My Songs of April 2018

By Farah - Friday, April 27, 2018

I couldn't make what this April meant to me. All I know I was busy? I was pretty busy moving out and moving in; I was busy surveying my flight tickets and AirBnB places; I was busy thinking about my decision to quit my job; and I was busy convincing myself that it's okay that I no longer want to apply for a PR here.

As such, I did not really get to indulge myself with a lot of songs. Pretty sure that I only listened to a handful same songs again and again this April. Most of them have been featured on this blog. These two songs that I'll mention might be the only two new songs that I listened to this April.

Paul Kim (폴킴) - Every Day, Every Moment (모든 날, 모든 순간)

I freaking love this song! I must have listened to this song for about 700 times since I first heard it. My iTunes count shows that I have played this song for 166 times but I have played this song on loop on YouTube during my shift, so it had to be more than 166 times. lol!

WeAreYoung (위아영) - Only I Love You (다만 널 사랑하고 있어)  (Re; Version)
[This video is the original version. Click here to listen to the snippet of the Re; Version]

Not exactly a new song but this one is a new version. I have to say that I actually like this version more than the original version. My iTunes count shows that I have played this song for 114 times. Mind you, that was 114 times in 5 days :D

Edit: I finally found the Re; Version on YouTube. Feel free to indulge yourself in this goodness called Only I Love You! :)

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  1. Nice playlist! ^^ hehe btw good luck on your commitment!! :D

  2. comelnya lagu We Are Young - Only ILY tu

  3. Kalau Korea Mai suka Taeyang , hihiks.

    1. I'm not a big fan of Taeyang tapi banyak juga lagu dia yang saya suka :)

  4. Nak kena tengoklah drama Should We Kiss First. Baru boleh feeling lagu Paul Kim <3

    1. Tak tengok drama Should We Kiss First tu pun boleh feeling lagu Paul Kim ni <3

      Tapi, kalau tengok laaaaaaaagilah boleh feeling :D