My Songs of August 2022

Hello everyone!

It's been almost a year since I last posted anything under My Songs of the Month tag. I wanted to update this segment regularly but my head was not in a good space. Hence, no update. However, moving forward, I plan to update this segment regularly, insya Allah.

There are so many things I want to share since I have not really updated anything on this blog. However, in the spirit of this segment, I would say that my August 2022 was all about adaptation and adjustments. I needed to adapt and adjust myself to the fast-paced, demanding, and ever-changing work environment and expectations. Honestly. I'm still struggling to perform my best at work but I'm hoping that I'll get there soon, somehow.

Taylor Swift - August

August by Taylor Swift was my anthem for this August. Such a fitting song for this month eh? 😉

Back when we were still changin' for the better
Wanting was enough
For me, it was enough
To live for the hope of it all
Cancel plans just in case you'd call
And say, "Meet me behind the mall"
So much for summer love and saying "us"
'Cause you weren't mine to lose
You weren't mine to lose, no

Taylor Swift - Paper Rings

You're the one I want
In paper rings, in picture frames, and in all my dreams

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times

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  1. August by TS!! One of my songs of month, for sure! Anyway, excited for your comeback, Farah! Can't wait for your future entries xx

    ♡ lenne |

    1. Thank you Lenne. Seems my comeback is not really a comeback. Hahaha. Masih macam biskut. Kejap ada, kejap takde.

  2. Harry Styles punya lagu I loike XD yeah, i cam back also just now TT^TT

  3. dgr jg lagu harry styles tp bkn yg ni😁

    1. Saya ada dengar juga few lagu Harry Styles yang lain :)


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