On Filing My Tax Return

By Farah - Saturday, March 16, 2019

It's currently a tax season in Canada which unfortunately, one of the most stressful seasons in my life. It's all because I want to file my tax return perfectly so that CRA will not chase me in the future but I usually have too many questions to be answered. Also, because the number of spam/scam calls that I receive around this time of the year is insane! #excusemeiwanttosleep

Thankfully, I managed to attend a tax information session organized by the Town of Banff last Tuesday and got my all questions answered. A big shout out to Nicole from CRA for entertaining my endless questions! :)

So, for the 2019 tax return (I have been thinking about this one the most as I want to properly conclude my life in Canada), here are the things that I should do;
  • Update my information on the website (address, phone number, banking information, etc) as soon as I leave Canada.
  • File the tax return earlier than usual. Should aim for the end of February.
  • I have to file a paper tax return instead of electronic due to status change.
  • Find someone who's flying to Canada in March 2020 to post the tax return in order to save the postage fee. Otherwise, I should be ready to spend enormous amount of money to post the tax return.
  • Fully utilize the collect call if I have anymore questions.
  • Keep myself updated with any changes as things may change between this year and next year due to the election.
Service Options by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

As for the 2018 tax return, I just filed it recently. Like previous years, I'm entitled for a refund, alhamdulillah. If I filed my 2018 tax return correctly, the refund will be about 2.75 times more than the usual amount that I got in previous years. If this stays true, I guess I don't have to spend my savings to go travelling in Canada as I plan to go to few places starting from the end of May, insya Allah :)

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  1. adulthood is tiring yang hehe.. welcome onboard. but its a good thing la you settlekan semuanya kan daripada nanti diorang cari.

    1. Haha, indeed adulthood is very tiring. Yes, alhamdulillah, I got to settle everything for now. Malas nak fikir benda-benda yang menyesakkan kepala ni.

  2. agaknya seluruh dunia kot pening kepala kalau kena hadap bab2 melibatkan tax ni hehehe

    1. Agaknya la. Saya kali ni stress lebih sebab risau pasal tax yang kena file tahun depan. Kalau boleh, tak nak file tax salah. Almaklumlah, masa tu insya Allah dah ada dekat Malaysia.

  3. stay strong la buat benda2 macam ni. eh bila farah nk balik sini?

    1. Itulah. Nasib dah lepas. Refund pun dah dapat. Hahaha. Insya Allah, bulan 5 or 6 nanti, balik for good :)