On Starting Anew & Challenging Myself

Am writing this post to remind myself that I actually started doing something for the betterment of my life after going through a long dark period. 

Some of you might have been wondering where did I go for the past one year. I rarely appeared online. I stopped updating my previous blog (and eventually closed the blog down) and Instagram. Basically, I left my virtual life hanging. I received few comments and DMs from other bloggers asking about my whereabouts which I unintentionally ignored. Sorry for that and thank you so much for showing that you care :)

Honestly, I did not go anywhere. I was exactly in my place but at the dark corner of it. I was struggling emotionally and mentally due to the changes that happened in my life. I am not ready to go into the details yet but the essence of the dark feelings revolved mainly around my failure to get a decent job in Malaysia and the struggle to readapt myself with Malaysia.

I knew how dangerous those feeling were, so I decided to come back to Canada despite getting resistance from my family, initially. It might not be the best decision as I might experience those feelings again in the future but at least, this decision that I made provided me with some temporary comfort while I am looking for another permanent solution.

When I decided to come back to Canada, I told myself that I will not allow myself to feel that way again. As such, I have decided to take few new challenges in order to give my life a new life and to celebrate the new start. Some of the challenges that I decided to embrace are; 
  • to revisit my hafazan
  • to lose weight
  • to learn how to use chopsticks
  • to do something that I am uncomfortable doing 
  • to learn how to read Hangul
  • to gain new sets of skill and knowledge
  • to read more English books
just to name a few. These challenges might seem small to other people but they are really big for me. These are things that I put a hold on from doing for years just because I'm afraid of the failure and to step out from my comfort zone or I don't feel like doing it or I'm just plain lazy. 

The progress of embracing these challenges has been somewhat encouraging. I know I can do better but I like to remind myself that it is okay not to rush things and it is okay if I have hiccups along the way. Some of the progress that I have made;
  • My hafazan are slowly coming back to me
  • I have lost nearly 6 kg - I think altitude played a big role here. haha!
  • I can somewhat use chopsticks now. I can even use Korean chopsticks to eat banchan.
  • I am currently working in a position where I need to do all sort of stuff that I am not comfortable doing.
  • I finally have memorized all the Hangul characters! :D
I guess, cheers to the new start and challenges? :)

p.s: Would appreciate a prayer from you. May Allah ease everything for us. Insya Allah :)

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  1. wow lost 6 kg! perubahan yg ketara tu :D mesti sebab banyak berjalan jugak ni

    1. Tak nampak pun perubahan tu so sometimes I don't believe that I actually lost 6kg.


      Tak banyak berjalan pun sebab masa tidur tu dah tunggang terbalik :( But I started to go to gym at least half an hour every day. Hahahaha. #thingsidojusttolosesomeweight

  2. dear.. where ever you are do take care okay ? its okay to be lost once in a while but we have to find ways to stand back on our feet again. yes i totally understand the situation (at this age.. i still cannot secure myself a decent job) still contract and contract so i do understand you. but !! it doesnt give up the ticket to stay down forever. cherish your time darling. you still have a long way to go.

    1. Thank you so much, kak Siti! I will, insya Allah :)

      I'm currently feeling good and okay right now. Have decided to enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the future too much and lamenting my dark past.

  3. We have almost the same goal. Skang ni tengah gigih looking back on the hafazan. Hafal mana yg lupa etc. And try to lose more weight. I love reading your blog sampai leka. Sincerely, your new blog follower :)

    1. All the best for you too! Thanks for dropping by and following this humble blog.

      I have been your silent reader since a year ago, I think? :)

  4. hahahaha...best of luck in achieving all! :D

  5. Omgg seriously dekat 6kg hilang? Waaaa jeles. Hahaha! Take care dekat sana :)


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