Hennaline Organic Hair Henna Paste Raya Rosey Edition

Hennaline Organic Hair Henna Paste Raya Rosey Edition | That's quite a mouthful, no? I'll just call it Rasa Rosey from now on, okay? Short and sweet πŸ˜†

I've been hennaing my hair quite consistently since the past 7 years. I started hennaing my hair due to few hair problems namely chronic hair fall, dry and damaged hair that I started to experience back in Canada. I still have no idea what made my hair experienced those problems. I believe major changes in weather contributed to those problems along with my inability to find the right hair products for my hair.

A little bit TMI but I find it hard to find any products (hair care, skincare, body care) that are suitable with my hair, skin, and body when I was in Canada. Thank god, I'm now longer lived at the other end of the world? 😝

Anyway, I've been using this one henna product for the past 7 years (let's call it the L brand) but decided to give another brand (i.e Hennaline Raya Rosey) a chance to see if it's going to make a major difference and if it's going to the give similar benefits like L brand.

Hennaline Organic Hair Paste Raya Rosey Edition
Hennaline Organic Hair Henna Paste Raya Rosey Edition

Henna Powder, Rose Water, Wild Rose Essential Oil, Amla Oil. Hibiscus Powder, Mixed Herbs, Distilled Water

RM 42 (postage excluded)

400g +/- /pack

I won't comment on the benefits of each ingredient as they are just a google away. I will only share my personal experience with Raya Rosey. 

My personal experience with Raya Rosey

I love the color so much to the point I keep combing my hair and staring at mirror! Narcissistic much eh? πŸ˜† The color is so pretty! I still can't get over it. Haha. For your information, the color ranges from dark burgundy to bright red depending on your hair color. Mine has different few tones because it was unevenly applied (from this round but more so from the previous rounds).

I was also surprised with the paste itself. It was so thick and luscious! I got this weird satisfaction when I applied the luscious paste on my mum's hair. I kinda felt the same way when my sister applied one to my hair. So satisfying!

Tip: Please ask someone else to henna your hair if you're not used to do it yourself or to ensure an even application and coverage. 

Another plus point is it does not make my scalp itchy which I appreciate so much. I tend to get an itchy scalp for few days after applying henna on my hair. So can you imagine how happy I was when my scalp was not itchy after I applied Raya Rosey? Thank you!

Alhamdulillah, my hair fall problem has also decreased? I mean, I no longer have chronic hair fall problem after I applied henna consistently for the past 7 years and after I came back from Canada, insya Allah but it seems to get even better after I applied Raya Rosey?

On another note, I read some people raving about how wangi the Raya Rosey is (my mum included) but I think it did not smell that wangi pun. For sure, it smelled nice but not that wangi πŸ˜…

And just like any other henna brands, Raya Rosey made my hair a little bit drier and coarser than before. I'm aware that this is a normal occurrence when hennaing the hair especially for the first few days but I'm still waiting for my hair to be a little bit better. Maybe I'll revisit and update this section in the next few months when I apply the Raya Rosey for the second time?

All in all, I'm very satisfied and happy with Raya Rosey. Insya Allah, I will definitely repurchase Raya Rosey again once my current stock ran out. Hopefully they will run out just in time when Raya Rosey is back in stock! πŸ˜„


  1. Curious. Where you get this product?

    1. I bought them from Shopee but you can buy them from Twitter/Instagram/Whatsapp. For me, I first searched about them through Twitter. I searched Hennaline just to get general reviews about the product. After that, I searched #UsahawanHennaline to see the list of dropshippers. Lastly, I just chose one of the dropshippers that has a Shoppee account and offers free shipping just so I can save a little bit of money :)

  2. Replies
    1. Boleh cuba Mazni sebab inai memang banyak benefits pun kan? :)

      For me, niat inai rambut memang untuk cuba elakkan masalah rambut yang lebih teruk. Warna rambut bertukar tu is just a plus point? :)

    2. wow baru saya tahu inai rambut boleh elakkan masalah rambut yg teruk. dia boleh rawat rambut rosak ke kak? sebab rambut saya ni kasarnya mcm penyapu dah T__T

      saya selalu tgok org pakai inai sbb nak kaler rambut je

    3. I think it depends on what kind of rambut rosak juga kot? For me, alhamdulillah, my hair jadi makin elok, kurang rambut gugur dan kurang rosak dan kasar after I applied henna consistently. Kalau pakai sekali je, tak mungkin kot nampak benefit dia? Lepas tu selalunya kalau pakai inai, rambut memang akan kasar sikit for the first few days, lepas tu insya Allah lembut.

      Technically, macam tak function je untuk warna rambut pakai inai sebab kalau inai sebenar mana nampak pun perubahan warna dia especially kalau kita punya rambut warna hitam. Most of the times, warna berubah kalau pakai inai bila kena matahari or kalau orang tu dah bleach rambut dia dulu.

  3. Never heard of this product, nice sharing! As for me, I had bad hair fall to but since finally became better after I use shampoo and hair tonic from Hair System by Watson.

    1. I have never heard about the products but I think I have seen them at Watsons when I was browsing through hair products. Maybe I'll try the products next time? :)

  4. Nak cuba jugak lah, without bleaching. Nak tengok warna dia naik macamana sebab rambut Tqa susah lekat warna unless Tqa bleach. Pernah juga dye bila tak bleach, cuma warna hijau dengan biru tu jadi dark sikit but day after day, warna turun so nampak lah warna tu jadi warna cair.

    1. I think if you don't bleach your hair, you won't see a difference in color at all especially if you have rambut degil yang susah nak lekat warna. Or, the color will only visible under sunlight just like any other henna products.

      For me, a huge chunk of my hair is no longer jet black because I have consistently used henna for the past 7 years. So, the color change is quite apparent on my hair though it was uneven. Hehe.

  5. pernah buat kat sepupu, renyah juga kalau pakai henna ni sorang2 tapi tak pernah terpikir lagi la nak pakai..hehe

    1. Memang renyah kalau buat seorang. Kadang rasa macam nak give up pun ya juga. Tu yang gigih suruh orang lain buatkan juga tu. It's okay pun kalau tak pernah terfikir nak pakai. Kalau saya takde masalah rambut pun mungkin saya tak pakai juga.

  6. Replies
    1. It is not JAKIM-halal certified per se, if that's what you are asking but then JAKIM will never give halal status on hair products.

      But looking at the ingredients, you can see that there are no barang terlarang or haram kan? :)


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