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That One Time I Met a Korean Guy Who Can Speak Bahasa Melayu

I wrote this post few months ago but just felt like posting it right now :)  I didn't usually make a lot of small talks with our guests during check in process because I had to complete the entire check in process in 7 minutes. However, I did make exceptions sometimes depending on the lines, the crowd and the guests themselves. Anyway, back in November 2019 I believe, I checked in this one Korean guy. He was so friendly and talkative during the entire check in process. I was busy keying in his details in our system when he suddenly and randomly started to talk in Malay. "Saya orang Korea. Saya suka dan cinta Malaysia." I replied, while chuckling, "Oh ya ke? Terima kasih." "Malaysia negara kedua saya. Saya rindu Malaysia. Saya datang ke sini selepas 6 tahun. Bahasa Melayu saya okay tak?" "Okay je. Bolehlah faham. Where did you learn Malay language?" "Saya kerja di sini dulu. Saya juga belajar melalui YouTube. Saya datang

My Songs of January 2021

Hello everyone!  It has been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. I even missed posting my songs of the month for November and December 2020. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well or at least better than me, insya Allah :)  As for me, my life has been pretty bleak. Same old. Same old. I am still unemployed but am still hopeful that I will find better opportunities during this trying times. Please pray for me? Thank you :) Aside of feeling that January 2021 was almost the same like previous months, January 2021 was the month that I seriously considered of installing a TikTok on my phone. It was all because I had been watching these TikTok video compilation after getting continuous suggestions from Facebook and YouTube :( PUBLIC - Make You Mine (Put Your Hand in Mine) Natalie Taylor - Surrender Powfu ft. beabadoobee - Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head) Simple Plan - I'm Just A Kid