Exploring Perhentian Kecil Island with Sealife Inn

I have always wanted to go to Terengganu especially those beautiful islands there but unable to do so due to few constraints such as time, money, and distance. So, when I got back from Canada last year and had ample free time and a lil bit of savings, I made an impromptu suggestion to my Adik to go for a trip to Perhentian Kecil Island. Thankfully, she said yes and she even suggested that we should explore few other places in Terengganu.

Anyway, we started searching for the best Perhentian Kecil Island package once we got consent from our parents. I faintly remembered reading about a package offered by Sealife Inn on Kak Huda's blog. So, I made a quick Google search about packages offered by Sealife Inn and showed a package that I considered suitable for us to my Adik. Thankfully, she said the package was quite good. Not exactly the cheapest (there were a lot of other cheaper options offered by Sealife Inn and other parties) but we liked what they offered.

Perhentian Islands

We booked 3 Days 2 Night Full Board Package at Sealife Inn's VIP Room as there were only two of us. Each of us paid MYR 320 for this package which we thought was quite affordable. Listed below were the things that included in the package.

  • Two ways speedboat transfer from Kuala Besut jetty
  • 3 days 2 nights stay at Sealife Inn (air-conditioned room)
  • 2 breakfasts
  • 2 lunches
  • 1 dinner
  • 1 BBQ dinner
  • 1 snorkeling trip by boat including the equipment (5-6 snorkeling points) 

What made we (I, actually) chose this package were the air-conditioned room and 24 hours of electrical supply. I have yet to reacclimatize to Malaysia's weather at that time so air-conditioned room was a must for me for Malaysia's heat and humidity were killing me. I was truly grateful for the air-conditioned room! :)

In terms of booking, it was super easy and hassle-free to book the package. I just whatsapp-ed the number on Sealife Inn's website. The staffs replied us promptly with the needed information. They also patiently answered all my stupid and childish questions.

Farah & School of Fish

My Adik and I were greatly satisfied with the services and hospitality provided by Sealife Inn. Sealife Inn's staffs that we met during our actual trip were courteous, helpful, friendly, and professional. The room that we stayed was cozy, clean, and spacious. The food served throughout the three days were fulfilling and delicious too, alhamdulillah.

I highly recommend this package or other packages offered by Sealife Inn if you're looking to visit Perhentian Islands on a tight budget yet you don't want to compromise the comfort.

P.s: Full details about this trip to Perhentian Kecil Island and Terengganu in general should be up in the next few months, insya Allah :)


  1. I was about to go to Perhentian for day trip with my friends, but cancel the trip in the morning because of the rain. It is getting close to the end of the year, so we expect monsoon season is coming. The funny part was we decided to continue our journey to Pantai Penarik to grab some tempura and found out the weather was very nice the WHOLEEEE DAY.

    hahaha mmg takde rezeki nampaknya.


    1. Ahhhhhhh, what a twist! Next time, perhaps?

      Will you feel satisfied to go to Perhentian for a day trip, though? I was there for 2 nights and I wanted to stay longer. lol.

      Anyway, had to google Pantai Penarik cause I never heard about it before and found out that it is stunning too! :D

    2. For proper trip, a weekend is needed at least hehe.

      But last time, I was on Kelantan trip with friends for a wedding and we had a day for long road trip and thought Perhentian would be nice as Besut is just few kms away :D

    3. I see. I guess going to Perhentian is doable for day trip then, provided you are already around the area :D

      My goal for this trip was to explore Perhentian to my heart content so admittedly, it never occurred to me that day trip to Perhentian is a thing. Hehe :D

  2. wahh this look fun :D
    antara satu wish dalam bucket list BV nie, trips to islands. harga affordable sangat siap pakej makan, aktiviti dan penginapan lagi. bestnyaaa XD

    1. Hopefully you can go one day. Maybe you can start with one of the islands in Sabah, perhaps? It is nearer to Sarawak compared to Terengganu :)

  3. Bestnya lahai. Tak sampai-sampai lagi kat sini walaupun dah plan berkali-kali dengan geng.

  4. bestnyaa. busyra dh lama teringin nak ke pulau perhentian..


    1. Sangat best! But I wish I have more pictures dengan ikan ikan tu T___T

  6. Haih. Zizie org terengganu xsempat lg explore tmpt sendiri.. asyik explore tempat org lain je..

    1. Biasanya begitulah. Yang dekat dekat ni selalu tak sampai sampai lagi. Kita pun tak habis explore Selangor lagi.


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