My Songs of November 2022

Hi everyone!

Back in August, I said I would try to update this segment regularly but I obviously failed to do so when I missed the update for October. I had so much to share back then but November happened! 😣

I started my November with a piece of very bad news; a possible retrenchment. This news came as a total shock because it came out of nowhere. Suffice it to say, my morale for the first two weeks was at the lowest point. After two weeks of feeling like shit, I was informed that I will not be retrenched. Alhamdulillah🙏However, I am still nervously waiting for my new assignment. Please pray for me that I'll get assigned to a stable project and a good team.

Taylor Swift - Paris

I'm so in love that I might stop breathing
Drew a map on your bedroom ceiling
No, I didn't see the news
'Cause we were somewhere else
Stumbled down pretend alleyways
Cheap wine, make believe it's champagne
I was taken by the view

Like we were in Paris
Like we were somewhere else
Like we were in Paris, oh
We were somewhere else

Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero

It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me
At tea time, everybody agrees
I'll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror
It must be exhausting, always rooting for the anti-hero

Taylor Swift - Midnight Rain

'Cause he was sunshine
I was midnight rain
He wanted it comfortable
I wanted that pain
He wanted a bride
I was making my own name
Chasing that fame
He stayed the same
All of me changed
Like midnight

God, I love Taylor Swift's new songs so much but they are tainted with my unfortunate situation. I hope one day I can associate better memories with these songs 💔

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  1. yg midnight rain ni best... selalu jg dgr...

    1. I like Midnight Rain too but I prefer Paris. Tak tahu kenapa :)


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