Lost & Found | WeAreYoung (위아영)

By Farah - Wednesday, October 04, 2017

I was lost while making my way to the Hongdae Free Market (홍대 프리마켓) and I accidentally discovered this indie band called WeAreYoung (위아영) when I was busy looking for the right direction. I absentmindedly watched their rehearsal and was intrigued to know more about the band (cause I love their music - it is totally my style!) that I decided to show up during the actual show. Did not regret my decision at all though I have to cut my visit to Hongdae Free Market short and change my whole plan for that day.

Hongdae (홍대) Walking Street

They had just a nice 45-minutes performances with most of the songs are cover songs. If I remember correctly, they only sang one or two of their own songs. However, I can be wrong too as I did not understand the whole ment that they had during the show. lol! I think this show was a part of series of introducing relatively new and well-known indie bands who have been performing at coffee shops all over Hongdae. Additionally, I think the show was meant to hopefully introduce them to a larger crowd before debuting.

In case you're wondering, they have not debuted yet at that time. I think they just debuted this year with the song - Only I Love You (다만 널 사랑하고 있어). I listened to this song for the first time during their show. Did not know that this song is theirs at that time. I love this song for its simplicity and melody.

Right after the show, I approached their manager (I think) and asked for their Facebook page cause I felt that I might need my dosage of WeAreYoung once I left South Korea. The manager was so nice and polite. He helped me to search their Facebook page and introduced me to the members, Kyungmin (경민) & Kihoon (기훈). Both of the members came across as quite shy but I think Kyungmin was too shy while Kihoon was a lil bit more bubbly and cheerful. We only talked for a bit (#languagebarrier) and took picture after that :)

Farah & WeAreYoung (위아영)
WeAreYoung (위아영) & I

Aside of knowing another K-indie band, I think this was one of the incidents that exemplify the beauty of travelling for me, personally. I find that it is okay to be lost (literally and figuratively) and not knowing where you should go next as you move along sometimes. I also learn that best-laid plans often fall apart. Well, I am not saying that I had the best-laid plans during that time but at least, I had a plan. And it fell through. Big time!  I also like to think that sometimes detours and bumps that you had along your way are meant to lead you and show you something new, interesting, and unexpected. A girl gotta find a silver lining, right?

P.s: They just released a new single yesterday and I love it so much! :D

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  1. Best lagu first tu. sambil dengar sambil bayang berjalan masa musim bunga 🌸🌸

    1. Saya suka sangat lagu first tu. It is one of my most played songs on my iTunes.

  2. I just bought Only I Love You on iTunes 😊

  3. sukaaala lama sangat awak pegi sana.. bestnya hihi. rindu pulak Korea tetiba. hehe..

  4. Suara dorang takde something yg unik pun tapi the “deep soul” present in the original song shone through...

    It was a touching time piece, and the second track can still ringing in our ears...after playing few times :P

    1. For me, suara diaorang biasa biasa je tapi saya suka style music yang macam ni. One of my sisters pun cakap, "Biasa-biasa je suara diaorang but this is totally your style. Kalau dengar pun tahu memang kau akan suka lagu-lagu yang macam ni."

    2. kan...tapi ada specialty pada music arrangement and harmony kannn..