Haneul Park (하늘공원)

The first post of what would be an endless posts about South Korea is about one of my favourite parks in South Korea; Haneul Park or Sky Park or known as Haneul Gongwon (하늘공원) among the locals.

I did not know the existence of Haneul Park until I landed in South Korea. I was looking for other interesting places to be visited in South Korea because I did not feel like going to the places listed on the list that I made prior to the trip. Accidentally, I found this place on Instagram. Oh my, you have to see the pictures. They were so pretty!

Haneul Park 하늘공원

Sold by the pictures that I saw on Instagram, I made a quick google search. I found out that those kind of pictures that I saw on Instagram were taken during Eulalia Festival that takes place sometime in October - that's when Haneul Park looks the prettiest. Too bad I was there during the shoulder season. But, Farah being Farah, I decided to visit the park. So, off I went on one of those days.

Getting to Haneul Park was a lil bit challenge for me cause the direction that I read was not detailed. Asking questions to locals were lil bit hard too cause all people that I bumped into over there were all old people. Thankfully, I managed to find the right direction. It took me 30 minutes from the nearest subway station to reach to the starting point of Haneul Park.

Tip: Please be fully prepared with detailed direction if you're visiting Haneul Park. Or at least know how to pronounce Haneul Park in Hangul. I believe most of the people that you will meet there are old people and they do not speak English.

Haneul Park 하늘공원

Once you reached the starting point of Haneul Park, you have two choices; to take a shuttle to the top or to hike to the top. As I was given wrong explanation by an ahjussi at the information counter, I actually hiked to the top cause I thought that's the only way to reach the top. I didn't really remember how long did I take to reach to the top but I remembered I was panting like crazy while hiking. I was also dehydrated in the middle of journey to the top.

But once I reached the top, the fatigue was gone! I was blown away by the view. Granted, it was not as pretty as during Eulalia Festival, but it was still pretty for me! Aside of the grass view, I was served by the view of Seoul! I can see Namsan Tower, Bukhansan Mountain, and Hangang River clearly from the top.

Haneul Park 하늘공원

There are also a few windmills at the Haneul Park. They make a pretty picture if you know the right angles. I obviously am not that good so all the windmills in my pictures looked like just regular poles. #kesian #nogoingtouploadthosepatheticpictures

As Haneul Park is very #aestheticallypleasing, there are many designated photo spots available around the park. I did not count the exact amount but pretty sure, there are a lot. So, if you are a noob in taking picture, just like me, just stand at the designated photo spots and you are good to go.

Haneul Park 하늘공원

I'll just call this thing postal boxes. I have no idea the real name of this thing. These postal boxes are one of the famous photo spots in Haneul Park, So, if you're visiting Haneul Park, do not forget to take pictures here :)

I spent a solid 5 hours at Haneul Park because it was suddenly raining heavily when I was about to hike down. The rain lasted about 1 hour, so I happily waited for the rain to stop with the view of beautiful Haneul Park. But I had to say, though I spent 4 hours walking around the park, I did not manage to walk around the whole park because the park is relatively big and it has a lot of small lanes that you can choose to walk to.

Tip: Always check the weather forecast and always bring umbrella if you're travelling during the shoulder season.

Haneul Park 하늘공원

Haneul Park also has this Slow Mailbox where you can send a letter or postcard to future yourself or anyone, really. I like this idea of Slow Mailbox cause I think it is pretty cool. I particularly love what was written on the sign,
"In this digital society where everything moves so fast, Slow Mailbox reminds us the meaning of patience and gives us a chance to handwrite a letter."
The Slow Mailbox will send the letter or postcard twice a year: during Seollal and Chuseok holidays. I wanted to send a postcard to future myself but was unable to do so because the tourist information centre was closed at that time. It was a real bummer but hopefully I can send one in the future.

To reiterate, Haneul Park is of my favourite parks that I have been in South Korea. I just wish I went there when the weather was pretty or when it was not too hot or when it was not raining. Oh, and how I wish I went there with someone so that said person can help me to take my pictures. lol! :D

Would I go back and visit Haneul Park in the future?
Definitely yes, in a heartbeat! Hope I can visit Haneul Park during the Eulalia Festival next time :)

p.s: Such a bittersweet coincidence that I am publishing this post on Kang Ha Neul's enlistment day. See you after 2 years, Kang Ha Neul! :)


  1. tengok grass tu teringat cite goblin. mesti drama korea pun banyak berlakon kat haneul park ni kan :D

    1. Tak tengok Goblin lagi so tak tahu grass tu similar ke tak. Hehe. And I am not sure drama banyak shooting kat sini ke tak sebab as far as I know, perasan 1 je drama pernah shooting dekat sini.

  2. Sama dengan Mazni. Teringat Goblin jugak. Hee. Farah tengoklah nanti Goblin. Best walaupun konsep ceritanya ke laut gak. Hehe.

    Cantiklah taman ni 😍

    1. Nanti kita tengok ya. Belum ada mood lagi nak tengok Goblin ni.

      Taman ni memang cantik. One of my favourites :)


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