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My Songs of December 2018

December was all me being fully immersed in reading manga. I think I've read more than a thousand manga alone this month, which led me to abandon this blog and my social life because all I wanted to do on my free time was to read more manga! Hahahahaha #sadllife I guess I got this momentum from watching tens of anime starting from last October. Anyway, these 2 songs will definitely remind me of this December and "loser Farah". Soran (소란) - Happy (행복) Just like its title, I was happy to stumbled upon this song on its release date. Didn't know that Soran will be releasing a new song this month, hence double the joy! <3 Joo Woo Jae (주우재) - Nod (끄덕) Discovered this song when I was searching for Soran's Happy on iTunes. Let's just say it was a pleasant discovery because I can't stop playing this song ever since the first day I discovered it. Edit: Ooopsieee. There's one more song that will definitely remind me of this December. B