My Songs of July 2020

July was all about me feeling a little bit mellow. Also, it was a month that I needed to keep reminding myself that these hard times shall pass soon, insya Allah. Please pray for me so that I can find a better job, insya Allah :)

J Rabbit & Kim Young Woo of Sweet Sorrow (제이레빗 & 스윗소로우 김영우) - Let Me Be Your Season (너의 계절이 되어줄게)

This song comforted me so much so that I can't help but smile whenever I listen to it. I love this song as a whole but the chorus stole my heart a little bit too much 💓

Tim (팀) - I Love You (사랑합니다)

This is such an old song but I just can't help myself to keep listening to it. This song was probably the major reason that made me feeling mellow all day, every day this month.

Kim Yeon Woo (김연우) - Is It Still Beautiful (여전히 아름다운지)

Oldie but goodie. That's it. That's the perfect description of this song :)


  1. lagu korea mmg best. penyanyi dia pun vokal best.

    1. Quite agree with you. Tapi, banyak juga lagu Korea yang saya tak berapa berkenan sangat.

  2. yg first tu catchyyyy sangat...~
    yg kedua tu dah lamanyaaaa tak dengar!
    last tu mmg soothing je jiwaaaa

    1. Kan! The first one memang catchy sangat! One of my favourites, really :D

      Lagu Tim tu pun saya dengar balik sebab asyik pop up dekat YouTube recommendation saya je. Kalau tak, memang tak dengar pun :)

      Yang last tu muzik je soothing, tapi lyrics macam sedih je. Ke tak?

  3. akak pun suka lagu J Rabbit tuu..
    sweeet je ehehe..


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