Her Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

Her Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

I shamefully admitted that I am kind of K-everything (K-pop, K-dramas, K-varieties, K-indie and more, you name it!) freak. This guilty pleasure of mine has been somewhat known by my family and small social circle. However, my ultimate guilty pleasure would be attending any K-concerts or K-shows where I think I can enjoy my heart to the fullest, and ones that I can afford (in terms of money and time).

Do you know that attending K-concert is usually expensive and time-taxing, on top of energy-wearing? T____T

Anyway, listed below is the growing number of K-concerts or K-shows that I ever been in my life. Almost all the posts listed below are written by Farah, The Fangirl. So, please bear with her and her raw fangirl emotions as you read you all the posts.

South Korea

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