That One Time I Met a Geek in Real Life

This post was originally written on August 19, 2015. However, I met this guy circa 2013? I guess this what happened when you browsed through all your pictures? They brought back all the memories, no? :)


If you know me in real life, you probably know that I have always loved geeks and nerds in general. I find them very interesting. While this might sound childish, I used to dream having a nerdy or geeky boyfriend before.

However, I think I no longer feel the same way!

It all changed after I met a geek at an event. I am forever thankful for this chance of meeting this guy. He made me realize that I will never fully understand geeks, so to speak. He also made me realize that I may never be a good friend to geeks, according to my friendship standards. No, he did not do anything wrong. And I like to believe that I did not do anything wrong too. We just had a hard time understanding each other. This was one of the many times that I was reminded the importance of effective communication.

Farah circa 2013
Oh my double chin! :p

Based on almost 3 hours that we spent together, I found out that we did not speak the same language, and we lived in a totally different world, figuratively, and we had different ways of thinking. However, if I were to put aside all the differences, I think we can be a decent pair of friends. This was something that we both agreed on at the end of the event.

Though I no longer love nerds and geeks (in a romantic sense, I guess), they will always have my full respect because I still find them interesting. After all, who am I to hate another human being? You guys rock, nerds and geeks! Keep being you! :)

In case you're wondering, I had a really good time with the guy. I mean, my situation can be worse, you know. I might be sitting alone and eating alone for 3 hours if he was not there. Our conversation turned to an endless science and computer science lessons because he was so enthusiastic about the stuff that I cannot remember. Well, I'm not a big fan of science, so, forgive me for not remembering what he talked about. Oh, we also covered geography and history lessons specifically about Iceland. Admittedly, I was attracted to his curiosity and thirst of new knowledge but never in my life I would envision my dinner to be filled with science, geography, and history lessons 😅

Okay, I sounded so shallow and stupid but the guy was aware of my feelings and thoughts. I was honest to a fault when we were talking that I told him that I did not understand most of the science stuff that he talked about. I also told him that I was sorry that I couldn't reciprocate our conversation well as I knew nothing about Iceland and things that he talked about.


Hello! This is 2018's Farah talking. 

After re-reading this post, I realized two things. Firstly; I think I love people who can click with me instantly and share the same interests as me more than anything. Looking back, dude was a good looking guy and intelligent; two traits that I very much appreciate in someone of the opposite sex, on top of being a geek - a trait that I once loved. Honestly, he ticked almost all the boxes of "My Kind Of Guy I'd Like To Date Or Marry One Day" (if I had one, lol 😛) but we just did not click? Hence, the 3-hour friendship.

Err, okay to be honest, it was my fault that our friendship lasted for 3 hours only. He did give me his number so that we can go for a coffee sesh but I didn't say yes when he asked me out for a coffee sesh. I only texted him right after the event to say thanks for the umpteenth time for the 3 hours we spent together. That's it.

Secondly, all people around me must feel the same way like I did back then, whenever I start talking about anything Korean, tourism industry, and travel aspirations. They must be bored to death and couldn't care less. I'm deeply sorry, guys. Will talk less about things that excite me whenever we meet especially if you're not interested in any of them :)

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  1. hahaha..selalu sgt kita tgk nerdy tu macam all time fav type of boyfriend...sbb selalunya mmg dorang gila handsome disebalik spek mata tuu..tapi dalam drama jela..haha

    akak pun skrg mudah attach kat org yg boleh faham akak macam mana..instead of nak cari org yg berlainan minat...just that akak jenis senang masuk dengan, ok je kot..hahaha

    1. That is so trueeeeee! Ini semua salah drama! Hahahahaha :D

      But on a serious note, this guy is very good looking. Tapi, itulah. Kitaorang macam ayam dengan itik bila bercakap. I did not really understand him while he did not really understand me. Langsung takde common interests ^^''

      You're so lucky, kak Sally! Senang nak masuk dengan semua orang. I'm not like that. It's very hard for me to open up and warm up to other people. Hence, my small social circle T_T

  2. I feel so blessed everytime I meet someone who has same interests as mine. It makes me feel better somehow 😊

    1. Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, I have yet to find my kind of people after graduating :(


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