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2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert (Harmony) / 2017 스윗소로우 소극장 콘서트 (화음) (Part I)

I refrained myself from writing this post for almost a month so that I will not sound like an excited and delusional fangirl but pretty sure I failed miserably. Whatever. hehe! I just need to get this out from my system (again!). Hopefully this post will be more organized than my hundreds tweets. :) Just to give you a heads up; it is going to be a very long post! Like, super, duper long!  p.s: Initially, I wanted to write the whole experience in one post but I have to split it up to three parts cause it is super duper long. Even after I split it up. lol! Credit: Here 2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert <Harmony> There is so much things I want to write but where do I even start? First of all, I need to emphasize that I was super lucky that I got to attend 3 out of 10 shows of 2017 Sweet Sorrow Small Theatre Concert <Harmony>. Obviously, I wanted to attend all 10 shows especially Sung Jin Hwan's day but with my situation and financial state at

Oliver Brown (올리버 브라운), Hongdae (홍대)

I went to a cafe called Oliver Brown (올리버 브라운) in Hongdae (홍대) during my recent long layover in South Korea. I wanted to have a proper lunch before heading to Incheon International Airport, but I did not manage to find any opened restaurants nearby. So, I settled for a brunch at Oliver Brown, Hongdae. Oliver Brown  (올리버 브라운) , Hongdae (홍대) Just so you know, I am actually a sucker for aesthetically pleasing cafes and shops (especially in South Korea!) but I do not really get to spend time at these kind of cafes and shops as I do not drink coffee and I am not a big fan of desserts. So, having a brunch at Oliver Brown is kinda big thing for me. I really love the interior and the ambiance of the cafe. Very nice and calming. Granted, I came when they just started their operation for the day. The major plus point for Oliver Brown was their cold air conditioner. It was very hot and humid during my visit, so I was thankful for their cold air conditioner. haha! Like any othe

Jom Beli Stoking Comel di @sparklingstardust_

*Forever sounds awkward when writing in Malay but my English is not that good too. haha!* Assalamualaikum and hi! Instagram: @sparklingstardust_ Carousell: sparklingstardust_ Calling all cute socks lovers! Do check @sparklingstardust_ out on Instagram or sparklingstardust_ on Carousell if you are interested in buying cute socks. We are selling cute Korean socks at a reasonable price. All of our socks are ready stock, which means you do not have to wait for 2-3 weeks to get your hands on our socks. Currently, we have 29 designs that you can choose from. Each design comes in a limited quantity, so grab yours fast! :) 29 designs to choose from! &, yes, I said we . This is my sisters and I's business. We set up this business before I went for my a-month trip to Korea last year. Did not manage to promote our business earlier due to few personal reasons. But the time has arrived. While our offline sales have been somewhat encouraging, I think it is t