of you as they may be your cup of tea as well. As you reading this post and listening to the songs, you may notice that most of the songs are kinda slow and soothing or fall in acoustic genre. 

These kind of songs are all that I need instead of upbeat songs as I value peaceful and quiet night. They may not wake me up (well, I don't really feel sleepy when I am working) but they make me happy in a calming way and make the nights more bearable whenever I have nothing to do. Maybe you will feel the same way too?

The songs are listed solely according to my preference; from the most played song to the least played song. Enjoy :)

Heaven - Because I Love You (사랑하기 때문에)

WeAreYoung (위아영) - The First Moment #2 (처음 널 보고 #2)

Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) - Because You're Here (그대가 있어서)

Lee Juck (이적) - Don't Worry, Dear (걱정말아요 그대)

John Park(존박) - Thought Of You (네 생각)

One More Chance - Thinking of You (널 생각해)

MAKTUB (마크툽) & Yoon Hoe Gu (구윤회) - Marry Me 
P.s: I put only 7 songs because I like number 7 :)


  1. I've listen to all sbb Farah suggest..hahahaha.. :P

    dah pernah dgr lagu 10cm - pet?

    1. Hahahahahahahaha! Thank you, kak Sally :p

      Belum lagi kot. Lagu baru ke? Kalau lagu baru memang belum sempat dengar la sebab saya jarang dengar lagu 10cm. Lagu diaorang selalu hit or miss je dengan taste saya. Hehe :D

    2. Update: Dah dengar dah tapi tak suka sangat. Like I said, selalu hit or miss je lagu diaorang ni. Tapi, MV dia cuteeeeeeee gilaaaaaaa! :D

    3. Hahahaha...akk suka suara 10cm actually...macam la macam tuu...kahkahkah...I guess taste kita beza in terms of suara? :P

    4. Kita pun suka suara 10cm sebab kalau dengar sekali mesti terus tahu tu suara dia, lagu dia. Cuma lagu diaorang je yang macam tak lekat sangat. Tapi, kalau ada lagu 10cm yang lekat tu, memang kita suka sangat-sangat! :D

  2. Sedapnya lagu lagu semua. Lagi-lagi lagu Sweet Sorrow- Because you're here.

    Thank you, kongsi lagu lagu best ni :D


    1. Glad that you like them especially Sweet Sorrow's songs. Do check the rest of their songs too. So #earpleasing :)

  3. BV suka style lagu macam nie :D nak masuk semua dalam playlist XD
    kak farah ada layan bolbbalgan4 tak? hehhee

    1. Masuk jangan tak masuk xD
      Bolbbalgan4 layan sangat! One of my favorites too :D


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