The Art of Letting Go(d) by Wani Ardy

The Art of Letting Go(d) by Wani Ardy
The Art of Letting Go(d) by Wani Ardy

The Art of Letting Go(d)

Wani Ardy

Laras 99

Number of Pages:

"What if
those memories are meant to stay,
to keep you grounded
because you fall in love so blindly
so foolishly
without a care in the world?"

-from Ghost-

"At this age,
whoever stays,
we embrace 
and we let them know.
Whoever leaves,
we're okay 
and we let them go."

-from Age-

Fiction by Wani Ardy from The Art of Letting Go(d)

"We romanticise
the places that we don't go,
the things that we don't have,
the people that we don't own."

-from Fiction-

"You will always be that person who lives in my dream,
breathes in my memories,
and swims through every single wave of my heart beat."

-from Unrequited

"There are people
you are truly happy for
yet you secretly hope
you won't see them anymore."

-from Distance-

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  1. Where did you buy this book? I'm about to buy this too!

    1. My sister bought this book for us. I think she bought it directly from Wani Ardy or the publisher. I'm not entirely sure. Sorry :(

  2. Ramai juga kawan2 yang recommend buku ni.
    Nak cuba cari yang epub version kalau available.

    1. I love this book so much. I think it resonates with me. You should buy one but I don't think the book is available in epub version.

  3. ingatkan ni buku mizi wahid, sbb tajuk sama.
    okay jap nk try cari kat shopee xD

    1. I know at least one person will say this :) I know this book first than Mizi Wahid's book. Kadang confuse juga bila tengok orang tweet pasal The Art of Letting Go(d)/ God ^^


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