Horseback Riding at Jasper Park Stables

By Farah - Tuesday, May 22, 2018

This post was first published on August 15, 2015 on one of my older blogs. Decided to repost it here at Her Little Guilty Pleasures due to reasons that I mentioned in this post.


Giddy up! Giddy up!

I went for horseback riding three Fridays ago! Wohoooooo! Alhamdulillah, it was such an amazing experience for me. I did not plan to go for horseback riding but Kelly, my colleague causally invited me to join her which I obviously said yes :)

Horseback Riding at Jasper Park Stables

It was my first time going for a horseback riding in Canada. And I totally loved every bits of the experience. I did not know what to expect and how to control a horse, but alhamdulillah everything went surprisingly well.

Horseback Riding at Jasper Park Stables

Horseback Riding at Jasper Park Stables
and more horses.

We went for the Cowboy Up ride which was an hour and 1/4 ride. It was the cheapest ride that we can get (yes, we are cheapskates!) and it was suitable for us who have little or no experience with horse.

It was actually very easy to control horses provided that they are well-trained. You just have to pull the rein to make them stop. Pull the rein to the right if you want to go left and vice versa. And, kick them (hard!) if you want to make them move.

Kah! Kah! Kah! Cakap macam banyak experience. Walhal masa mula-mula tu rasa nak menangis sebab tak pandai control kuda sendiri.

Horseback Riding at Jasper Park Stables
Pacer, my boy! :)

So, I got to ride Pacer. I honestly think he was either a rebel or he just did not like me. He did not really follow the horses in front of him and he kept walking to trees. I had to duck few times. Kalau tak, mahu bertelur ayam dahi sendiri. Well, I guess it was partially my fault. If only I knew how to control him better :(

And I had to keep kicking him because he was too slow. Kelly said I should kick him harder. I think I have already kicked him harder sebab rasa kaki macam dah nak patah sebab asyik kicked dia je. But still, he did not go any faster. At the same time, I can't avoid to think that I'm such a bad person because I had to kick him more than 20 times in that one and 1/4 hour.

And according to Kelly, he kept farting! Poor Kelly. I felt so bad for her as she was riding her horse behind me. He also pooped sesuka hati dia even though Rufus' (Kelly's horse) face was very near to his ass.

Kelly & I; Horseback Riding at Jasper Park Stables
Kelly & I

Pardon my language, but I have no idea how to word them properly. Tahukah anda yang kuda berak masa berjalan? I have no idea how they can berak masa berjalan. Tapi, kuda akan berhenti berjalan masa kencing. Interesting tak?

So, that's how my first horseback riding experience went. A little bit tiring but exciting and fun at the same times. I am planning to go for horseback riding in Banff or Lake Louise if I have a chance. Just so you know, the horses in Banff and Lake Lousie are way bigger than what we have here in Jasper.

Update in 2018: Insya Allah, I'm going for a horseback riding in Banff in the next 2 weeks. So, yeay for me? :)

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  1. Wow that's amazing. But a rebel horse is juat like... hahaha the best part yang pasal dia poop sesuka hati. Like what.. xD

    1. Not really a big fan of rebel horses. Hahaha. Yeaaahhh, I know. Crazy right?

  2. nasib laa ye sapa kena tahi kuda kalau dia tengah ditunggangi hehehehe

  3. yeayyy horse riding.. memang best tp kak nina xpeenah dpt ride betina. alhamdulilah ride jantan kerja nk lari. omai..

    tak sabar nk tgk ride di banff

    1. Hahahaha. Pacer is a male as well tapi dia tak nak lari pun. Hehehe :D